Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Hitchens is not as his name world imply a Christ Bearer

From The Bible, its Truth, and the Christmas Story by David Holloway
Over the last 200 years the Bible has come in for an unprecedented amount of criticism. But it is remarkable how well the Bible has stood the test. Emil Brunner tells an interesting story to prove the point:
"Two hundred years ago, scoffing Voltaire, probably the most famous man of his time prophesied that all would soon be over with the Bible. The house in which this boast was made is to-day one of the offices of a great Bible society. Voltaire's name is almost forgotten; the Bible has had, in the meantime, an incredible career of triumph throughout the world."
Hitchens, which his over abundance of gifted Neurons he like Voltaire is a Scoffer too.  The truly Gifted one is that Genius of a woman known as Blessed Mother Theresa of Calcutta.  Her inspiration to serve the Poor came while riding on a Train and she heard Christ say the same words he said while dying on the Cross"I Thirst"
"On 10 September 1946 during the train ride from Calcutta to Darjeeling for her annual retreat, Mother Teresa received her "inspiration," her "call within a call." On that day, in a way she would never explain, Jesus' thirst for love and for souls took hold of her heart and the desire to satiate His thirst became the driving force of her life. Over the course of the next weeks and months, by means of interior locutions and visions, Jesus revealed to her the desire of His heart for "victims of love" who would "radiate His love on souls." "Come be My light," He begged her. "I cannot go alone." He revealed His pain at the neglect of the poor, His sorrow at their ignorance of Him and His longing for their love. He asked Mother Teresa to establish a religious community, Missionaries of Charity, dedicated to the service of the poorest of the poor. Nearly two years of testing and discernment passed before Mother Teresa received permission to begin. On August 17, 1948, she dressed for the first time in a white, blue-bordered sari and passed through the gates of her beloved Loreto convent to enter the world of the poor."
This modern day Scoffer, Hitchens whose first name Christopher mean Christ Bearer(how Ironic! ) was would not be born for 3 years when Blessed Mother Theresa received her inspiration.  In this 2003 Slate Magazine article the Christ Basher Hitchens goes after Blessed Mother Theresa of Calcutta

Mommie Dearest The pope beatifies Mother Teresa, a fanatic, a fundamentalist, and a fraud.

Mother Teresa: No saint
I admire this Lovely Soul, Blessed Mother Theresa who spend her life being a Veronica to Christ and quenching the Thirst of his lesser ones.  It seems that although Mother Theresa was Thirsting for God she lovingly soldiered on just like her Spouse Christ did on the Crosswhen he too was Thirsting for GOD whom he felt had Abandoned him!  After Christ, Blessed Mother Theresa is my Hero!  Hitchens may Mother Theresa intercede on your behalf so that God's Grace may lovingly turn your Christ Bashing Heart into a Christ Bearing one...You've got the right name but the wrong claim.  Mother Theresa is more intelligent than you!!!


Mother Teresa of Calcutta
Given at the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington DC Thur, 3 Feb 94.
More on this Amazing Woman from Jacques Gauthier 
 St. Therese of Lisieux and Mother Teresa of Calcutta have been described as "two mirrors who mutually reflect each other, one revealing what at first glance is not obvious to the other." The author, Jacques Gauthier, stresses those areas of convergence—what would be perceived as common themes running through the spirituality of these two saintly women: each expressed a need to console Jesus because of so many people's indifference to him and to quench his thirst for love; each expressed a need to please him, and further to be open to the tenderness in his heart because his love is not received as it ought to be. The common thread may be summarized as a thirst for Jesus.
The thirst of Jesus, his thirst for love and for souls, is one of the major reasons for the mission and extraordinary significance of St. Therese. It is this thirst which explains the mission of Mother Teresa. She wrote in her Spiritual Testament that everything about the Missionaries of Charity is intended to quench the Thirst of Jesus. As Mother Teresa stated, "As long as you do not know in a very intimate way that Jesus is thirsty for you, it will be impossible for you to know who He wants to be for you, nor who He wants you to be for Him." It was quite evident that Mother Teresa quenched the thirst of Jesus in loving the poorest of the poor. The author calls upon the imagery of the Samaritan woman to illustrate the awareness of thirst within the Gospel narrative.

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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Old Media Collapse

The Paleolithic Alphabet Letter MSM Media Wing of the Democrat Party reminds me of the Minneapolis Bridge that Collapsed on all those innocent people killing them. There were warning signs but ignored by Local Officials and the MSM is on this same trajectory but their culpability is worse because it is deliberate! Shame on Old Journalism and Hooray for New Media!
I do not trust the MSM for Weather Reports nor News! Of course this is an underserved slam on Weather Forecasters because surprisingly they have a better predictive track record than the News folks and their leads are much less apparent than those in the News. An enormous Jihad attack is going to hit our shores(read Hugh Hewitt's recent post citing Vice Admiral John Scott Redd) just like Hurricane Katrina did and New Media saw it coming but Old Media like Old Europe is Blinded to it by Choice! A Journalistic Sin of Omission and wanton

Go New Media!

