Saturday, July 07, 2007

Global Jihad was the intention. How? A Cell Phone call from Australia intended to detonate Car Bombs in the UK!

The team of Indian cousin Jihadists with an Iraqi Sunni Al-Qaeda sympathizer of Sectarian Violence in Iraq wanted to make a Statement that Jihad is World Wide by detonating the Car Bombs using a cell phone from Australia!  This what tomorrow's Sidney Morning Herald:
  1. Terror suspects linked to the foiled car bomb attacks in London allegedly planned to blow up the devices using mobile phones in Australia.
  2. Eight people, including an Indian doctor in Australia, are still being held by police for questioning in relation to last week's two bomb attack attempts in central London and another at Glasgow Airport.
  3. British tabloid the Daily Star today reported that during their investigations police had allegedly uncovered a plan to detonate one of the car bombs outside a London nightclub from Australia.
  4. "They intended to blow it up by remote control - by calling mobile phones in the car," the newspaper said.
  5. "Detectives believe the plot to set off the fuel-packed Mercedes E300 outside the capital's Tiger Tiger nightclub from Australia was intended to cause a spectacular show of global terrorism - but it failed."

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