Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Day reminds me of why we are FREE

Photo, see caption below
I marvel at our Men and Women who VOLUNTEER to serve selflessly for the cause of Liberty in a far away and foreign land. These Soldiers are willing to give Life and Limb to protect our way of Life. What is it about the United States of America? Indeed it is the land of the Free and the home of the Brave. Would that our Governmental leaders elected by us understood the peril that we face from the Threat of World Wide Jihad to establish a Caliphate and destroy America the so Called Great Satan! These Men and Women Soldiers are Volunteering to fight against as ruthless an enemy we have ever faced in our 236 year. An enemy so cruel, deranged and misguided that worships death and believes that by killing us non-Muslims they will get a reward of perpetual virgins? What is in it for the so called "virgins". Our forces found a how to Torture guide books in Iraq in an Al Qaeda safe house.

Yet our Leaders in Washington took months to pass a funding bill for the bravest Americans who are fighting for our way of life. These hollow and deluded Washington insiders have been there living the good life for too long. It is easy for the likes of Senators Warner, Kerry, Kennedy, Byrd et. al. to blame everything on the President when this problem has be festering for decades. The pass a bill to fund the Military just prior to Memorial Day, a Holiday for our fallen Soldiers because the got to go home to face the Americans they represent.

Oh that a Jimmy Stewart's Mr. Smith would go to Washington and get these shallow Politicians under control. The entire lot especially those from the Democratic Party need to get voted from office. President Bush should had his head in shame for his role in pushing for a Paper Tiger Immigration bill that will let the same Monsters killing are Soldiers and Iraqis in the Middle East tap dance across our borders where they have set up camps and breeding grounds from which to strike at our Homeland!

Look with wonderment and pride at these VOLUNTEER Soldiers that keep AMERICA FREE in spite of the way our Elected Government treat them with disrespect. I Love our Military and I Thank you for your Sacrifice!

Why do they do this? Simple the Terrorists of Jihad have declared War on US! Wake up Washington Congressman/women and Senators or do us a favor RETIRE and go Home before you get us KILLED!

Powerlinerblog Gents are Modern Day Ben Franklins

Benjamin Franklin
The Powerlineblog Guys are not Bloggers, the coined term for People who have a Web Log.  They remind me of the Franklin Brothers, James and his apprentice brother Benjamin(under the pseudonym Silence Dogood) who were the Founders of The New England Courant.  This was truly the first Colonial Paper after Benjamin Harris' "Publick Occurrences Both Forreign and Domestick", was suppressed in 1690 after only one issue under a 1662 Massachusetts law that forbade printing without a license.  This is exactly what the Liberals in Congress, Dinosaur Networks and Paper Media Giants want to do to New Media types like the Three Scholars of Powerline. 
Dean Barnett is right, Blogging does not adequately describe this Trio of Renaissance Franklinesque men do. Powerline is New Media's "Pennsylvania Gazette", the News Paper Benjamin Franklin took over and transformed into an the Journalistic Catalyst that helped the Colonies unite against the Crown and gave voice to the quest for freedom from nonrepresentative Government and provided a vessel that helped create our system of Government by and for the People which the "old" journalistic guard would like to limit like the Crown did with the First American Newspaper killed after its first publication.  Ben Franklin could not be stopped and nether can this Trio of smart, well informed, capable and fearless Musketeers of New Media whose Journalistic lines are giving Powder back to us the American People..Congratulations and Thank you all for your hard work and inspiration to us "web loggers" to write and contribute to what Hugh Hewitt succinctly describes the New Information Reformation.  Felicitations and continued success and much praise for your amazing work which is much more in line and reminiscent of the American Journalistic Tradition founded by the great Ben Franklin in contrast to that created by the Paleolithic Dinosaurs of Old Media and its minions......  
Image:Autograph of Benjamin Franklin (from Nordisk familjebok).png

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Legalization of Illegal Immigrants, Our Naked Emperors in DC & their Clueless & Dangerous Denial

I was speaking with Dean Barnett on Friday's Hugh Hewitt show about our Borders, the potential of Jihad entering into the USA thru them, its threat growing in Columbia and the lawless Tri-Border Area @ Brazil, Argentina & Paraguay and the Rise of Islam as one of the Fastest growing religions in South America.  One of several sources I reference was Al Qaeda in the Andes from the Jamestown Foundation, a Website also referenced by one of Hugh Hewitt's bloggers featured on his Counter Terrorism Vox Blogoli(which is great).  Interesting and Ironic that he asked for "Counter Terrorism experts" and the best submissions are from "Lay People"!  This article which features captured 15 Jihadists in 3 Spanish Cities today among them, Malaga which is 20 minutes from where my parents currently live, underscores what I and other callers have said on his show and have been blogging about. I have lots of articles that reference this problem that would be helpful in educating readers about the perils of this Immigration.  Spain is in big trouble because of the Liberal and Inclusive Mindset of its Government and the either the Naivete and/or Denial of its citizenry which allow for the spawning of Radical Jihadistic Islam underneath their noses. It is also happening in South America too. 
As far as the triggers and applications proposed by the proposed immigration bill Garbage enter into their unverifiable applications by the Illegals means potential Jihad with Diplomatic Immunity will spill out.  Our Leaders which suffer from the Syndrome of the Naked Emperor not wearing a stitch of clothing is beyond belief. 
In Catholicism a concept know as Sensus Fidei:
  • A supernatural appreciation of the faith (sensus fidei) shown by the universal consent in matters of faith and morals manifested by the whole body of the faithful under the guidance of the Magisterium.
The enlightened and insightful comments of Hugh Hewitt's readers and their lack of "governmental and counter terrorism credentials" and the paucity of true Counter Terrorism Experts' contributions to this Vox Bogoli prove that there is a similar Wisdom and Common Sense of the Ordinary Man existing amongst us Americans and the ones who need guidance are our hollow Emperors wearing no Cloths.   I fear for our Country and indeed the Occidental World please reader the links above and this article: Hezbollah builds a Western base From inside South America's Tri-border area, Iran-linked militia targets U.S
Source: CNS -
Dominus Vobisum

