Friday, March 31, 2006

President George W. the W means no Walls

Unfortunately the President is not interested in solving the illegal problem with a Fence. I think it has to do with Columba Bush, Jeb Bush's wife whom he met while teaching English at an exchange program in Leon, Mexico Texas in 1971 at which she was a student. Columba was born in Leon, Mexico and married the Govenor in 1973. Jeb Bush converted to Catholicism and speaks very good Spanish. Jeb and Columba Bush's son, George P. is a handsome bilingual young lawyer with an undergraduate degree from Rice University and a Juris Doctor degree from the University of Texas, graduating in 2003. He married a law school classmate, Amanda Williams, in August 2004. George Prescott works in Dallas for the law firm Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld. Since George P. happens to be of Mexican-American heritage and may have political ambitions too, the issue is personal for the Bush family. George P and his wife are the answer to the Bil-lary Clintons of the future. We can't forget Jeb's possible run in 2012 or 2016. The Republicans have been courting the Hispanic vote (which is primarily Mexican heritage) so on this score and the Bush Dynasty play this great President does not want to take the risk of offending the largest minority group in the United States of America. Remember when X-President Bush 41 offended Hispanics when he famously referred to his Mexican-American grandchildren, including George P., as "the little brown ones"? The Bushs' will not make this mistake again...

In the 2004 election, Grandpa Pres. Bush(41) urged his son's(43's) campaign to hold a national Hispanic event aimed at luring Hispanics away from the Democrats. The way things are going, the Republican Convention in the future for Jeb and/or George P. will be a fiesta de la familia. A seurity wall will be painted as a racist action by any Democratic rivals will want to derail the Bushs' Dynastic designs. Too bad because I love the Bushs, but as the son of legal green card Naturalized Americans I disagree with the President's lack of an Isaeli-Palestinian Wall as part of his Immigration Policy. OTM's(other than Mexicans) are crossing our southern border at an alarming rate...

Thursday, March 30, 2006

"Tehran Mike Were" tko'd by Hugh Hewitt and next on the Mikey's should be Azzan Alwash

Thanks to Hugh Hewitt for taking my call today and allowing me to comment on the "Tehran Al Qaeda Mike" Times Iraq Bureau chief! He gave biased information and speaks as if the Bush administration's is ill-informed and stuck on the "Dead Enders" characterization of the insurgents. Is that why the new American ambassador to Iraq Zalmay Khailzad, an Afghani native and the highest-ranking Muslim in the Bush administration. Ambassador Khalilzad sees this not as a Muslim-vs.-West conflict, but as a struggle "within the Muslim world" -- from Pakistan to Morocco -- between extremist and moderate interpretations of Islam. Pretty good choice for a "Clueless" Bush Administration who don't understand things has well as "Tehran Al Qaeda Mike". This Bush Administration Ambassador is a Muslim from the region and he can read the insurgents and politicians' poker hands very well! I know this because last night I had dinner with Dr. Azzam Alwash, who is the executive director of the"Eden Again Project" also know as the restoration of the Iraqi Marsh Wetlands Project vis a vis the United Nations(the Japanese put up the Money and it is administered by the UN with a 13% cut). See Eden Again for the particulars. He lives in Fullerton, Ca, and is an naturalized American trained Engineer born and raised in Iraq, who is married to an American Geologist. He is very good friends with my brother, Juan Carlos, a fellow Hugh-go-naut Cruise veteran like me. I had dinner with Dr. Azzam Alwash last night and he remembers Hugh Hewitt as a Land Rights Attorney(Dr.Alwash worked for 20 years as a soils engineering consultant in Southern California) and he remembers Hugh as a KCET TV personality. He was not aware of Hugh Hewitt Radio Program as he has been mostly in Iraq the last 3 years directing the restoration of the wetlands as he is the chief Engineer. Here's his bio:
  • Dr. Azzam Alwash is the Director of the Eden Again Project. Born in Kut, Iraq in 1958, he spent much of his younger years in Nasseriya on the fringes of the marshlands. His father Mr. Jawad Alwash was the district irrigation engineer, and Azzam used to accompany him on trips into the marshlands to resolve water disputes. He left Iraq in 1978 as a result of the Baathist regime. He completed his Bachelor of Science (Civil Engineering) at California State University at Fullerton, and his PhD in Geotechnical Engineering at the University of Southern California. Subsequently, he worked for 20 years as a soils engineering consultant in southern California. In 1997, he became active in Iraqi expatriate politics. He is on the Board of Directors of the Iraq Foundation and the Iraqi Forum for Democracy. In August 2003, Azzam took a leave of absence from his consultancy practice to direct the Eden Again operations in Iraq. He now lives permanently in Iraq, dividing his time between Baghdad, the marshlands, and international speaking engagements. Watch this website for updates from him.
I forgot but was reminded last night Dr. Alwash was Dr. Iyad Allawi's campaign manager for the free elections earlier this year. He's very connected in Iraq and has some interesting Info regarding the Politics and Marsh Project. I'd like for him to talk to Hugh Hewitt and I think he would be willing to do an interview. He knows many of the power players in Iraq. He's worried that we could lose Iraq due to the Iranian power plays taking place. The Iranians are supporting the Sadar militia aka Medhi(12th Imam) Army militia, backing Muqtada Al Sadar of Najaf, and the Shite irregulars who back interim Prime Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari, a Shi'ite. According to "Tehran Al Qaeda Mike" because we "invaded" Iraq, Iran is more "Powerful" and is the winner in this conflict. Has "Tehran Al Qaeda Mike" ever heard of Hamas and Hezbollah(read Michael Ladeen's article) who are sponsored by Iran? Iran is the largest sponsor of Terrorism in the world and has been for years! This is their M.O...

Dr. Alwash, a Naturalized American and an Iraqi Patriot,has some interesting ideas about what could be done and in general thinks the Bush Administration track is on target. He claims that the recent letter P. Bush sent to Iraq's P.M. has been mis-spun by the Press and that Bush wants him out. Bush's letter was an inducement to get the ball rolling as far as setting up the government but Al-Jaafari opponents are spinning this so has to get him to step down. According to this Iraqi the Constitution has placed too much power into the PM's position and that Iraq for several years may need a coalition to run Iraq. It's complicated but would be a fascinating interview for the HH Show. Definitely a 2 or 3 segment interview.

