Friday, January 14, 2005

"Hugh Hewitt Sighting"

Last night with my wife and daughter in tow we raced down to the Barnes and Noble in Orange to meet my blogging idol, the irrepressible Hugh Hewitt whose steel trap political instincts and intellect kept my hopes high prior to this last election. So inspiring has he been that I've ventured out into the cyberspace and have started my own web log. Its was great fun to meet Hugh "the Gandalf of the Blogosphere" in person. Generalissimo and Rev Mark D. Roberts were on hand as well. Hugh was open and generous with his charm and self effacing humor when confronted with Angie who is a die hard USC Trojan alum. She reminded him that there is only 1 note in the Trojan Fight Music not 3 as Hugh claims. 1 note as in Number One in the Country. My daughter was taken with Hugh after he graciously endorsed her "My Little Pony" drawing and coloring book encouraging her to "color then blog".
I look forward to reading his new book, as we purchased several copies of his new book "Blog: Understanding the Information Reformation that's Changing your World" for family and friends. We discussed our own Ohioian roots with Hugh who is from Warren, Ohio and had some good laughs and genuine fun! Thanks Hugh you're as engaging in person as you are on the Air! Keep up your eloquent and entertaining work for the Heart and Soul of our great country of America!