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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Coulmbia's Farc merges with Jihadists to strike via Central America's Land Bridge to America's Southern Border

I have found an article that lends further credence to Hugh Hewitt and Todd Bensman's concerns over the porous nature of our Borders with Mexico and South America because Jihadist have infiltrated those lawless areas and merged with local Crime Syndicates.  Another troubling sign is that Islam is one of the fastest growing religions via converts in South America. 
Colombian authorities claim to have dismantled an extensive counterfeit passport ring in January 2006 that allegedly supplied an unknown number of Pakistanis, Egyptians, Jordanians, Iraqis, and others purported to be working with al-Qaeda with Colombian, Portuguese, German, and Spanish citizenship, enabling them to travel freely in the United States and Europe. Bogota also mentioned that the network had ties to Hamas militants
Maicao Columbia is close to the Border with Panama and provides a Land Bridge to America via Central America(see map below).

Although accurate demographic measures are hard to come by, the municipality of Maicao, in northeastern Colombia in the department of La Guajira, an indigenous reserve located along the border with Venezuela and the Caribbean, is home to Colombia's largest Muslim community. Maicao's Muslim population is believed to number anywhere between 4,000 to 8,000 adherents. Maicao is also home of the Omar Ibn al-Khattab Mosque, which was completed in 1987. It is Colombia's largest mosque and is counted as one of the largest in South America (Latino Muslim Voice, December 2003).

Most of Maicao's Muslims are Sunni Arabs from the Levant, especially Lebanon, while a minority originates from Syria and Palestine. Maicao is also home to a small Shiite Arab population. The region's Arab community lives alongside the Way'uu, an indigenous group. As a result of its position on the coast, La Guajira has always lured immigrants seeking potentially lucrative trade opportunities and jobs, especially migrants from the Middle East.

Maicao is also a free trade zone (FTZ) and a known center of smuggling of counterfeit goods such as cigarettes and electric appliances, arms, and narcotics, money laundering, and other illicit forms of commerce to Venezuela, Central America, and the Caribbean. According to some reports, recent efforts by Bogota to enforce tax codes and root out corruption and smuggling hit Maicao's merchants particularly hard, especially Arab Muslims who figure prominently in the local economy. This includes merchants engaged in both legal and illegal business. As a result, Maicao's Arab Muslim population is said to be dwindling, as local merchants seek out opportunities elsewhere in Colombia and in the region (Los Cromos, April 1, 2005).

Many observers worry that al-Qaeda and other terrorist organizations can exploit Maicao and the Colombian island of San Andres, another FTZ located off the coast of Panama, to raise funds to finance operations. San Andres is also home to a sizeable Arab Muslim and Christian community. FTZs in Colon, Panama, Iquique, Chile, Margarita Island, Venezuela, and elsewhere in the region are frequently cited as potential terrorist finance centers.


The Mosque of Omar Ibn Al-Khattab (or in Spanish transcription Omar Iban Al-Jattab) in Maicao, La Guajira, Colombia is the second biggest mosque in Latin America. To the locals it is simply known as "la Mezquita" ("The Mosque") for being the only one in the region, and along with the Dar Alarkan School, they are the centers of Islamic faith of the region. Constructed on September of 1997 and named after the second Sunni caliph Omar Ibn Al-Khatta....
Islam in Colombia

Colombia is home to a small, albeit diverse, Muslim population. Most Colombian Muslims are of Lebanese, Syrian, and Palestinian origin, but Arab Christians from the Levant with a long history in the country dating back to the Ottoman era far outnumber their Muslim counterparts. In contrast, unlike elsewhere in the region, Arab Muslims made their presence felt in Colombia beginning in the late 1960s and 70s after a wave of migration from the Middle East that was prompted by the Lebanese Civil War and other regional tensions (Los Cromos, April 1, 2005).