Alwash is articulate, well spoken and understandable. He is a treasure trove of info for Hugh's "Rapid Response Radio" He also played a hand in the making of the movie Voices of Iraq by getting those video cameras to the right people. He has insight into why Retired US General, Jay Gardner, left after one month. Dr. Azzam Alwash has also worked with MIT trained Architect and Professor at Brandeis University Kanan Makiya. Professor Makiya, an Iraqi, is the founder of the Iraq Memory Foundation. It'd be great to do a pre-recorded segment before he leaves for Iraq as I think we Hugh Hewitt listeners will be riveted by what he has to say. The great folks at the Hugh Hewitt show will not be sorry if they interview him and will only serve to blow the lid open even further on the MSM muteness regarding the Marsh Project and other good projects occurring in Iraq! Hats off to Hugh Hewitt's quaterback draw up the middle on the MSM this week. What a tour de Force Hugh!

Thanks Francis

Monday, March 27, 2006

Illegals need to immigrate Legally

These Illegals are making fun of us and abusing our Liberties, Social Programs and Laws. They know our Country is better than theirs and I for one do not like it and I'm the son of LEGAL Immigrants and Naturalized U.S. Citizens. Please read their comments sentences underlined in Red below. If I or any other American would trespass into Mexico and got caught I'd rot in on of their corrupt jails and my family would have to send money to the prison mangers so I'd get the basic necessities. I would only get decent healthcare if hurt in Mexico as a tourist if I could pay cash for it! I like Mexico and Mexicans but their Government is run by sneaky Foxes and has been for generations!

From Publius Pundit
"Spanish-language radio in Los Angeles was highly instrumental in turning out the masses of people for this rally - in fact, they were a key player - and right under gringos' noses. Now, there are some within this movement who say this is the broad kickoff of a broad new civil rights movement. On this, I cannot say for sure, but it sure seemed like something happened."
"Look at America!!!!!!!!!!!!
Back in LA, the tone of the march was not anti-American, not by a long shot. I did not get the feeling many of those marchers really truly hated America. On the contrary, I thought they liked it. All they wanted was a chance to be American.
It's a complicated issue. How do we give people like this legalization without penalizing the people who have been waiting in line legally, often for years? How do we ensure fairness?
But on the other hand, how do we ignore this?

The great economist Hernando de Soto has pointed out that when a critical mass of illegality is achieved, like, say, squatting on public lands, the U.S. historically has politicians eventually bend to the will of the people. That’s why the 1862 Homestead Act was passed by Abraham Lincoln.

  1. (Publis Pundit, A.M.Mora y Leon, takes esteem Peruvian economist, Hernando de Soto, out of context! His argument needs to be applied to our Hispanic "Friends & Allys" to the South of the Rio Grande and not the USA. If it were then many of these illegal aliens would not have break our sovereign laws and smuggle themselves into our country. Publis Pundits claims that these demontrators "don't really hate" and "liked" the USA. As the son of Spanish Immigrants who came here legally I love the USA. So let the Hispanic Countries implement those principles advocated by de Soto so these hard working illegals can stay in the country they "LOVE" and therefore not be forced to live in the USA, the country which they "don't really hate" but only "LIKE". I feel used by people who come here only for its opportunity and not for love of the American Ethos and Spirit which fosters Americanism in this melting pot of a country of ours. This concept of Americanism is one of the secrets that makes the USA the greatest country in the history of the world. This historical structural pillar of America is predicated on the fact that regardless of its citizens' different race, color and creed we consider ourselves to be Americans first and foremost and our futures are as limitless as our imaginations! Proof is found in de Soto's own words

The Mystery of Capital: Why Capitalism Triumphs in the West and Fails Everywhere Else

  • Hernando de Soto uses questions about Bill Gates as a backdrop for discussion. Gates the world’s richest man, serves as a springboard for constasting America's economic system and those of countries where the world’s poorest people live. “Apart from his personal genius, how much of his success is due to his cultural background and his ‘Protestant ethic’? And how much is due to the legal property system of the United States?”
  • De Soto’s explanation of why poor nations haven’t capitalized on capitalism is not because of lazy and anemic cultures. Cities of the third world and former Communist bloc are full of bright, ambitious entrepreneurs and industrious workers. It has nothing to with the fallacy that poor are starved of assets. According to de Soto’s research team at the Institute for Liberty and Democracy in Lima, the value of all real estate held by the poor of these lands is at least $9.3 trillion. That is 93 times the amount of all money paid out by Western democracies to poor and struggling nations since the Communist crackup in 1989.
  • The problem is that this property is held but not truly owned by the poor. More than 80 percent of all ownership in these countries is not legally documented as property ownership at the city, county or state level. It is psuedolegal and impossible to register at the level of bureaucratic institutions. De Soto expalins “The poor have houses but not titles; crops but not deeds; businesses but not statutes of incorporation.”
  • This is an elemental flaw because most formal property can be used as collateral for credit. This is a molecular building block for enterprise as it permits a means of freeing up capital which is the catalyst for business and the fuel of a free enterprise system.
  • This is the model found in the United States but is not the norm in the majority of the Hispanic world lying south of our border. In our beloved USA the most important and accesible source of collateral funds for new businesses are 1st or 2nd mortgage on the homes of would be entrepreneurs. I n much of the developing Hispanic World homes are just dwellings and de Soto calls it “dead capital.”
  • De Soto explains that because the ruling class of the Hispanic World doesn't provide the legal venues and mechanisms necessary for asset ownership and collateral to serve as an engine of enterprise or as de Soto describes as a “vast hidden process that connects all these assets to the rest of the economy.” Obvisously he is referrring to lenders and creditors currently out reach to the little people and available only to the elite and well conected.
  • De Sotos points out that in a free enterprise economic and representational democracy with a fucntioning judiciary providing bureacratic institutions like city, county and state recorders, assets become transcendent in that these “assets can lead an invisible, parallel life alongside their material existence.”
  • That is to say assets can be leveraged on the open market and be transformed into the life blood of a capitalistic and economic system.
  • Publis Pundit takes de Soto's teaching out of context and glosses over the fact that it is the govenrmental, economic and capitalistic systems in the USA provide both illegal and legal American residents with opportunity.
  • What De Soto does indicate is that the United States was once a developing country and squatters battled for rights to their land, and gold miners fought over their claims in a legal nebula similar to those common in the Hisapnic World. But what does this have to do with illegal aliens? Shouldn't they follow through with the current economic and govenmental evolution in their homelands instead of "sqautting" on our resources and system just because the USA is their neighbor? Just because their is a history of stuggling squatters in our country isn't a rationalization for illegals to have an entitlement to our robust economy and relatively colorblind and egalitarian system. Native born Americans have access to this because it is their birthright! While Natrualized Americans and Green Card Immigrants have legal rights to the fruits of the American System, because it is the Law of the Land. To claim otherwise is the equivalent of a landowner who doesn't plant a garden feeling entitiled to take that sowed from his neighbor because he's next door and its available. This is called stealing.
  • I have a surgeon friend who had to operate on the Mexican mother-in-law of a American lawyer friend of Hispanic Heritage. This because his illegal alien mother-in-law goes back and forth across the US-Mexican border and has applied and got a Medical card. This also is called stealing!
  • Almost all the Hispanic Countires(except for Spain, Puerto Rico and Chile) have undergone the evolutionary steps necessary in their juridical, govermental and economic systems to provide capital and asset leverage which is like the oxygen which fuels a fire.
  • Because of this people in most of the Hispanic World are quarantined from what de Soto calls the “bell jar” of successful capitalism.
  • De Soto indicates “It makes no sense continuing to call for open economies without facing the fact that the economic reforms underway open the doors only for small and globalized elites and leave out most of humanity.”
  • De Sotos writes “At present, capitalist globalization is concerned with interconnecting only the elites that live inside the bell jars.”
  • De Soto's last two points are directed to most of the Hispanic World, China, and other oligarchies and totalitarians governments and not the United States of America!
  • Although it is true when it is said that illegal aliens come here because they want a better life it is a non sequitur and not a justification but rather a rationalizaton for breaking our rules and soverign immigration laws...

