Friday, October 28, 2005

Keratomalacia aka Vitamin A Deficiency in the Conservative Elite Class

Conservative A Team punditry may be suffering from Night Blindness aka VAD aka Vitamin A deficiency aka keratomalacia or in political parlance near sightedness which could shrink the Reagan/Goldwater conservative swell which crescendoed during the 2004 election resulting in a near commanding majority in both houses of Congress and the continuation of the George W. Bush presidency. Renown columnists George Will, William Kristol, popular talk show host Laura Ingraham and a cadre of lifelong GOP stalwarts are parading around after an undignified spike and doowop dance in the end zone of punditry. All these players are suffering from loss of visual acuity all except for the A Team's quarterback and obvious carrot(vitamin A rich)eater Hugh Hewitt. Mr. Hewitt's eloquently and perceptually nuanced insight and dissenting debate is the antithesis to the self-congratulatory garish end zone festivities of his egghead teammates. With their pens, microphones and TV appearances, these starting players could prove to be off sides. Only time will tell us if the 2 points(Meir's exit) will in effect be called back or will stay on the score board. In the meantime this Judicial Conservative "Safety" is being heralded by the conservative defensive front line!

This reminds me of Game Two of the the Angels and White Sox playoff game when home plate umpire Doug Eddings called strike 3 but not the third out. The Angels knew that they had their 3rd strike against A.J. Pierzynski, but A.J. and the White Sox had other ideas and took advantage of the umpire's bad call. So while third-string catcher Josh Paul and his Angels teammates ran off the field Wednesday night, Pierzynski took off for first base, triggering what is sure to go down as one of the most disputed endings in postseason history. Chicago beat the Angels and went on to win the series after the Angels lost their edge and could not regain the momentum. Granted the White Sox were superb in post season play and went onto win the World Series. The Umpire or "Judge" played a bigger role than he should have but unfortunately that's not the way it is supposed to be, yet it happens.... I hope there won't be long term fall out from this punditry orchestrated score.

I agree with Mr. Hewitt that although Harriot Meirs was not my first choice, the choice is neither mine nor the A Team punditry's... Its the duly elected President's CHOICE as stipulated by the Constitution of the United States of America. What's the down side of Meir's nominational abdication? Just-This Sandra 'wish your Day in court was over' O'Connor! That's right at least 170 more Days of O'Connor making bad decision in the Supreme Court where there is still a tight 5/4 majority including this Republican Appointed Judge and the swing VOTE! Isn't this at least half of what the Democratic poker players of Kennedy, Boxer, Schumer, Reid et al wanted upon the untimely death of the late great Chief Justice Rehnquist. Remember this gang of manipulators wanted to get the President to elevate O'Connor to the Chief Justice seat for a time so that there would be "continuity and stability on the Supreme Court." The true aim I suspect was that O'Connor once in this position would stay on the court indefinitely, once she had savored the power of the Chief Justice. Remember in the Lord of the Rings and the ring "Precious"? I think this position of honor and power could have proven to be overly intoxicating?.....

Furthermore, this high five fest by the conservative elites has played right into the hands of the crafty Dems who have been spinning this to their advantage by claiming the President has caved to the "radical and hard right" of the conservative movement. A Team players on the Conservative side, this is a horrible public relations move! Thus, the net net for the Dems is they get half of what they wanted and get to label the Conservative Pundits as the "Hard Right" to boot. Just-This Sandra gets to stamp her unconstitutional impunity for many a Day with decisions that would have a higher probability of going in a conservative direction with Meirs on the court. Mr. Hewitt believes that we should have saved this duel at the "OK" Senatorial Judiciary Corral for the next nomination upon the retirement of Ginsberg or Stevens. Pending Supreme Court decisions will be stained with the liberal waywardness of Just-This a turncoat Republican appointed Judge O'Connor.

Perhaps our stalwart conservative pundits would have been wise to have used a play from the former World Chess Champion Bobby Fisher who in 1975 refused to play Russian Champion Antoly Karpov. Even though he lost his title he did so by not losing a match which was what he was afraid of. I hope that the self congratulatory hip hopping end zone triumphalism of the conservatives over Meirs' exit doesn't turn out to be a default loss for the Conservatives, and default Kaspovian style 20 year win for the manipulative and crafty Democrats. President Bush didn't fall for the patronizing O'Connor ploy floated by the Dems when he bumped up John Roberts to the Chief Justice spot and I think he had a strategy with the Meirs nomination.

On the Conservative side of the political ledger it seems to me that Hugh Hewitt is on the same wavelength as the President and that he plays Strategic Chess while all the others play checkers. Conservative historians will tell us if the Judicial Safety that is being celebrated will stand the test of time. Remember, there are no guarantees that a "perfect" Nominee will do what is hoped by the conservative movement sweeping the country. Furthermore like Mr. Hewitt says now any utterance ever made by a Nominee has been established as a precedent to "Bork" any and all, in the future! I think all of us conservative would do well to follow Hugh Hewitt's lead and eat more beta carotene rich carrots to cure our near sightedness or night blindness. It seems that the Kennedys and Schumers of the Senate are eating their carrots. Lets level the field and fight with the Vitamin A Strategy of a world class Chess Player....

Francis X. Yubero, M.D

Friday, October 21, 2005

Powder Tracks and Fever is Blog of the Week!

