Monday, June 19, 2006

The Dems are throwing a Hail Woodward Berstein Nam Pass

The Democrats are in the Panic Mode or in Football Parlance it is time for the "Hail Mary Pass"!  However since the Dems and their offensive front line, the MSM Paleolithic teleprompter readers are secular I can not refer to Mother Mary or make any reference to a Celestial Intervention by a Benevolent Creator.  Thus we'll call it the Hail Viet Nam Pass from the Woodward/Bernstein Playbook. 
You see, Abu Musab al-Zarcophagus is being eaten by maggots, courtesy of the US Military and Coalition of the Willing, the Dems are on their own 1 yard line in the 4th quarter.  Its is also 3rd down because NOLA Congressman Pawnshop Banker William Jefferson has fumble the "Culture of Corruption" play.  Therefore it is time for the Woodward-Bernstein Nam play.  The Quarterback-Receiver Democratic players are Slo Joe Biden and tough talkin' "Decorated" Nam Vet Congressman Murtha.  The playing field was MSM's Meet the Press and Face the Nation. The blocking Frontline players were Tim Russert he was host to Murtha and  Bob Schieffer's who hosted Slo Joe Biden.
The strategy of the play is that if we can get US Military to pull out the fledgling and only Arab Democracy in the Middle East will plummet into a Taliban Type fundamentalist State.  This will be the club that the Dems and their "offensive" frontline will beat the Republicans with when Mrs Bill Clinton runs in the Next Presidential race in 2008.  The Mantra that will be sung by wanna-be Presidential candidate Slo Joe Biden(democratic Ranking Member on Foreign Relations Committee), was trumpeted by him on Paleolithic Teleprompter reader Schieffer' program yesterday: See following is excerpted from this link 
  • Biden: "But what Karl Rove said is a bunch of malarkey. We did get in. The Democrats did mostly sign up to give the president the authority, but no one contemplated how incompetent this administration would be in pursuing the authority he was given. And now here we are--even people like David Brooks, who I have great respect for, today in The Times talks about his kitchen Cabinet of people who he calls pessimists who don't panic. Almost everybody's pessimistic about this president's approach."
  • SCHIEFFER: Some Democrats are saying that every Democrat has to say that this war was a mistake. Do you think it was a mistake? If they're going to run for president.
  • Biden:"No. No, I don't think every Democrat has to say it was a mistake. It was right to give the president the authority we gave him. It was wrong to assume that he was going to know how to handle it. Look, there's nobody out there, including the president now, that talks about having conducted this war properly.
    I was on your program almost a year ago today, and I was on your program in December, and I called for setting up benchmarks--that we should know how we're moving on electricity, how we're moving on the military, how we're moving on purging the police forces. Lindsey Graham and I, almost three years ago, went and came to Amman and looked at the police training, and we came back and said there was no police training. And the administration insisted, `No, this is all going just fine.' This administration is always a year late and about I-don't-know-how-many deaths short.
    I mean, this is--look, the Iraqis cannot, on their own, purge the police force that we trained. The Iraqis, on their own, cannot purge the army. We have 138,000 American men and women interposed amidst sectarian violence. You talk about 50,000 people trying to screw down Baghdad. There's 40,000 police in New York City. Forty thousand. Every expert says you need a 100-to-1--there's a 100-to-1 ratio there. You need a 50-to-1 ratio."
  • SCHIEFFER: Here, let me just go back to what I asked you first here, and I think I sort of misstated it. But let me just be more specific: Do you think it was a mistake, today, that you voted for giving the president the authority to do--to go into Iraq?
    BIDEN: If I'd known the president was going to be this incompetent in his administration, I would not have given him the authority. Had I been president, I would have asked for the authority. 
If this works Mrs.Bill Clinton will be the Next President!
thanks for reading and D. V.
Francis X.Yubero, M.D.

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