Publis Pundit continues: "This great wave of globalization and immigration is no different. It is in our interest to find some way to resolve this, to give the most dynamic people out there an opportunity, to stop treating them like they are invisible, and, even from a Republican perspective, give them economic opportunity, because historically, any time an immigrant group is allowed to buy houses, they turn into Republican voters. I don't want to insult any good readers, but sadly, some of the GOP "base" doesn't remember this detail at all! Cripes it's such an opportunity!
My suggestion is: Just give them all! If we need them, then give them and us what we all need, a place in society, the right to be.
The Catholic Church is fully with the Latino people on this, and has ordered all parishioners to disobey any law that prohibits the helping of illegal immigrants. They know who their "base"
is - young people, young families, people who marry, people who have kids, people who believe in life - in short, Mexicans! Sadly, there are significant parts of the GOP that do not."

Here's "Their Politicians" at Work for the Illegals not legal US Citizens:

Rally to Defeat Anti-Immigration Legislation in Los Angeles

Washington, DC/Los Angeles, CA--(HISPANIC PR WIRE)--March 24, 2006--Today, National Hispanic Caucus of State Legislators (NHCSL) President, Assemblyman Felix Ortiz (NY) and other legislators will participate at The Gran Marcha 2006 Los Angeles rally to voice opposition to the Border Protection, Anti-Terrorism and Illegal Immigration Control Act of 2005(HR-4437), sponsored by House Judiciary Chairman, Congressman James Sensenbrenner (R-WI) and Homeland Security Chairman, Congressman Peter King (R-NY). The proposed immigration bill is anti-American and directly disregards the lives of refugees, legal immigrants and many others. This is the time for all Americans to demand justice and respect for human rights, said Assemblyman Ortiz. We all know that this country was built by the blood, sweat and tears of immigrants and the many generations of those first immigrants who contribute to what makes our country a great country. We cannot allow this bill to go any further; it must be defeated. The Gran Marcha is being coordinated by the National Immigrant Solidarity Network and begins at 10 a.m. Saturday, March 25 at the corner of Olympic Boulevard and Broadway, and ends at LA City Hall. The National Hispanic Caucus of State Legislators (NHCSL) is a nonpartisan organization representing the interests of Hispanic state legislators from all states, commonwealths, and territories of the United States. NHCSL is a catalyst for joint action on issues of common concern to all segments of the Hispanic community. For more information visit

I, Powder Tracks, am a second generation from Spain and know much about the Hispanic Culture here in the USA. My parents are Physicians and came here in the 1950's on Einsenhower J1 cultural exchange visas because Physicians were needed back then. After 5 years even though I and 2 younger siblings were "Anchor" babies my parents and Spanish brothers had to go back to Spain and re-apply for permanent green cards because that was the law. The American immigrantion policy in the 1950's was based on a quota system. Spain's low quota reflected the US's disdain for the "Polical Incorrectness" of Spain's Governmental system. Like G. Will implied Franco was good for Spain and Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar is a product of the consevatism of Franco and the new P.M. Zapatero is the grandson of Spain's old Republican Government which was Communist and supported by the USSR. Up until Mexico's Presidente Fox came into power the Partido Revolucionario Institucional or PRI was the Mexican political party that wielded hegemonic power in the country – under a succession of names – for more than 70 years. Many historians debate whether the PRI regime should be considered totalitarian or authoritarian. In 2000, prior to the general elections, Peruvian-born Spanish writer Mario Vargas Llosa called the government under the PRI la dictadura perfecta(perfect dictatorship). The PRI was founded in 4 March 1929 by Plutarco Elías Calles but changed its name to PRI in 1938. This was a virtual Mexican dictatorship for the last century. This is why Mexico a rich country, is so messed up. Mexico has no middle class unlike Spain where Franco build up a middle class, and the Mexican Government wants to export their social problems to the US.

