Monday, December 11, 2006

The Eye of the Islamic Storm is coming to the North American Continent and the Iraq Study Group is Blind

Men of the West need to Wake up! The Islamic Threat is more than a gathering storm. Constantinople fell in the 1500's because Europe did not respond.... Muslim Sultan Mehmed II and 160,000 Turk/Islamic Soldiers besieged this Capital of Christendom for 53 days with over 150 cannons aimed at its walls which were constantly bombarded. After this 53–day siege the cannons succeeded in creating a huge hole in the Walls of Theodosius II. Byzantium, the former Greek City now a Christian City fell on Tuesday, May 29, 1453 and was overrun by the Jihadist of 600 years ago. The final destruction of the Eastern Roman Empire, the death of Constantine XI the last Byzantine emperor, resulted in a conquest by Islam which gave it a strategic foothold in Asia Minor on the door step of Europe. The Ottoman rule over the Eastern Mediterranean and Balkans was Islamic and resulted in so many wars including World War I.

The city's name 'Constantinople' remained the Capital of the Islamic Ottoman Empire and took the form 'Konstantiniyye'. After the fall of the Ottoman Empire in 1922 it was renamed Istanbul because it was often known as Stambul or Stamboul, the largest neighborhood in the City. The Turkish Republic officially changed the name to Istanbul in 1930 and moved the capital to Ankara.

Because of it's geographic location Turkey served as a launching pad for the many Invasions on Europe over the ensuring centuries. Now Europe will fall 600 years later unless the Men of the West Unite.
Scene from the battle defending Constantinople, Paris 1499
If one looks at Europe and in particular Spain's history they'll understand this age old Jihadistic-Islamic threat of today. The San Onfre Power Plant is next to San Juan Capistrano! This beautiful So-Cal community's name sake. San Juan Capistrano, was a humble Catholic friar who had to fight the Islamic Radicals of the 1500's to protect Belgrade Hungry from invasion
Our Lady of Guadalupe is Arabic for Our Lady of the The Wolf River in Spain 1st(Statue hidden in the ground in Extremadura Spain because of the Moorish Invasions then Mexico. Our Lady of Fatima the best know apparition has the name of Mohammed's favorite daughter. Tomorrow is the Feast Day of Our Lady of Guadalupe.
The Holy Land was Christian before it was Muslim and so was Turkey.
Historically they wanted all of Europe but were stopped! Here just a taste of the assault on the West by the Islamacist's Movement.
The Storm is here and the ISG is not boarding up the windows for the storm to whose eye has yet to hit the North American Continent. What Old Fools they are in the Iraq Study Group and their Automatons in the Liberal Mainstream Media! These fools remind me of the Europeans who did not fight hard enough to protect Constantinolpe from the Isalamic overthrow of the 1500s!.....
014SeigeofBelgrade.bmp.jpg - 83645 Bytes

St. John of Capistrano (center, holding up a crucifix) in the middle
of the Battle of Belgrade, July 23, 1456.
Huge Loischinger, Siege of Belgrade, Hungarian National Museum
Dominus Vobiscum, Francis Xavier, M.D.


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