Saturday, July 07, 2007

UK Bombers are Al Qaeda spawns

I was betting that these Jihadists are definitely Abu Musab Zarqawi types.  Remember that Dr. Asha, the "brilliant" Neurologist or Neurosurgeon although Palestinian was raised in Jordan and Zarqawi was Jordanian.  Per Terry Moran's interview Dr. Abdulla was a rabid anti-Shia sectarian violence type. Now comes proof from tomorrow's Guardian.  The Indian Muslim Kafeel Ahmed, an Engineer, has been linked to senior al-Qaeda figure terrorist,
Algerian Abbas Boutrab, who was planning to blow up airline jets four years ago. Boutrab was arrested in Belfast during 2003 and convicted two years later for downloading information on how to blow up airliners.  Ahmed met him in Belfast while studying studying for a master's degree in aeronautical engineering at Queen's University between 2001 and 2004.
"Security and sources within Ireland's Islamic community allege both men may have belonged to the same al-Qaeda unit which viewed Ireland as a 'quiet base'.
A senior detective in Belfast told The Observer: 'Boutrab headed up the cell that operated on the quiet both in Northern Ireland and the Republic. That cell included Kafeel Ahmed while he was a student at Queen's.'
During Boutrab's trial in 2005 an FBI agent said computer disks owned by the 29-year-old contained instructions for a device that could be easily smuggled aboard a plane and could cause a mid-air explosion."
Mi-5 blew it as they had this Muslim from India on their watch list.  When will the West Wake up.  England and Europe will soon be on Life Support unless they M call up James Bond.  The PM Gordon Brown is a Liberal Thinking Dope.  You can not use the M-Word when dealing with Muslim inspired Terrorism. 
  • Brown has already shown himself open to thoughtful reconsideration of the Blair approach. His emphasis on the need to win the hearts and minds of ordinary Muslims offers the hope that with his unemotional, businesslike approach to counterterrorism, Brown means it when he promises 'change'.
    So rather than risk losing the moral high ground by considering the lawless ways advocated by Blair, Brown should press for the authorised use of intercept evidence in court. Doing otherwise would not only be wrong; it would be exactly what the terrorists want.
You have a Jordian Trained Physician Dr. Asha; an Iraqi Dr. Abdulla who advocates sectarian violence ala Abu Musab Zarqawi against Shia; and a Muslim from India who was a member of an Al Qaeda cell.  These Terrorist were going to use Zarqawi type car bombs.  Wow.... England is in big Trouble!....

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