In addition to other Mexican inequaties, we have deal with MEChA, an acronym for the miltant Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlán (Chicano Student Movement of Aztlán). Mecha's policy of taking over the US by absorbing the US Southwest by moving illegally across our borders to reclaim Aztlan, "the legendary ancestral home of the Aztec, also known as the 'Mexica'. It is represented as a volcano in a lake, located in what is now north of Mexico (including the territory from Texas to California won by the United States after the Mexican-American War), onto which the first Mexica emerged at the beginning of the fourth world.." The are very proud of last weeks "Gran Marcha"! California Lt. Gov. Cruz Bustamante is an esteemed alumnus of this group! One of this "nice" student group's subsidary identifies with the Palestinians and Arafat's PLO including its "female martyrs". For paticulars see James Tarantino's article of Opinion Journal and scroll down to highlighted words. Mecha is active at US Universities

  • A young Chicano spoke of his association with MECHA and the Azatlan Movement, a Latino organization that advocates reoccupying the western United States by force, if necessary, to create a Latino nation. Azatlan members call themselves "America's Palestinians." He identified himself as homosexual and pointed out that Greenhouse was, too; this seemed relevant to their alliance with the Palestinian cause. Neither acknowledged let alone addressed the fact that gays are brutally persecuted under the Palestinian Authority in contrast to Israel, where they enjoy full civil rights. Many gay Palestinians have actually sought refugee status in Israel, fearing for their lives under the Arafat regime.
  • The Legal Foundation for Individual Rights in Education or Fire represented UCSD's school paper, the Koala, in 2002 when it was prosecuted over :
  • "a parody of the Hispanic hate group Mecha. The Koala stands charged with "disruption" for "taking photographs" at a Mecha meeting that was open to the public--though in fact the photographer was not a member of The Koala and submitted the photos to the publication after the fact.
    "We condemn The Koala's abuse of the Constitutional guarantees of free expression and disfavor their unconscionable behavior," a FIRE statement quotes
    Joseph Watson, UCSD's vice chancellor for student affairs, as saying. But FIRE notes that in 1995 Watson "issued an unequivocal defense of the right to free expression." The issue then was an article advocating racist violence against law-enforcement officers, which appeared in Mecha's own publication. It cheered the murder of a Hispanic Immigration and Naturalization Service officer, saying he was a "traitor . . . to his race" and adding: "We're glad this pig died, he deserved to die. . . . The only good one is a dead one."
    It gets even worse. As we
    noted in March, Mecha is a virulently anti-Semitic organization, which is easily enough confirmed by a visit to the group's own Web site. Yet the university regards the group as somehow representing "diversity." A Web search turned up this 1999 memo to UCSD's chancellor by a self-described piece of furniture (Herbert York, "chair" of the "Diversity Council") urging that "the chancellor should raise new funds and/or allocate existing funds to ensure the effective implementation of the AASU and MEChA high school conferences and recognition ceremonies, respectively." (The AASU is the African American Student Union.)
    Mecha's members are entitled to exercise their First Amendment right of free expression. But they no more deserve university subsidies and moral support--let alone an effort to silence their critics--than would a campus chapter of the Ku Klux Klan.

Remember the controversial billboard in LA that said Los Angeles is Mexico? My parents had to leave the US even though they were providing health care to under privileged Americans in West Virginia for 5 years in Catholic Hospitals. That was the LAW... time for Mexicans to obey our laws.
President Ike's Bracero Program worked well for the Migrant Worker program let's go back to it!
Francis X. Yubero, M.D

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Avalanche Air Bag System and Avalungs for Adrenalin Guys not Journalists...