Recent Muslim migrants from the Middle East tend to be more pious and traditional compared to their second and third generation kin who have become assimilated into Colombian society. For example, many still speak Arabic and live in tight-knit communities, not unlike immigrant communities elsewhere. Demographic assessments on Colombia's Muslim population vary. According to some local reports, Colombia's Muslim population numbers approximately 15,000 adherents (, January 4, 2005).

As a result of intermarriage and religious conversion, Islam has become one of the fastest growing faiths in Colombia and Latin America. Growing disenchantment with the Roman Catholic Church establishment in Colombia and elsewhere in the region has also led many to seek spiritual guidance elsewhere. Many former Roman Catholics that have strayed from the Church have come to see Catholicism as a European colonial tradition that was imposed on the peoples of the Americas. Therefore, conversion to Islam represents an assertion of ethno-national, as well as spiritual, identity. Protestant missionaries have been making inroads into Latin America for many of the same reasons for decades, especially among underserved communities and indigenous populations.

Colombian Christians who become Muslims find solace in Islam's reverence of Jesus Christ and Mary. Other Muslim converts see Islam as a native tradition untainted by the region's colonial experience. Many Muslims in Colombia also emphasize what they believe are their natural cultural and even ethnic links with Arabs and Muslims, stemming from Spain's Moorish heritage. In this regard, conversion to Islam symbolizes a reversion to their original state, which they see as having been suppressed by colonialism. There is also evidence suggesting that Colombian Muslims are becoming more open about asserting their identity, especially since Bogota abolished Catholicism as the official state religion in an effort to promote a broader definition of Colombian identity.

Many analysts are alarmed by increasing Muslim conversion trends, which they interpret as a sign of radicalization, especially in light of al-Qaeda's proven successes in luring Muslim converts to their cause.

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Nexus of Islamic Jihadists Staging in Central & South America to taking advantage of USA's Borders

Yesterday Hugh Hewitt dealt a knockdown blow to the proposed Immigration Z -Visa Amnesty Pact with the Devil during his interview with San Antonio News Express reporter Todd Bensman who has written Breaching America.  Thanks to these two Men who are legitimate and respected Journalists the danger of this Immigration Plan put forth by the Plutarchs of the Senate who act like Monarchs and 'Lord it over us' Americans in now in our National Consciousness! 
I called in and was graciously invited by Hugh Hewitt to discuss the Orantes Injunction with Todd Bensman (Proposal would Boot 'OTMs'-also a San Antonio News Express article written in June 2006) which allows for illegal Salvadoreans and others who seek Political Asylum to be released without restrictions in the USA when captured by the Border Guards without reservations in the State of Texas.
  • Undocumented Mexican nationals apprehended by the Border Patrol routinely are returned to Mexico. Those from other countries are detained, and some are released with notices to appear before immigration judges.
    More than 80 percent of those released never return to court.
    According to the Border Patrol, about 160,000 OTMs were apprehended last year, and Salvadorans represent the largest number.
    Texas lawmakers filed a bill Wednesday that would overturn a longstanding court injunction and make it easier to deport undocumented immigrants from El Salvador and other countries who qualify for temporary protected status under federal law.
    "We must not allow terrorists and criminals from around the world to abuse loopholes in our legal system, turning our Southwest border into a revolving door," said Rep. Henry Bonilla, R-San Antonio.
    The bill that would remove legal hurdles that have kept federal agents from deporting undocumented immigrants who are "Other Than Mexican," or OTMs, Bonilla said.
    Groups representing immigrants and Hispanic rights said the legislation would reverse the Orantes injunction, issued in 1988, that grants Salvadorans and others fleeing persecution the right to an asylum hearing
  • That injunction has made it difficult for U.S. immigration authorities to deport undocumented Salvadoran immigrants 11 years after the civil war in that country ended and a democratic government was installed, Bonilla said.
  • the Orantes injunction has become a loophole that has been exploited by members of drug cartels and Mara Salvatrucha, a violent Salvadoran gang also known as MS-13, to thwart immigration laws and win release after apprehension by immigration authorities.
Why is this Orantes Injunction important to Hewitt and Bensman's discussion? 
There is a Nexus of Middle Eastern Al Qaeda like Jihadists and South American terrorists, Narcotic drug lords, money laundering organized crime types and gangs.  
  • NUKES ARRIVE IN MEXICO from Canadian Free Press

