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Syringes, Al Qaeda and the Muslim Bomb Doctors of the UK........

Today's Sunday Morning Shows are so behind the eight ball.  We now have enough detail about the Doctors of Death that the Portrait of the War of Terror on the United States and the West is now a 3 dimensional horror movie with surround sound!
Apparently SYRINGES stolen from hospitals by these terrorist doctors were to somehow be used as bomb components in the failed British car bombs plot.
ABC television in the U.S. claimed a malfunction related to the syringes(bomb detonation system) stopped the bombs from going off as planned outside a London nightclub last weekend(from Adelaide Now).
One of the 3 Muslims from India, Kafeel Ahmed, has a Masters in Aeronautical Engineering and Ph.D. in Fluid Dynamics from Universities in the United Kingdom(The Statesman). 
Dr. Kafeel was a protege of Algerian "asylum seeker", Abbas Boutrab,an Al Qaeda agent serving a 7 year term in prison after being found guilty in Northern Ireland's no-jury Diplock courts of downloading information on bomb making from the internet.  Boutrab's Aircraft bomb components could be smuggled and disguised in a canister of Baby Talcum Powder and assembled without tools in the Planes Lavatory.   According to press reports Kafeel met Boutrab while studying for his PH.D. at Cambridge and joined the Al Qaeda Cell and on an MI5 watch list.(The Guardian)  
"Algerian guilty of downloading bomb data"
Friday November 25, 2005

The Guardian
  • Abbas Boutrab had gathered instructions on how to construct explosives and smuggle them on an aircraft. He also learned how to make a silencer for an M16 or AK assault rifle from metal tubing and rubber door stops.
  • During the seven-week hearing in Belfast an FBI agent, Donald Schtleben, demonstrated that 25 computer disks found in Boutrab's possession could be used to build a bomb capable of bringing down an aircraft. He suggested the devices could have been disguised inside canisters of baby talcum powder.
  • The disks showed how the device could be assembled in an aircraft toilet by a suicide bomber "using average mechanical skills and manual dexterity", he said.
  • The instructions suggested the bomber should work alone, citing the case of the British shoe bomber Richard Reid.
 Last year The Guardian reported Abbas Boutrab built a home-made bomb while in prison!
According to his uncle, Dr. Bilal Abdulla claims his best friend is Radical Sunni Cleric Al-Qubeisi,  who has a regular television show on Dubai television.  This Iraqi Cleric spoke of suicide bombing in 2004 telling viewers "those who commit martyrdom operations who are, by Allah, the greatest martyrs in Islamic history".(The Guardian
Background info on Dr. Abdulla UK Independent
Dr Abdulla was born in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire. His father, Talal, a Sunni, studied as a rheumatologist in Britain and ran a private clinic in Baghdad until two years ago. He then fled to Arbil, in the north of the country, after being intimidated by Mahdi Army militiamen of the radical Shia cleric Moqtada al-Sadr(Radical Shia Cleric). Around the same time a close friend of Bilal was killed by a Shia death squad, adding to his bitterness, according to Shiraz Maher, who met him while studying in Cambridge.
The connections of the National Health Service Muslim Bomb Doctors as reported in the UK Independent
* Sabeel Ahmed, arrested in Liverpool, is the brother of Khalid Ahmed, who is in custody in Glasgow after driving a jeep packed with gas canisters into Glasgow Airport
* The Jeep used in Glasgow bombings was parked in Liverpool near Sabeel Ahmed's house and thought to have been bought three days after a "dry run" to Glasgow airport by Bilal Abdulla, the other man in the jeep
* Sabeel Ahmed is also believed to have shared a flat with Mohammed Haneef, under arrest in Australia, and worked in the same hospital in Liverpool
* Telephone records, according to police sources, also reveal Dr Haneef was in contact with Khalid Ahmed in Glasgow
* The two Saudis arrested in Glasgow, as yet unnamed, worked at the same hospital (Royal Alexandra Glasgow) as Abdulla and K Ahmed
* Mohammed Asha's mobile phone number, according to police sources, was on the mobile phones belonging to Abdulla and K Ahmed
Connections abroad:
Abdulla worked in Baghdad hospital. May have had contact with representatives of Zarqawi (according to US sources). 
Reportedly while in training as a Diabetes Speacialist in Bagdad he went
MIA for a year and is believed to have traveled to Pakistan or Lebanon per the Adelaide Now and Times of London
Parents of Mohammed Asha knew the parents of Balil Abdulla in Jordan. Khalid Ahmed visited Amman recently.
Sabeel and Khalid Ahmed and Mohammed Haneef are all from Bangalore. The two families live eight miles from each other and related. Their mothers apparently know each other
Al Qaeda's fingerprints are all over this Evil Plot and these Killers come from the highest Class of Sunnis in the World.  "Disaffected Youths"...PLEASE?

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