Avalanche Air Bag System and Avalungs for Adrenalin Guys not Journalists...
Yes Michael B. Were is an adrenalin guy and likes Rugby and War but I and other Powder Skiers are adenalin Freaks but I'm prepared with the Avalanche Airbag System pictured here and deployed above and theAvalung, a breathing system which has a C02 exhaust pipe which directs the exhale gas towards your back side so that the air pocket in your face is saturated with this "Deadly Greenhouse Gas" and therefore has a higher perscentage of Oxygen.AvaLung II is a remarkable filtration device that draws air directly from the snowpack, allowing you to breathe if trapped in an avalanche.
Increases the surface area from which you breathe; air is pulled in by a mouthpiece attached directly to the apparatus
Exhaled carbon dioxide is directed out the exhaust tube to ensure fresh air supply and to prevent an ice layer which could seal off the oxygen supply
AvaLung II has repeatedly been shown to provide an air supply to buried test victims
Worn over your clothing, the lightweight sling does not impede breathability or add warmth, so it can be used in all weather conditions
User must be able to get the mouthpiece inserted before avalanche debris restricts movement; snowpack or injury can prevent its use
As with avalanche beacons, AvaLung II is not a substitute for wise assessment of hazardous avalanche terrain
Snowmobiler Saved by ABS-Avalanche Airbag System
Big Elk Mountain, Idaho (Ski Press)-On Jan 08, 2003 seven snowmobilers triggered a Class 2 avalanche at an elevation of 9500 feet while sledding on Big Elk Mountain in Idaho.One victim was carried away by the slide. He was equipped with an abs avalanche mono airbag which was released after a few seconds when the victim realized his predicament. Before activating the ABS, the victim disappeared in the snow twice. After pulling the ABS he stayed on top until the slide stopped. The crown line of the slide was up to 3 feet."A heck of a product" was the victims first reaction. His personal account is that it performed flawlessly.More than 50 people (most of them in Europe) have been saved so far by the ABS. This is the first American incident and the first on involving a snowmobiler. The ABS is designed to prevent
"1. What is it exactly that the ABS is able to do?
The ABS keeps you on the surface in case of a running avalanche
It prevents you from getting buried under the snow mass.
It prevents complete burial. Most of the avalanches in which
alpine skiers can get caught are running avalanches and they
are mostly released by the skiers themselves. Most avalanche
victims do survive the actual fall in the avalanche. However,
approximately half of these victims are completely submerged.
Three out of four (75%) of the completely buried victims have
a blocked airway or are unable to breath properly due to the
enormous pressure on their chest. In a situation like this the
victim will survive for only a few minutes. After a maximum of
fifteen minutes the chances of survival drop drastically. The
Avalanche Airbag prevents the burial. The avalanche will drag
you with it but you will stay on the surface and therefore have
the best chance to survive.
2. How does the ABS work?
The avalanche is a moving mass of snow. It consists of many tiny snow crystals, which start a powerful rotation once the
avalanche is moving downwards. In this rotation all bodies which
are larger than the snow crystals will automatically be pushed
to the surface. However, on the surface area the rotation slows
down as does the buoyancy and it is then important that the
volume of the skier at least equals the volume of the avalanche
snow at the same mass and weight. The snow of a powder
avalanche in mid winter has approximately 2.5 times the volume
per kilogram weight, as does the volume of a person. The numbers
are as follows: one kilogram of powder snow has a volume of approx.
2.5 litres. One kilogram of a person has a volume of 1.03 litres,
a little more than a litre. A person at 100 kg therefore has a
volume of 103 litres. However, 100 kilograms of mid winter
avalanche snow have a volume of 250 litres. In order to swim on
top of this avalanche snow the person needs 100 kilograms of
weight and a volume of 250 litre.
The Avalanche Airbag can handle such extreme situations. It
has a volume of 150 litres and is therefore able to make up
for the missing volume of a person weighing 100 kilograms.
The skier is no longer able to sink into the avalanche. Without
the Airbag he/she would sink down immediately after the buoyancy
effect has pushed him/her to the surface. To put it simply: the buoyancy dynamic due to the rotation of the snow crystals pushes the victim to the surface. The airbag
makes up for the missing volume and therefore prevents the burial. (For your personal information: This buoyancy phenomena, caused
by the snow particles, is also the reason why only half of the
victims are buried, they are the lucky ones who, as soon as
they reach the surface are pushed out of the avalanche either
by terrain formations or other circumstances and therefore escape burial).
3. The Airbag may work in powder conditions but nobody has a
chance in heavy snow! In heavy snow the opposite is the case. The heavier the snow
the more dense it is and the smaller the volume. Typically wet
spring snow weighs 500 or 600 grams per litre. This means its
volume is now just under 2 times greater than that of a person.
Therefore the Airbag could have less volume or be smaller. From
this point of view the wet spring snow is much less difficult than
the dry, cold powder snow. It is a fact, however, that the chance of injury increases with
wet spring snow. It has to be taken into consideration that most of the avalanches are triggered by the skiers themselves and the
power of the snow is therefore relatively weak. The dangerous
mechanical pressure of a wet avalanche can be as much as several
tons pressing on the body does not exist on the surface. The wet
avalanche is therefore less dangerous for the ABS-user.
4. What happens if I get caught in an avalanche in the valley or
at the bottom of a run? If the skier is already down in the valley and the avalanche comes
thundering down his chances of survival are zero even with
the Airbag. The masses of snow literally strike the victim down
and bury it. With 30 or 40 meters above the valley bottom and
an avalanche release 200 to 300 meters up, the survival chance
is still minimal. Zero without the Airbag and slightly greater
with the Airbag if the avalanche has a good runout. In this
case it is possible to stay on top with the ABS and only receive
injuries due to the impact of the snow masses. All in all it must be said that this situation represents less than
5% of all avalanches involving skiers.
5. Have skiers already been saved with the ABS? Yes, there are already approx. 70 documented cases where
without a doubt the ABS saved lives. One can assume that this
figure would be much higher if the unreported cases were included.
6. I have to trigger the ABS by myself. Do you think everyone is
capable of doing so in an avalanche situation? The only thing which needs practise is the pulling of the trigger.
In order to do so it is important that it has been installed
properly. The trigger must be located between the chest
and the clavicle at all times. The Velcro straps should hold it
in place so that it is always easily accessible. The activation strength is approx. 8 kg.
7. What happens if the trigger gets caught somewhere? The Airbag will inflate automatically.
8. How can I prevent unwanted activation? The trigger should only be put in place when the person is
ready to go skiing. We strictly recommend that the trigger
is always stored in the waist pocket when not in use. An
additional safety measure is the red Velcro strap at the trigger.
The compact system (mechanical activation) requires the red
trigger ring to be fastened with the red Velcro strap which needs
to be loosened when in use. Otherwise more strength is needed for
activation. With the compact system it is also recommended to remove the
cartridge after skiing and store it separately with the protective cap.
9. Is the additional safety belt absolutely necessary? It is the regulation as per the manual. If the hip belt is not fastened
properly the backpack could be pulled over the head when caught
in an avalanche. The additional safety belts which of course also have to be tightened
will prevent this from happening. A really tight hip belt, however, is sufficient in most cases.
10. Does the cartridge always remain attached? It may stay attached. It should be weighed once in a while to
ensure that it is still full. It is recommended to do this before
each season.
11. How will I know whether the cartridge or trigger handle is
filled? How will I know whether the cartridge or trigger handle is filled?
The cartridge can be checked by unscrewing the safety cap and
\checking the little sealing disc. If the cartridge has been pierced
it will be easily visible. However, the possibility that the cartridge
may not have a proper seal cannot be disregarded. The cartridge
is under immense pressure. A hairline fracture, a defect seal or
thread could cause a leak or loss in pressure and therefore the
apparatus would malfunction.It is therefore a must to check the weight. Each cartridge
shows the weight on a sticker.Should the weight differ by more than 5g, the cartridge
should not be used.With the trigger handle of the dual system the pin, which
attaches to the pressurised hose must be affixed tightly.
This can be checked by pulling slightly with your fingers.
Most importantly a red band on the pin should not be visible as it is an indicator that the handle has already been activated.
Attention! Do not under any circumstances pullout the pin with pliers or your teeth. This could have
serious consequences.
14. The cartridges and trigger handles are refillable. Can
the cartridges be purchased at camping gas dealers?
12. Is it advisable to carry an extra cartridge with a
trigger handle? Absolutely. In case of emergency you should not wait until
you've been caught in the avalanche before activating the ABS.
The trigger handle should be pulled as soon as there is a
chance you could have released a slab. If this does not result
in an avalanche all the better. You have reacted properly
and activated the cartridge. In order to make the ABS
functional again you need the extra cartridge with trigger
handle. Cartridge and trigger handle are one unit, without
the trigger handle the cartridge cannot be activated and
an activated trigger handle without a full cartridge cannot
fill up the airbags. Only with the compact system is the
cartridge enough.
13. Does the ABS need maintenance and if so at what time
intervals? Does the ABS need maintenance and if so at what time
intervals? The ABS is an article of rescue equipment which
in the case of an emergency decides over life and death.
The manufacturer recommends sending the ABS in every
two years for a general check up. It is also recommended
to do a trial activation with a full cartridge before eachseason.The activation process should then be monitored closely, the
proper sealing of the airbag and the general state of the
complete ABS system must also be checked. The two year
maintenance program includes a test to check the general
functioning, changing of the seals and a thorough check
of the whole system. The cartridges and trigger handles can only be filled by the
manufacturer. Replacement cartridges and trigger handles
are only available where the ABS is sold. This also applies
in foreign countries.
15. Are there ice-up problems with the trigger handle of the
dual system, with attaching the pin to the pressurised hose
or with the activation itself ? No - unless you create an ice-up yourself. Care should be taken though to protect the Velcro closures
at the adapter of the pressurised hose, no matter whether
the trigger handle is attached or not. It is also important to
handle the trigger handle with care and to avoid any soiling
of the pin or its opening. Should it get dirty do not attempt
to clean it yourself as you could provoke an unwanted activation
and possibly cause an accident, replace the handle instead.
You will only be charged for a refill. Please also note that the trigger handle must not be
attached unless a filled cartridge has been screwed in.
Should the system be activated without a cartridge
the prick system will be damaged and the whole
system may therefore malfunction. If it happened anyway,
send the ABS backpack in for a complete check up.
16. The cartridges for the dual system are different
on the use of the Avalanche Airbag. Because only the
victom who is not buried will be able to help a fellow skier."