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Goose Creek Suspect Investigation getting Interesting as they seize Computers and Wlamart Security Vides

From the Saint Petersburg Times the investigation of the Bombers caught outside Goose Creek, South Carolina home to the a Naval Weapons and Submarine Port as well as one of the U.S. Naval Consolidated Brig and military prison where enemy combatants have been held is getting interesting.  The guys claimed they had Fireworks but Rocket engines and Pipe Bombs were found in addition to chemicals, fuses, and igniters with reports indicating that police found PVC (polyvinyl Chloride) piping (which can be used in making pipe bombs but also has many other industrial uses), model rocket motors (model rocket engine igniters can also be used as charges for pipe bombs), and other "suspicious" materials which have not been revealed yet (to make pipe bombs you would need some kind of explosive substance.
The Investigation is getting more interesting and serious as "FBI seizes computers, store video in bomb case"
...the FBI contacted the parents of Yousseff Samir Megahed of 4959 Anniston Circle, Tampa, who were on vacation, and got permission to search their home. When they returned, their computers were gone.
Megahed is one of two USF students arrested near a naval base in South Carolina over the weekend.
Ahmed Abda Mohamed's family questioned why the men are being held on such a high bail amount.
"They know their son is innocent," said M. Nachabe, faculty adviser for student Mohamed, after speaking by telephone with the man's parents in Egypt.
Many questions remain in the case of Mohamed, of 2107 E Nedro Road, Tampa, an engineering graduate student, and Megahed, a 21-year-old undergraduate.
Mohamed's age is listed variously as 24 and 26 in law enforcement records.
The men were arrested Saturday afternoon in Goose Creek, S.C., on charges of possession of an explosive device.
After a prosecutor argued the men were flight risks, a judge set bail at $500,000 for Mohamed and $300,000 for Megahed.
The FBI declined to discuss the case. An arrest affidavit from the Berkeley County, S.C., Sheriff's Office says that Mohamed told deputies he made the devices from components he bought at Wal-Mart.
Wal-Mart spokeswoman Sharon Weber said the FBI had gone to a store for surveillance footage but declined to say which store or what is on the tape.
"The FBI has been to a store and picked up videotape," she said. "It's an open investigation. I don't think it would be appropriate to respond to specific questions."
It remained unclear Tuesday exactly why the men were in rural South Carolina or if they had a destination.
Neither man has a criminal record, according to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.
On July 24, Tampa police accused Mohamed of illegally shooting squirrels in an east Tampa park. Police say he and Ahmad A. Ishtay, 19, used a pellet gun to shoot the animals in Rowlette Park.
Both were issued citations for discharging a firearm and using an illegal method of taking game, a report said. The case has not been resolved, court records show.
Another of Ishtay's roommates, Ghassan Salhab, 27, said the man from Mauritania moved here from Canada recently and returned there Monday.
Debbie Schlussel has more

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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Goose Creek Bombers, Saudi Student School Bus RIders and Terrorist fund raiser Sami Al-Arian

I speculated on this yesterday morning and posted yeaterday regarding the Goose Creek Bombers.  They are being held on $300,000 and $500,000 bail due to flight risk.  NRO's Andrew McCathey mentions the Sami Al-Arian coincidence after I did.  Deb Schussel reports on her site that the Saudi Students who boarded School Buses for a joy ride and/or dry run were from the same School as these bombers and Al-Arian.  Proves nothing but is very interesting.  Especially when you consider that the Engineering Student is a Kuwati like Al-Arian who was a Professor in the University of South Florida too.
What's more, they are college students at the USF--the University of South Florida a/k/a the University of Sami's (Terrorist Professor Al-Arian) Friends. Same school as not only Al-Arian, but also the two Saudi students who entered a schoolbus of children in Tampa as a dry run.
From the Corner:  Monday, August 06, 2007

South Carolina Bomb Scare Update: Two Defendants Charged with Felony Explosives Possession   [Andy McCarthy]
Ahmed Abda Sherf Mohamed, 24, and Youssef Samir Megahed, 21, have been charged by authorities in South Carolina with possession of an incendiary advice, a felony punishable by at least two and up to fifteen years' imprisonment.  AP quotes the sheriff as saying:  "They admitted to having what they said were fireworks. Based on the officer's judgment at hand, based on what he had seen, we judged it to be other than fireworks."  Authorities remain tight-lipped about exactly what they found in the car.  Their bomb technicians did detonate something seized from the car at 2:45 a.m. Sunday.
The two are engineering students at the University of South Florida's campus at Tampa — the same school where Prof. Sami al-Arian, while a computer science professor USF's College of Engineering, was running an outpost of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorist organization.  Al-Arian pled guilty in 2006 to conspiring to provide services to PIJ.  The FBI, it should be noted, has not altered its earlier statement that no terror ties have been established.

