Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The People of Noah's time remind me of Believers in the Iraq Study Group who don't see the storm Clouds...

Noah warning the people of the coming flood (8k) People running to the ark (4k) The door was closed.  It was too late (4k)
According to the midrash(a Hebrew word referring to a method of exegesis of a Biblical text or term which can refer to a compilation of Midrashic teachings, in the form of legal, exegetical or homiletical commentaries on the Tanakh or Jewish Bible, Noah spent 120 years building the ark. God wanted the people to repent and by seeing the building of the ark over a period of 120 this gave the evildoers time to repent. As Noah built the ark, the people chose not to repent but rather laughed at Noah and mocked him. But Noah was not deterred. He worked steadily building the ark and the people continued being evil.

Today the Iraq Study Group, democrats and the UN mock and scorn Conservatives over the Iraq Invasion in the Face of the growing Cloud of the Islamic Threat. Constantinople fell in 1453 because the former Roman Empire or Middle Europe let it fall. The parallels with the Islamo-Jihadists Threat are striking. The Elites, UN and MSM remind me of the people in the Jewish Biblical Exegesis who reportedly laughed and mocked Noah. The vapor clouds of Noah time have been replaced by the looming Cloud of the Islamic Threat which is ever growing. The ever present Folly of Mankind proves to me that Darwinism does not explain the evolution of Man but points to the need for a Savior that the Elites want to outlaw in our present age. Thank God I'm a Catholic Boy and know were my bread will be butter in the next life....

Dominus Vobiscum
Francis Xavier


Anonymous Anonymous said...

YOU really are a nutjob... I guess you think only Catholics go to heaven... What a LOSER.. It is astonishing that any doctor could be so naive and just downright silly when it comes to talking politics. Noah???? Come on. Surely you jest.. Only a crazy person would try to use a story from the bible in such a manner. You act like God talks directly to you and you have some sort of high holy knowledge while in reality your rantings of the far right demostrate little political knowledge or understanding.

6:03 AM, December 20, 2006  

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