Saturday, July 07, 2007

UK Bombers Kafeel and Sabeel Ahmed Brothers lived in Iran and Saudi Arabia

 Everyone in the family of Terrorist Kafeel Ahmed's family is a Medical Doctor.  They both lived in Saudi Arabia and Iran while growing up! This Muslim from India was burned over 90% of his body in the Glasgow attack and wanted to be a martyr.  He has a BSc in mechanical engineering from Karnataka college and a Masters in aeronautical engineering from Queens University, Belfast and subsequently received a PhD in computational fluid dynamics form the department of design and technology at the Angela Ruskin University in Cambridge
  1.  Kafeel Ahmed made calls to his mother, Dr Zakia, and father, Dr Maqbool Ahmed, and sister Ms Sadia Ahmed, who is studying medicine, on 30 June, the day of the Glasgow airport attack and two days after the failed London bombing, saying a previous "presentation" he had made "had not been accepted" and asked them to pray for him.
  2. He reportedly said: "I had told you earlier that sometime in the future I will be inaccessible for a week. The time has come now."
  3. Mr Kafeel Ahmed's alleged central role in the terrorist plot emerged after police in Australia yesterday
  4. interviewed five more Indian Muslim doctors and seized mobile telephones and computers before releasing them.
  5. This followed the arrest of Dr Mohammed Haneef, a friend and former colleague of Dr Sabeel Ahmed as he was about to board a flight in Brisbane.
  6. Australian police said all the doctors questioned had worked in the British NHS and were known to Dr Haneef.
  7. In Bangalore Dr Maqbool Ahmed had "admitted" that the driver of the vehicle was his son (Kafeel), Police Commissioner, Mr N Achutha Rao, said today he had "no such information" and that suspect's father had not been questioned today due to his ill health.)
  8. Mr Kafeel and Dr Sabeel Ahmed had lived with their parents in Iran and then Saudi Arabia. After returning to India the two brothers tried to persuade their local mosque in Bangalore to adopt a more hardline Saudi inspired version of Islam but local worshippers warned them to stay away from the mosque. 
  9. One of Kafeel Ahmed's projects was producing braille texts for visually impaired children. His contribution was computational approach to ink jet printing of tactile maps.
  10. He returned to Bangalore in August 2005 while his brother Sabeel made the journey in the opposite direction to the UK.
Well this is a No Brainer.....common denominator....the Sunni Tradition of Islam.   

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