Its a WIN for Powder Tracks & Fever! The stylish Crosley Solo Retro-Modern Radio is on its way per Duane Patternson, the Producer of The Hugh Hewitt Show, see comments at
Radioblogger. Well, what an interesting week we've had here at the Powder Tracks and Fever home... No Powder Tracks as there is no Snow and I was sitting at the computer pounding away at my keyboard. The only Tracks made were blood tinged from typing away, sending messages into cyberspace. The only Fever was that of campaigning for the Blog of the week contest! My blistered fingertips kept me from writing my Thank You notes to all of you. I wish I would have had the tactical thinking of the Biblical Christianity, who got third, by going onto Free Republic, a website in which political topics are discussed and is famous for breaking the fake TANG( Texas Air National Guard) regarding President Bushes service which were written on Microsoft Word. The "Freepers" as they are known brought down the proverbial deluge of the Bloggers and "New Media" on Dan Rather & CBS, which ultimately sent Dan "Courage" Rather packing back to his Travis County Ranch and Sam Houston College(his Alma Mater)! Biblical Christianity, took it to his base by going into a chat room at Freepers (see link)and within a few minutes of campaigning he zoomed into 1st place. What a smart guy, Oh that I had been so clever! I agree with Duane of Radioblogger that this was Resourceful!

I would also like to Thank all my fellow members of the
Southern California Bloggers Alliance who supported my winning the Blog of the Week contest! Impressive show for the SCBA Alliance with 2 finalist this time and 1 previous winners!

However a special thanks go out to the people and readers who put me in the winners circle by "Moon River's ...Wider than a Mile!" My worldwide network of readers, friends and family was really impressive! I honestly think that the
Hugh Hewitt Show and Radioblogger are trying to give us a Civics Lesson on Democracy and how running for Public Office is one of its fundamental tenets. From the rule of the Blog of the Week rules on Radioblogger
7. Each Friday, the top five entries, as judged by Hugh, Adam Youngman and I, will be selected, and a poll will go up on
8. Voting for the winner is up to you. Voting will close at Noon Pacific on Monday.

You see, in a Democracy you take your ideas to the the citizenry and campaign or essentially market the ideas and then toss them into the arena which the electoral process. You then let the people VOTE! Legislating from the Bench like has been happening from the the Judiciary( are Third Branch of Government) beginning with the Earl Warren Court of the 1960's and crescendoing with the Warren Earl Burger court of the 70's and 80's. This is an abuse of the Democratic system and an abomination of our Democracy. President Thomas Jefferson worried about this in the early history of our Country and in fact in "1802, his allies in Congress reined in federal courts that seemed to overrule the will of the people"

So to all my readers you are avid citizens of cyberspace and the Blogosphere I want to say Danke, Obrigado, Grazie, Salamat, G'day, Merci, Gracias and a very heart felt Thank You!

Francis X. Yubero, M.D.

Powder Tracks&Fever

Friday, October 14, 2005

Blog of the Week for our SCBA

Fellow Alliance Members: Greetings to all. I've got good news for our Alliance. Along with Holy Coast I've been nominated for the Crosley Solo Blog of the week! I was inspired to enter by John Schroeder of who sponsored my Southern California Bloggers Alliance membership and won several weeks ago. Lo and Behold I got picked and with fellow Alliance Member Holy Coast by the Great People at the Hugh Hewitt Show. Please help our Alliance keep up the impress track record in this Blogging Venue. Here's the link
Thanks to all

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Observations on the Meirs Nomination

I guess the problem is Harriet Miers has no Academic Blue Blood pedigree like Chief Justice Roberts. However we don't know with 100% certainty how he will side with Roe v Wade. He may stick with Stari Decisis even though he is a devout Catholic and Prolife personally as evidenced by his adoption of those beautiful children. Stari decisis would be the Academic Blue Blood thing to do it can be argued as this is "decided law" among most of the elites.

Meirs, it seems to me may have the intuitive intelligence and brilliance that George Washington had to Thomas Jefferson. The practical experience of an unschooled musical genius of Paul McCartney and Irving Berlin compared to say the classically schooled Antonio Salieri of Amadeus fame. Perhaps she is the genius of Gregory Hines to the Russian Ballet Dancer Mikhail Baryshnikov. Maybe she is the equivalent of an unschooled Cary Grant to the Shakepearian trained and acclaimed actor Lawrence Olivier. Maybe she is the un-Ivy league Ronald Reagan to the Yaley Bill Clinton or High IQ Nuclear Engineer of "Jimma" Carter who was the protege of the brilliant "Father of the Nuclear Navy," Admiral Hyman Rickover! Maybe she will be the Daniel Webster of this sitting Court. In the end no guarantees with the impeccably schooled Roberts and the street smart Meirs. Both are stealth candidates. Spread the risk over two types of conservatives candidates, a street smart one and a Ivy league academic scholar. May the Holy Spirit guide these appointed Judges for they will answer to God, the Father. I'm reminded of the exchange between Our Lord and Pilate in John 19:8-16 "When Pilate heard what they said, he was more afraid than ever, and he went back into the governors residence and said to Jesus, Where do you come from? But Jesus gave him no answer. So Pilate said, Do you refuse to speak to me? Don't you know I have the authority to release you, and to crucify you? Jesus replied, You would have no authority over me at all, unless it was given to you from above. Therefore the one who handed me over to you is guilty of greater sin. From this point on Pilate tried to release him. But the Jewish religious leaders shouted out, If you release this man, you are no friend of Caesar! Everyone who claims to be a king opposes Caesar!