    Concern about Shukrijumah's extended stay in Mexico was heightened in November 2004 with the arrest in Pakistan Al Masri, an Egyptian national jihadist with close ties to al Zawahiri, bin Laden's No. 2 man, informed interrogators that al-Qaeda had made arrangements to smuggle nuclear supplies and tactical nuclear weapons into Mexico. From Mexico, the weapons were to be transported across the border with the help of a Latino street gang. The gang was later identified as Mara Salvatrucha, the gang that Adnan had trekked across the North American continent to meet in a Honduran café, and the plans that he discussed with the gang leaders were the plans that had been purportedly finalized at the terrorist summit in Waziristan . . .
Furthermore in addition to Central American this Jihadist Nexus with Hispanic Bad actors extends into South America....  The Nuclear Threat Initiative and the Defense Technical Information Center discuss the Tri-Border Area (TBA) of South America Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguay is a hot bed for organized crime groups, Terrorist Groups and Narco Drug Lords and they are cross pollinating with Immigrants to this area from Middle East that are Muslims.  This Tri-Border Area is fertile for Jihadist Mischief because its infrastructure consists of rampant governmental and police corruption and toothless anti-money-laundering laws.  A synergy exists with the Narcotics-Funded Terrorist/Extremist Groups in
Latin America" (May 2002).
Source: CNS -
The tri-border countries can be seen from the landing at Puerto
Iguazú: Argentina to the left, Brazil to the right, and Paraguay in the
Source: Puerto Iguazú Prefecture. From Military Review, Command
& General Staff College, March-April 2002.
Tri-Border Area (TBA) of South America Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguay is a hot bed for organized crime groups, Terrorist Groups and Narco Drug Lords and they are cross pollinating with Immigrants to this area from Middle East that are Muslims.  This Tri-Border Area is fertile for Jihadist Mischief because its infrastructure consists of rampant governmental and police corruption and toothless anti-money-laundering laws.  A synergy exists with the Narcotics-Funded Terrorist/Extremist Groups in
Latin America" (May 2002).
Source: CNS -
By 2001, the TBA had a highly heterogeneous population of more than 700,000,
including the area outside the three cities, Foz do Iguacu
Ciudad Del Este and Puerto Iguacu.
Foz do Iguaçu's population includes an estimated 65 different nationalities.  The three main ethnic communities in Ciudad del Este are the Chinese, Lebanese, and Korean.  In 2001, the city's largest ethnic group was the Chinese, with about 30,000 members, of  whom only about 9,000 may be registered legally. The Portuguese language predominates.  Guaraní is generally spoken by the city's poor Paraguayan residents. Arabic is heard as much as,or perhaps more than, Spanish. Chinese and Korean are also commonly heard. The largest Mosque outlside the largest outside Middle East is in
do Iguaçu and named after the second Sunni caliph Omar Ibn Al-Khattab.
You certainly cannot believe you're not in the Middle East!
The mosque and Arab school located in the same ground were built with contributions of Lebanese immigrants living in Foz do Iguaçu, it is an impressive proof of these peoples commitment to the city.
MSNBC reports:May 9, 2007
    • The implications of such lawlessness could be dire, U.S. and Paraguayan officials said. Rep. Silvestre Reyes, D-Texas, chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, said Hezbollah militiamen would raise no suspicions because they have Latin American passports, speak Spanish and look like Hispanic tourists.
    • The CIA singles out the Mexican border as an especially inviting target for Hezbollah operatives. "Many alien smuggling networks that facilitate the movement of non-Mexicans have established links to Muslim communities in Mexico," its Counter Terrorism Center said in a 2004 threat paper.
      "Non-Mexicans often are more difficult to intercept because they typically pay high-end smugglers a large sum of money to efficiently assist them across the border, rather than haphazardly traverse it on their own."


Time Magazine article from November 2004 regarding the captured Al Qaeda operative Egyptian Al Marsi.
The Mexican border will get a closer look
A key al-Qaeda operative seized in Pakistan recently offered an alarming account of the group's potential plans to target the U.S. with weapons of mass destruction, senior U.S. security officials tell TIME. Sharif al-Masri, an Egyptian who was captured in late August near Pakistan's border with Iran and Afghanistan, has told his interrogators of "al-Qaeda's interest in moving nuclear materials from Europe to either the U.S. or Mexico," according to a report circulating among U.S. government officials.
Masri also said al-Qaeda has considered plans to "smuggle nuclear materials to Mexico, then operatives would carry material into the U.S.," according to the report, parts of which were read to TIME. Masri says his family, seeking refuge from al-Qaeda hunters, is now in Iran.
Masri's account, though unproved, has added to already heightened U.S. concerns about Mexico. Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge met publicly with top Mexican officials last week to discuss border security and smuggling rings that could be used to slip al-Qaeda terrorists into the country. Weeks prior to Ridge's lightning visit, U.S. and Mexican intelligence conferred about reports from several al-Qaeda detainees indicating the potential use of Mexico as a staging area "to acquire end-stage chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear material." U.S. officials have begun to keep a closer eye on heavy-truck traffic across the border. The Mexicans will also focus on flight schools and aviation facilities on their side of the frontier. And another episode has some senior U.S. officials worried: the theft of a crop-duster aircraft south of San Diego, apparently by three men from southern Mexico who assaulted a watchman and then flew off in a southerly direction.
Al Masri, an Egyptian national jihadist with close ties to al Zawahiri, bin Laden's No. 2 man, informed interrogators that al-Qaeda had made arrangements to smuggle nuclear supplies and tactical nuclear weapons into Mexico. From Mexico, the weapons were to be transported across the border with the help of a Latino street gang. The gang was later identified as Mara Salvatrucha, the gang that Adnan had trekked across the North American continent to meet in a Honduran café, and the plans that he discussed with the gang leaders were the plans that had been purportedly finalized at the terrorist summit in Waziristan . . .