from the ones for the compact system, why is that and
would it be possible to interchange them? The cartridges for the dual system are different from the
ones for the compact system, would it be possible to
interchange them?It is clearly marked on the cartridges in which system
they have to be used. The cartridges for the dual system
are shorter, fatter, uniform in shape and are bronze
in colour. The cartridges for the compact system are
black, longer and of a non-uniform shape. Both cartridges
have a different thread and only fit with the appropriate
17. Can the ABS be taken into the airplane?
What about heliskiing?
The backpack itself does not pose a problem. Problems
arise with the gas cartridges. Every pressurised container
is regarded as dangerous goods by the IATA and has to
be declared as such. This means the airline company has
to be informed a few days before departure in order to
be checked in as carry on luggage or checked in luggage. Generally there are no problems with heliskiing in Europe
and in the Caucasus (there the company supplies the airbag).
With the Dual System the trigger handle should be removed
\in order to avoid accidental or wilful activation in the cabin.
No ABS backpacks should be kept near the pilot. An
accidental activation in the back part of the cabinresulted in no harm to the unbuckled ABS-user nor the
helicopter. To this date
Klondike Heliskiing in Atlin/BC is the only
heliski company which uses the ABS and offers it to their
clients free of charge. All other heliski operators do not
equip their guests with the ABS system. It may take
some time until these highly successful operators start
to equip their guests with this very effective safety
device and upgradeto European standards.
18. Once I have purchased an ABS do I still need a
transceiver? This is not a question about whether or not to have a
transceiver, this is a question of priorities from the
point of view of the avalanche victim. So far the thinking
has been from the perspective of the rescuer. All activity
comes from the outside and the avalanche victim stays
passive. In this case the time factor is the biggest
challenge. In locating the victims the transceivers are
the best. However, no advances have been made to
reduce the time it takes to dig the victim out. The
only aid is the shovel. This reduces the chances of a
successful rescue immensely and the fact remains
that 2/3 of all totally submerged victims are dead
at the time of rescue. Every form of outside help is therefore considered
a Band-Aid solution, the last of all possibilities. Even Transceivers and shovels are aids to rescue others but
in no way are they a prevention of one’s own burial. It is
a fact that, due to special circumstances i.e. extreme
terrain formations, malfunctioning, technical defects etc.,
a burial in an avalanche cannot be counted out even with
the airbag. There is no question that submerged victims
with transceivers have a greater chance to be rescued

the most modern transceiver cannot change this. A new way of thinking is required, away from the
passive role of the avalanche victim, accepting burial
and the exclusiveness of rescue, and towards an active
rescue with one's own action. It is the not submerged
and visible avalanche victims who survive in most cases.
To prevent the burial by oneself is an active act and in
most situations a successful rescue out of an avalanche. than those without one. The priorities when caught in an avalanche must include: Active prevention of burial - which means the use of the
ABS Avalanche AirbagAdditional use of a transceiver in order to facilitate a
fast rescue by other skiers in case of a total burial.Reliance on the assistance from fellow skiers depends
on the use of the Avalanche Airbag. Because only the
victom who is not buried will be able to help a fellow skier."

Life-Link to Distribute Avy Airbag in U.S.
Jackson Hole, Wyoming- Life-Link will distribute the ABS (air bag system) backpack in North America beginning this winter."The ABS system is the only tool backcountry travelers have to actively prevent " themselves from burial in an avalanche. The question is would you rather be on top or on the bottom?" said John Scott, Vice President of Life-Link International.With the growing popularity of backcountry winter sports and an increase in avalance the fatalities over the past few winters, this system is sure to attract those who want to and/or need to travel in avalanche prone areas, yet remain as safe as possible from the risk of being buried. The ABS backpack is designed to keep the skier above the surface during an avalanche by increasing the volume and surface area to help "float" the victim to the surface during the avalanche and as the snow settles. The airbags stow conveniently in the backpack until the trigger handle on the shoulder strap is pulled. Within 2-2.5 seconds the Nitrogen-air cartridge is activated, deplo ying two, 75 liter, airbags out of the sides of the pack.The system can be reused over and over by simply folding the air bags back up into their backpack pockets, inserting a new cartridge of Nitrogen Air, and replacing the Trigger handle (the cartridge and handle come as a package). Approximately 2/3rds of buried avalanche victims are recovered dead while statistics have shown that 90% of non-buried victims survive avalanches*. There have been over 30 documented cases in Europe where the ABS backpack has saved lives. Only time will tell if the ABS system is as popular in the U.S. as it is in Europe, though many skiers and snowboarders will be investigating this new avalanche safety tool and stacking the odds, as high as they can, in their favor."

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Trouble with Tibbles and the Left

The Denver Teacher that Called into the Hugh Hewitt show today sounded like the other Teacher Jay Rubbish who sounded like Joel Stein, and Michael Hiltzik on Roids and they all sound like Jimmy Carter's Speech writer who also works for Senator Farinaceous(antonyn of Fine-gold). These People are Clonelike or reminiscent of the
Star Trek episode

The Trouble with Tribbles. These Lefties on the air, in the Senate and on the web or Daily Kos-sacks(Move On Orgers) make me think of the time when The Starship Enterprise is overrun by furry creatures(tribbles) while Kirk & co. are tangling with Klingons and UN-like Ferderation bureaucrats!

Monday, March 13, 2006

Fluffy the Cat Article from Nature

Reassortment of Genetic Material ....

Can cats spread avian flu?