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Monday, August 06, 2007

Like Sami Al-Arian the Goose Creek Bomber is a Kuwaiti

The Latest on the Goose Creek University of South Florida Engineering Student and his Undeclared Co-Pilot.  Remember Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ)Sami Al-Arian is from this school and like the egineering student is from Kuwait.
From the Guardian.
MONCKS CORNER, S.C. (AP) - Two Middle Eastern men arrested near a Navy base after police found a suspicious item in their car were charged Monday with possession of an incendiary device, authorities said.
Ahmed Abda Sherf Mohamed, 24, and Yousef Samir Megahed, 21, both students at the University of South Florida in Tampa, were being held Monday pending a bail hearing, Berkeley County Sheriff Wayne DeWitt said.
University spokesman Ken Gullette said Mohamed is a civil engineering graduate student who came to the school in January. He earned his undergraduate degree in Cairo and was in the country on a student visa.
Megahed, an Egyptian who has permanent resident status in the United States, is an undergraduate and has been at the university since 2004, but has not declared a major, Gullette said.
Mohamed is a native of Kuwait and Megahed is Egyptian, the sheriff said. Both are in the country legally, DeWitt said.
``They admitted to having what they said were fireworks. Based on the officer's judgment at hand, based on what he had seen, we judged it to be other than fireworks,'' DeWitt said.
A joint state-federal investigation was under way to see if there was any terrorism connection but no link had been found yet, said FBI spokeswoman Denise Taiste. The Navy base is the site of a brig where enemy combatants have been held.

Goose Creek Bombers, Sami Al-Arian and University of South Florida

The Goose Creek Rocket Component and Bomb transporters 21 -year-old Yousef Megahed and 24-year-old Ahmed Mohamed are students at University of South Florida per the Charleston Post and Courier
Ahmed Bedier, executive director of the Tampa chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, a civil rights organization for Muslims, said the men arrested are Youseff Megahed, 21, and Ahmed Mohamed, 24 - two University of South Florida students.
Family members told Bedier they think the materials were leftover fireworks Megahed kept in his trunk since July 4.
"Both of them are really naïve kids," Bedier said.
He said Megahed is a permanent legal resident of the United States and Mohamed was the passenger. Mohamed's legal status was not known. Bedier said police will not tell them why they're being held without charges.
"There's a lot of unanswered questions," Bedier said. "If they didn't do anything wrong they need to be released."
Remember that Sami Al-Arian was a Computer Science professor at the University of South Florida (USF) in Tampa was arrested due to his alleged support of terrorism.
University of South Florida professor Sami Al-Arian, right, was arrested Thursday in an early morning raid by the FBI and Joint Terrorism Task Force.
Federal authorities arrested Kuwaiti-born University of South Florida professor Sami Al-Arian, 45, described as the North American leader of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ), and three others.
Coincidence?  I doubt it connect the dots.....

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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Zalmay Khalilzad on C-Span and Senator Obama

I do not know if this will get any traction but I just saw an interesting UN Ambassador from the US, Zalmay Khalilzad on CSpan this am.  When asked about the Obama statement on actionable intelligence and OBL, the ambassador said that this was currently the Bush Administration position as well.  He said the key was "Actionable Intelligence".  Either Khalilzad misspoke or Obama is mouthing the Bush Administration Policy.  Below is an article from US Today that supports Tony Snow's official statement about not infringing on Pakistani Sovereignty but the next article from Bill Roggio writes about Task Force 145 which will move on OBL if they have actionable intelligence but with a small footprint. This is truly confusing.  But I believe Task Force 145 will move in and kill OBL despite the Bush Administration's official policy.
U.S. forces had to halt their pursuit after the men they were chasing vanished across the border into Pakistan. "We've been on what we thought was the tail of senior leaders only to lose them in some part of the game," a senior commander said, "and they, you know, skirted across the border." One instance prompted Pentagon brass to offer Musharraf an AC-130 Spectre gunship and crew. The AC-130 is one of the most lethal weapons in the U.S. arsenal, a heavily armed, low-flying attack plane fitted out with 25-, 40-, and 105-millimeter guns and advanced, forward-looking infrared radar. Musharraf was intrigued, but when it was explained that the AC-130 functioned most effectively with a forward air controller on the ground, calling in the plane's withering sheets of fire, he declined. No American boots on Pakistani soil.
From Bill Roggio
Task Force 145 has a mandate to hunt down senior al-Qaeda operatives world wide, and is known to have operated in Pakistan to destroy Osama bin Laden's Black Guard. Also, the U.S. recently deployed naval assets to the region, as well as Task Force 145, in the hunt for al-Qaeda and Islamic Courts leaders fleeing Somalia.
Reading in between the lines, if Task Force 145 gets a tip or figures out where OBL is they'll take him out as it is an unofficial official but wink wink nod nod agreement to between Musharraf and Bush.  Obama is a Knucklehead for announcing this agreement and the Bush Administration is protecting Musharaf as well they should.

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