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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

More on the Lymphoma Issue for the good Senator , Fred Thompson

As you know I have been trying to figure out what is the status of Senator Fred Thompson's Lymphoma.  I am pretty sure it is Follicular, a type of Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma.  The problem I have run into is that I do not know either the subtype(there are 3) nor the Staging I or II.  Both of these issues need to be known in order to give you the precise 5 year survival rates.  Thus I have only been able to give you want amounts to an average of all Follicular Lymphomas. 
However I have found a very concise and readable article that will give you insight into this dreaded disease and useful, I think, for future reference at the Lymphoma Information Network.    
God's Speed and Grace Senator Fred Thompson, a great American.  Stay well!
Dominus Vobiscum,

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Re-Fried Falafels Beslan Styled via Mexican Border to Nuke California or Southwest

Here is an article that was written on 10/19/2001 by WorldNetDaily that is now doesn't seem so extreme after Todd's Work.  Finally Washington may wake up and Smell the CAFE!  Thanks for Airing this IMPORTANT STORY. My heart rate and BP are really up now because this story confirms my WORST Nightmare.  Can you Imagine C4 Plastic Explosive used by Re-Fried Jihadists taking out the San Onfre Power Plant and turning it into a Chernobyl?  Not only Americans but Mexicans down wind will die.  This is my worse nightmare HUGH but I glad you are beating this Drum!!
'Arab terrorists'crossing border
Middle Eastern illegals find easy entrance into U.S. from Mexico

Posted: October 19, 2001
1:00 a.m. Eastern

By J. Zane Walley
© 2001
.....Carlos X. Carrillo, assistant chief U. S. Border Patrol, Tucson Sector, told WorldNetDaily in a telephone interview Monday that nine Yemenis were reportedly holed up in a hotel in the border town of Agua Prieta, Sonora, Mexico, across the border from Douglas, Ariz.
"We have passed this tip to the FBI," said Carrillo.
When pressed for more information, he said he could not confirm the number of OTMs or Middle-Easterners apprehended while crossing the American/Mexican border. "We are under OP/SEC and cannot divulge this," the chief said. (OP/SEC is a counter-intelligence acronym for operations security.)
A Border Patrol field patrol agent, who spoke anonymously, confirmed the presence of the nine Yemenis. The agent said, "They can't get a coyote to transport them and they are offering $30,000 per person with no takers."
Border Patrol spokesperson Rene Noriega stated that the number of other-than-Mexican detentions has grown by 42 percent. Most of the non-Mexican migrants are from El Salvador and other parts of Central America, she said, but added that agents have picked up people from all over the world, including the former Soviet Union, Asia and the Middle East.
Pick-up truck load of mixed-nationality illegals destined for Tucson or Phoenix, Ariz. Once in those cities, an organized pipeline disburses them across America. The "trucking" is generally handled by street gangs. Photo by Donald

Group of unauthorized immigrants take a rest break on a trail that winds across the Barnett ranch near Douglas, Ariz. Amateur photographer Donald Barnett alerted the Border Patrol and was there for the bust. He noted, "There were people in this batch from Brazil, Salvador, Costa Rica and some Arab countries."

Line of illegals moving across a ranch on the Cochise County, Ariz.-Mexican border. Photo by Donald Barnett, Bisbee, Ariz