Declan Butler article from
Fears grow over felines carrying H5N1 virus.
Felines are fast becoming a new focus for fears over avian flu, as cats infected with the deadly H5N1 strain are reported in Austria, Germany, Thailand and Indonesia. So could they spread the virus? The World Health Organization (WHO) has played down the danger based on current knowledge, but experts warn that the science is moving rapidly.
The Austrian authorities announced on 6 March that three domestic cats had tested positive for H5N1 in the southern town of Graz, the scene of a recent outbreak in birds. That followed detection of the virus in a dead cat on the northern island of Rügen, Germany, on 28 February, and news that 8 of 111 apparently healthy cats tested close to bird flu outbreaks in central Thailand carried antibodies to the virus (see Nature 439, 773; 2006).
Cats infected with H5N1 may shed the virus extensively.
In a statement last week, the WHO maintained a careful but reassuring tone: "There is no present evidence that domestic cats play a role in the transmission cycle of H5N1 viruses. To date, no human case has been linked to exposure to a diseased cat."
That is all true, for now. In February 2004, the WHO reported the first outbreak in domestic cats. H5N1 was found in two of three cats tested from a household of 15 cats (of which 14 died) in Nakornpathom, Indonesia. At the time the WHO argued that cats are not naturally susceptible to flu, and that even if infected they would not shed large quantities of virus.
But with bird flu it may be different. Later in 2004, Albert Osterhaus's team from Erasmus University in Rotterdam showed experimentally that domestic cats do die from H5N1 and do transmit it to other cats (T. Kuiken et al. Science 306, 241; 2004). And in January this year, the virus was found not only in sputum but also in faeces of experimentally infected cats, suggesting that infected animals may shed the virus extensively (G. F. Rimmelzwaan et al. Am. J. Pathol. 168, 176–183; 2006).
It is unclear how these findings relate to cats in their natural environment. But in next month's issue of Emerging Infectious Diseases, Thai researchers describe a cat that died of H5N1 after eating a pigeon carcass. It showed similar pathology to cats experimentally infected with the virus.div>
Meanwhile, Andrew Jeremijenko, head of influenza surveillance at the US Naval Medical Research Unit 2 in Jakarta, Indonesia, detected H5N1 in a kitten he found near a poultry outbreak in Cipedang, West Java, and tested out of curiosity on 22 January. The virus from the kitten is closely related to recent H5N1 strains isolated from humans in Indonesia: it shares genetic changes found in human strains that are not present in samples from birds.
But scientists may just be learning what is already common knowledge among Indonesian villagers. Peter Roeder, a consultant for the UN Food and Agriculture Organization, says locals have an onomatopoeic name for bird flu "that sounds like 'plop', the sound of a chicken hitting the ground when it falls out of a tree. They also have a name for the cat form of avian flu — 'aaargh plop' — because cats make a screaming noise before they fall out of the tree."

H5N1 and your Pet Fluffy the Cat and Omar the Stevedores

I think the Dubai deal was a mistake and agree with Jim Carafano who indicated that the DPW make all kinds of concessions to Home Land Security demands that would have make cargoes coming here safer. Ambassador Mark Ginsberg also indicated this. Jim Geraghty says bloggers were taken for a ride. It looks like The Anchoress leans towards the deal and has a good round up. If two of your smartest friends Dennis Prager and Michael Medved who are Conservative and Orthodox Jews agree with this why can't Republicans like D. Hunter? Brit Hume and Charles Krauthammer also share my perspective. I think Senator Lindsay Graham was correct when he said this DPW deal sounded "Tone Deaf" and at first like Prager indicated my knee jerk reaction was NO! However when I did some digging I learned otherwise. The President and White House are so bad at Marketing and the Congress is only looking for a sound bite item to run on in the Mid Term elections and only care about keeping their cushy jobs in DC and funding their nice Thrift retirement plan. All the smartest people you had on your show agreed with the deal including Kudlow on with J. Babbin. Until someone can tell me why The National Shipping Company of Saudi Arabia(John Hinderaker) can run 9 US ports unloading operations and UAE can't I will not be satisfied (issues outlined here) that this was nothing but sham and race to win the Sound Byte game with the Democrats! Next thing we should do to follow thru with this canned deal is to make all foreign port operators divest their holding in our ports including the Chi-Cons, Saudi's among other and give it to SSA Marine. I hope my favorites like Bennett, Ingraham and even you will push for this since all of your were either ambivalent or against the DPW deal.
Here's what James Robbins has to say:
  • I have to wonder if the approval of Dubai Ports World is payback for recent support by Dubai and the UAE in the war on terrorism. Some data points:
    December 2004: Dubai was the first government in the region to sign on to the U.S. Container Security Initiative to screen all containers heading for the United States for security risks.
    May 2005: Dubai signed an agreement with the U.S. Department of Energy to bar passage of nuclear material from passing through its ports, and install radiation-detecting equipment.
    June 2005: The UAE joined the International Convention for the Suppression of Terrorist Bombings and the International Convention for the Suppression of the Financing of Terrorism.
    October 2005: The UAE Central Bank directed banks and financial institutions in the country to tighten their internal systems and controls in their fight against money laundering and terrorist financing. UAE banks routinely cooperate with U.N. and international law-enforcement agencies in supplying information about suspect accounts.
    November 2005: In the wake of the terror bombings in Jordan, General Shaykh Muhammad Bin-Zayid Al Nuhayyan, heir apparent of Abu Dhabi and supreme commander of the UAE armed forces, stated that “Muslim scholars who live among us must adopt a stand toward this terrorism… If they do not declare [terrorists] to be infidels, they should at least consider them as non-Muslims. …If there are no honest stands toward these non-religious and inhumane operations, these [attacks] will continue.”
    December 2005: The UAE National Consultative Council called for declaration of an all-out war against terrorism and depriving any person who pledges allegiance to foreign extremist groups the right of UAE citizenship. The council proclaimed that it regarded links to such groups as high treason.
    The UAE has also assisted the Coalition effort in Iraq, in particular training Iraqi security forces and sending material assistance to the Iraqi people.
    There is a lot on the other side of the ledger too — particularly a thank you statement from Hamas to the UAE in July 2005 for all the support — but given the way relationships work in the Middle East I can see Dubai expecting favorable treatment in return for its recent cooperation in the effort to combat terrorism, and especially for supporting the war effort in Iraq. It is the way of things.
    — James S. Robbins is author of the forthcoming Last in Their Class: Custer, Picket and the Goats of West Point and an NRO Contributor.
I hope all the Christian hosts of Salem Network realize their Jewish Counterparts Prager and Medved were right and realize intellectual honesty apply "the Dubai Standard" to All foeign Port ownership and make them all divest! Why will no one will speak to the Saudi control of 9 ports!