Arabs have been reported crossing the Arizona border for an unknown period. Border rancher George Morgan encounters thousands of illegals crossing his ranch on a well-used trail. He relates a holiday event: "It was Thanksgiving 1998, and I stepped outside my house and there were over a hundred 'crossers' in my yard. Damnedest bunch of illegals I ever saw. All of them were wearing black pants, white shirts and string ties. Maybe they were hoping to blend in," he chuckled. "They took off, I called the Border Patrol, and a while later, an agent, Dan Green, let me know that they had caught them. He said that they were all Iranians."
According to Border Patrol spokesperson Rob Daniels, "Ten Egyptians were arrested recently near Douglas, Arizona. Each had paid $7,000 to be brought from Guatemala into Mexico and then across the border."
According to the San Diego Union-Tribune, hours after the 9-11 attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, an anonymous caller led Mexican immigration agents to 41 undocumented Iraqis waiting to cross into the United States.
The Associated Press reported that Mexican immigration police detained 13 citizens of Yemen on Sept. 24, 2001, who were reportedly waiting to cross the border into Arizona. The Yemenis were arrested Sunday in Agua Prieta, across the border from Douglas. Luis Teran Balaguer, assistant head of immigration in the northern state of Sonora, said, "The evidence indicates that they have nothing to do with terrorist activities."
Potential terrorists, stealing across the border, had been predicted well in advance of the World Trade Center disaster. In a May 1, 2000, Report to Committee on the Judiciary, House of Representatives, the General Accounting Office reported, "Alien smuggling is a significant and growing problem. Some are smuggled as part of a criminal or terrorist enterprise that can pose a serious threat to U.S. national security."
lives in Sierra Vista, Ariz., has made a detailed study of the border danger since the flood of illegals began through Cochise County in 1997.
"There is only one way to handle this," the colonel says firmly. "In a world now filled with biowarfare agents, backpack nuclear devices and chemical weapons like Sarin gas, we must militarize the border. There is no other way to stop the flow."
Here is more excerpts form early reports on OTM's.  Scary Scary Frightening and our Representatives in Washington should get fired for their NEGLIGENCE on this issue as it is a NO-Brainer.  Darn it We need more Mr. Smiths and less Senator Teddy McCains!  This is Unconscionable.  I am so MAD at them!  Romney is a CLASS ACT.  I am worried about California it is such an important agricultural and economic engine for the entire world.  That makes it and important target and the porous border makes it an easy one!
Exerpts from written in November 2001 is not so fringe but rather prophetic given Hugh Hewitt's Interview with Todd Bensman about his expose on 'Jidhadists on the Border ching America: War refugees or threats?"
 A Border Patrol supervisory agent told Zane Walley that "about one in ten [illegals] we catch is from a country like Yemen or Egypt." Walley writes,
According to the San Diego Union-Tribune, hours after the 9-11 attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, an anonymous caller led Mexican immigration agents to 41 undocumented Iraqis waiting to cross into the United States. The Associated Press reported that Mexican immigration police detained 13 citizens of Yemen on Sept. 24, 2001, who were reportedly waiting to cross the border into Arizona. The Yemenis were arrested …in Agua Prieta, across the border from Douglas….   …Agua Prieta police officials [were quoted] as identifying the 13 Yemenis as terrorists. Reportedly, the Mexican immigration police returned the Yemenis to a federal detention center near Mexico City, but new information would indicate that they were "released" and returned to Agua Prieta.
On October 19, Carlos X. Carillo, assistant chief of the Border Patrol's Tucson Sector, told WorldNetDaily of nine Yemenis lodged in an Agua Prieta hotel. The report was confirmed by a field agent who, speaking anonymously, said, 
"They can't get a coyote to transport them and they are offering $30,000 per person with no takers. What kind of Yemeni group has $270,000 to pay a low-life 20-year-old border vulture to lead them into the United States?"

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Re-Fried Beslan by OTMs aka Jihadists via Mexico to Nuke Old Camino Real in California

WOW! Great show and Timely Topic with Hugh Hewitt who interviews Todd Bensman of the San Antonio News Express.  I have been blogging on this very issue since Last year when we were debating the need for Immigration reform and for a Wall against the Backdrop of Beslan  on the Camino Real Nuclear Style by OTMs(Other Than Mexicans)! Mexico is DOA if Beslan the South West is taken out which I stated on my blog this past weekend before you aired this story.
....a High and Thick Wall which protects all People of the Americas and indeed the Occidental World. The USA is the Economic and Democratic Engine of the World which Al Qaeda wants to take out using the Death by 1000 slashes! If Al Qaeda types, who try to blend in with Hispanics Illegals use C4 to take out San Onfre Power Plant creating a Chernobyl type Disaster....

not only will the GOP be in trouble but Mexico will get Nuclear Down Wind Fallout
as will the US Southwest! Mexico's economy which is so dependent on Mexican Ex-patriot dollars fueling its economy will collapse because the Migrant Workers will die! A Great China Type Wall although not full proof makes it more difficult for the Terrorists and will help regularize the border!
Once this is done we can deal with regularizing the Illegal People and bring them in out of the "Shadows"! A Wall is a smart option but the MSM dictates the argument calling it Racist while the Administration is being lead by the nose and the GOP sounds like the Back-up singers!
I say, change the Argument like one does in front of a Jury!  Talk about the Fort Dix Six whose make up include 4 guys who crossed over in Brownsville Texas in 1984!
The Duka family entered the United States illegally through Mexico in October 1984, according to the sources. In 1989, Ferik Duka made an application for asylum with the Immigration and Naturalization Service and acknowledged the family's illegal entry into the country.
From LOU DOBBS TONIGHT from July 2005
An astonishing admission today by the man in charge of the U.S. Border Patrol. David Aguilar testified before Congress that the number of people from countries other than Mexico, so-called OTMs, who were trying to cross our southern border, has almost doubled this year. Aguilar said that Border Patrol has detained nearly a million illegal aliens so far this year -- about 125,000 of those illegals, non- Mexican citizens.

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Monday, May 21, 2007

Senator Fred Thompson's Lymphoma Prognosis from a blogging Medical Columbo

From my research I believe former Senator Fred Thompson had Follicular Lymphoma, the most common of the Low Grade Lymphomas. I do not know the stage and subtype which matter. However, the Press indicates he was treated with a new treatment Rituxan.
  • last published 5 survival rate is 50% for Stage 1 and 25% Stage II
  • Transformation to High Grade is anywhere from 25-60% early on
  • or 28% over 10 years.
  • Sometimes, a low grade and higher grade lymphoma can be there at the same time, in the same person. Even in the same lymph node. If this happens, your doctor may assume that it is in the process of transforming to the higher grade type.
    After a low grade NHL has transformed, it has to be treated as high grade.
  • Unfortunately, a transformed NHL is harder to control than it was when low grade. And the treatment is more intense. from
Conditional Survival: Each year a patient survives lymphoma the expected 5 year survival increases:.
This statistic is called the
Conditional 5-Year Relative Survival Rate

Limits of statistics: Finally, statistics take time to compile and cannot show the influence of new therapies until many years later. These calculations are best used to show trends on large groups, not to predict an individual's prognosis.

How did I figure this out? Here is my thinking and research thread:

Fred Thompson acknowledged that he had been treated for a form of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma however are still a bunch of NHLs. A Clue that know one has mentioned is that he was treated with Rituxan, a drug only useful against Follicular lymphoma a Non Hodgkin's Lympohoma!

  • Current estimates of median survival for indolent follicular lymphoma, the most common form of NHL, range from 8 to 10 years.
  • Approximately 50% of patients with stage I indolent follicular lymphoma, and 25%with stage II disease, can be cured with radiotherapy, but the overwhelming majority of patients are diagnosed with advanced disease.
  • The survival for indolent lymphomas is dependent on cell type and other prognostic indicators. It will take time to determine if new treatments will improve overall survival, but there are reasons to be encouraged.
Who can be treated with Rituxan?

Rituximab is licensed to treat low grade follicular NHL. This is the commonest type of low grade NHL. About 40 out of every 100 (40%) of low grade NHL's are follicular. Rituximab is used to treat low grade follicular NHL that

  • Is resistant to chemotherapy
  • Has relapsed at least twice after successful treatment with chemotherapy
For most people in these situations, there is no other treatment available. About half of those with follicular NHL respond to rituximab. The average time before the NHL begins to grow again is about a year. Remember this is the average – remission will be shorter in some people and longer in others. When the NHL does start to grow again, you can have more rituximab treatment.

Low grade non Hodgkin's lymphomas

  • Follicular

  • Small cell lymphocytic (or chronic lymphocytic leukaemia)

  • Splenic marginal zone lymphoma

  • MALT lymphoma

  • Lymphoplasmacytic NHL (also called Waldenstrom's macroglobulinaemia)

Of these, Follicular lymphoma is the commonest type of lymphoma. About 40 out of every 100 (40%) low grade lymphomas diagnosed are this type. There are subtypes called grades 1, 2 and 3. Grade 3 follicular lymphoma is more aggressive and is likely to be treated as a high grade lymphoma.
Transforming from low grade to high grade

Over time, low grade lymphomas may change into a more aggressive high grade type lymphoma. This happens to between 15 and 30 out of every 100 people diagnosed with NHL, depending on the type they have. So it doesn't always happen. If it does, it may be several years after you were first diagnosed with the low grade lymphoma.

What is the risk of histologic transformation of low grade indolent lymphoma to High Grade?

The answer is an estimate, and depends on how you ask the question, the time period, and who you ask:

The risk of histologic transformation (HT) by 10 years was 28%. 1
Transformation to more aggressive large cell lymphoma occurs in 25-60% of pts with FL 4
Thanks for Reading and I pray that Senator Thompson, Press Secretary Tony Snow, Mayor Giuliani, Senator McCain and John Edward's wife Elizabeth are all cured of their cancer and live healthy live to a ripe old age of 100 years!. But I want Governor Romney to be President!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Hugh Hewitt shows how the Z-Visa & the Immigration Bill is Vote Harvest for Immigrants desiring Amnesty to ESL

Too Hugh Hewitt:  Thanks for your dissection and Translation of the hieroglyphics in this Immigration Amnesty Program which is in the last lap of the Mile run and the Senators and Administration are in their final kick!   How is it that they Senate Leadership in D.C. can pass the Immigration bill but not fund our Troops who in essence are fighting and dying for these Illegals while the Defense Department is Pitching Pennies? DISGRACEFUL for the DC beltway Elites and Politicians pigging out of the trough of Potential Votes.  Teddy Kennedy,the Admiral of Chappaquiddick is lamenting the plight of illegals crossing in the desert.....well what about American Soldiers dying in the Arabian Dessert because equipment is getting old and needs repairs? However thanks to Ted et. al. the Soldiers' budget has been cut by him and his pals trolling for new votes.  Indeed new votes because Liberals haven't had babies, have aborted babies and thus have not raised childre who will replace their votes once they pass on to the next World and the separation of the Goats from the Sheep! 
As the son of Legal Immigrants from Spain,my father was a Physician came on to American on a J1 type Visa (not a Z-Visa) offered to M.D's by President Eisenhower for 5 years only in the 1950's and 60's.  In the 50's and 60's many Medical Schools were opened here to meet the baby boomer demand for Health Care so after 5 years the US made us go back to Spain even though my siblings and I were American born.  We went back so my parents and brothers could get in line for their Green Cards.  Currently La Raza and others are saying that the penalties outlined in the bill are too steep.  I am ashamed to be a Hispanic at the Present time.  Immigration works if it is enforced!
Did you notice on Fox News Sunday the subliminal jab at my Zorro, Gov. Romney by Chris Wallace?  He claimed that Matinee Mitt had flipped flopped on Immigration?  When in reality, Romney like you, me and Dean B. is a Moderate and recognizes that we need to regularize the illegals that are here but BUILD the WALL to stop More Fort Dix Jihadists.  I guess Wallace fears that Romney indeed has the Right Stuff to become the GOP's Zorro.  Matinee Mitt represents the best of America!  He is the kind of talent we want in Politics as he is smart, successful, polished, commanding, charming and educated!  The best People in American shy away from Politics because the Money is bad compared to the Private Sector and is scared off by the Microscopic Colonoscopy the Media performs on Conservative Politicos.  Romney is the Man and I believe has the Potential to be the GOP Champion just like the literary figure Zorro was in New Spain against the crooked Politicians from Spain and Mexico.  What about the FUNDS for our Men and Women fighting for Illegals...what about Bullets for them so they can pull the Triggers the Guns that kill Jihadists.  It is disgusting how these Politicians are salivating or new constituents.  They will sell their souls for votes so the Plutocracy can continue!  Keep them comfortable in their poverty!  
Thanks Hugh Hewitt for all you reading of this Dictionary on Amnesty cranked out by the US Senate and for fighting the GOOD FIGHT for Conservative Americans.  The Greek Triggers and Legalese in this Bill are daunting for average Americans! Like Hugh says BUILD the Wall and Plug the Hole before Jihad hits our Shores again!  Mitt Romney is Zorro for Conservative Americans!
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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Z-Visa & Immigration are Immediate Priorities for Senators and the President while our Military has to Pinch Pennies!,,,

This Glorious series of Photos comes to me from a good friend who is an X fighter pilot jockey in the Navy. Hey GOP don't worry about get more voters so you Roberto Duran No Mas Political softies can get more votes. The People who need your help are the Soldiers fighting in Iraq so that you make us Americans give away our Birth Right to Illegals. Shame on you Et Tu Butus Spineless and self serving WIMPS! The Brave Men and Women serving on these Ships and Aircraft need a Supplemental Bill and you Knuckleheads are behind doors putting together a treasure trove of riches for Mexicans and others. Build the Wall to Protect Americans, all its Illegals and the economy of Mexico which depends on the latter from a Beslan Styled Attack that could be Nuclear see the Dallas Morning News:

"If they want to fix it, they need to make it permanent," Sheriff Jernigan said. "The OTMs were coming through in droves from all over the world. They'd come up to us, asking where to find a Border Patrol agent. We'd see them later, waiting to hitch a ride along Highway 90. And no one had any idea of where they were going or what they might do once they got there."

It's not just drugs

Not all the border concerns stem from drugs or illegal immigration. In Vega Verde, a neighborhood along the river west of Del Rio that borders a major smuggling route, thieves come across the river, hit the homes there and get back to Mexico before deputies can arrive.

"They're taking guns, jewelry, air conditioners, anything they can get on a raft and get across," Deputy Faz said. "Landowners are frustrated. And my concern is that people will start taking the law in their own hands. What's going to happen if residents take up their hunting rifles against some Zetas bringing a load of dope across?"

Recently, deputies frustrated with the inaction of Mexican authorities staged an impromptu raid, taking boats across the river and seizing stolen property.

"The funny thing is, with all this activity on the river, the Border Patrol never showed up," Deputy Jose Luis Blancarte said. "We're bringing back TVs and air conditioners and nobody saw it? We don't have to worry about terrorists sneaking suitcase nukes across the border. They could be bringing whole bombs, and no one would know."

The border sheriffs say their main concern is the safety of their residents. "We don't want to be immigration officers," Sheriff Jernigan said. "We just want to make sure our counties are safe. To do that we need help, and that help has to come from the federal government.

"My nightmare is that it will take another 9-11 attack to wake up this country about the vulnerability of the border," he said. "And some border sheriff is going to have to say it came through his county."

For the first time in over 20 some odd years, three carrier strike groups got together in formation for a great photo op.

From left to right are the aircraft carriers, ABRAHAM LINCOLN, KITTY HAWK, And RONALD REAGAN. We even had Air Force planes fly-over, see the B-2 Stealth Bomber in the fifth & seventh picture down

PACIFIC OCEAN, (June 18, 2006) – USS Ronald Reagan (CVN 76) (foreground), USS Kitty Hawk (CV 63) (middle), USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN 72) and their associated carrier strike Groups steam in formation while 17 aircraft from the Air Force, Navy, and Marine Corps fly over them during a joint photo exercise (PHOTOEX) while preparing for exercise Valiant Shield 2006.

The Kitty Hawk Carrier Strike Group is currently participating in Valiant Shield 2006, the largest joint Exercise in recent history. Held in the Guam operating area June 19-23, the exercise includes 28 Naval vessels including three carrier strike groups. Nearly 300 aircraft and approximately 22,000 service members from the Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard are also participating in the exercise.
Official U.S. Navy photo by Chief Photographer's Mate RELEASED)