Moving on to the HH Talk Show Pet, the H5N1 Avian Flu pending pandemic and Fluffy the Kitty development, I have found this article in Nature that addresses the fact that 2 Austrian Katzen(Cats in German). The ressortment of genetic material is morphing the H5N1 genome into a form that will cause a World Wide Pandemic and millions of deaths world wide (see Mayo Clinic)!....
  • Genetic scrambling. (A) H5N1 mutates quickly and is notorious for grabbing large blocks of genetic code from viruses that infect other species, a process called reassortment. For that reason, it has particular potential to combine with a human flu virus, creating a new viral strain that spreads rapidly from person to person. The emergence of such a virus would mark the beginning of a potentially devastating pandemic. (CNN)
  • "Birds & Bird Flu graphics showing avian influenza (H5N1) mixing with other 'flu strains; image of bird flu viruses and human flu viruses entering the same cell and pandemic influenza emerging, diagram of replication of viruses showing reassortment of viral RNA genome segments (genetic mixing or recombination) creating a new viral strain (reassortant) with the potential to create a catastrophic new flu pandemic."
  • The virus can improve its transmissibility among humans via two principal mechanisms. The first is a “reassortment” event, in which genetic material is exchanged between human and avian viruses during co-infection of a human or pig. Reassortment could result in a fully transmissible pandemic virus, announced by a sudden surge of cases with explosive spread.
    The second mechanism is a more gradual process of adaptive mutation, whereby the capability of the virus to bind to human cells increases during subsequent infections of humans. Adaptive mutation, expressed initially as small clusters of human cases with some evidence of human-to-human transmission, would probably give the world some time to take defensive action, if detected sufficiently early.
  • These reassortants could result when a single host bird is simultaneously infected with both the vaccine and another AI virus. Owing to the segmented nature of the influenza virus genome, a reassortment of genetic material can readily occur, creating new influenza viruses. The basic drawback to any vaccine approach for the control of HPAI is the large number of HA subtypes that can cause the disease. Because there is no cross-protection among the 15 known HA subtypes, either a multivalent vaccine will be needed or vaccination postponed until the prevalent disease-causing subtype in the area is identified. A recombinant fowl pox virus vaccine containing the gene that codes for the production of the H5 antigen has recently been licensed. The use of a recombinant insect virus containing the gene for either the H5 or H7 antigen has been used to make these vaccine proteins in insect cell cultures.
  • Antigenic shift refers to an abrupt, major change to produce a novel influenza A virus subtype in humans that was not currently circulating among people (see more information below under Influenza Type A and Its Subtypes). Antigenic shift can occur either through direct animal (poultry)-to-human transmission or through mixing of human influenza A and animal influenza A virus genes to create a new human influenza A subtype virus through a process called genetic reassortment. Antigenic shift results in a new human influenza A subtype. A global influenza pandemic (worldwide spread) may occur if three conditions are met:
    • A new subtype of influenza A virus is introduced into the human population.
    • The virus causes serious illness in humans.
    • The virus can spread easily from person to person in a sustained manner.
  • Reassortment occurs when genetic material is exchanged between human and avian viruses during co-infection (infection with both viruses at the same time) of a human or pig. The result could be a fully transmissible pandemic virus—that is, a virus that can spread easily and directly to humans. A more gradual process is adaptive mutation, where the capability of a virus to bind to human cells increases during infections of humans.

Dominus Vobiscum (May the Lord be with You)

Francis Xavier Yubero, M.D.

H5N1 and Fluffy the Cat!

Friday, March 03, 2006

Oneida vs UAE vs Saudi

The Oneida fought with G. Washington and the Seneca Indians fought with the Brits. The analogy is that UAE are like the Oneida. Spotlight is on to the Security and the Saudis control 9 ports and most of the terrorists were Saudis. Beefing up security is the bigger issue that we need to focus on! Yes it spooks me that the UAE will have access to our front lines but then I would not know this about the Saudis if this issue with the UAE wasn't at the fore.
  • National Shipping Company of Saudi Arabia (NSCSA) was established in 1979 to meet the transportation needs of Importers and Exporters in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and other countries in the Middle East and control 9 ports. This happend under President Carter.
    Baltimore, MD
    Halifax, Canada
    Newport News, VA
    Houston, TX
    New Orleans, LA
    St. John, Canada
    Houston, Texas
    Savannah, GA
    Wilmington, NC
    Port Newark, NJ
    Brooklyn, NY

The Oneidas Indians "fought bravely at major battles of the Revolutionary War. One of the bloodiest battles took place in present day Oneida County, the Battle of Oriskany. This battle was to prove decisive in the outcome of the war. On Aug. 6, 1777, under the command of Gen. Herkimer, a large group of Oneidas and the colonial militia were able to stop the advance of a British expeditionary force marching from the Great Lakes under Gen. St. Leger, who was attempting to move east and join Gen. Burgoyne and his forces, who were marching south from Canada. If the two forces had united, they could have successfully divided the colonies in half.
However, this union was not to be. While more than 500 people died in the opening volley of the battle, and Gen. Herkimer would meet his demise, the battle was considered a military victory for the colonists. The Oneidas and colonists prevented the British forces from joining, a pivotal event that contributed to Burgoyne's loss at the Battle of Saratoga.
Several Oneidas distinguished themselves on that August day, among them Han Yerry. This Oneida man fought valiantly, even after withstanding an injury. With the aid of his wife -- who loaded his gun -- Han Yerry continued to shoot at the enemy. His wife, one of his sons and his half-brother also fought with valor. Han Yerry was wounded as a result of the battle, but his wife escaped and spread the word of the terrible slaughter. Although the colonists were defeated at Oriskany, with the help of the Oneidas, they ultimately won the campaign. They, and their colonial allies, are honored at the Oriskany Battlefield Historic Site located on Rte. 69 near the Village of Oriskany just east of Rome. But, this was not an isolated instance of Oneida valor during the War of Independence.
In the treacherous winter of 1777-78, George Washington's troops were freezing and starving at their encampment at Valley Forge. Oneida Chief Skenandoah and several other Oneidas carried 600 bushels of corn to aid their colonial allies. They were accompanied by an Oneida woman, Polly Cooper, who taught Washington's starving soldiers how to properly prepare the corn. Because she would not accept payment, a shawl and a bonnet were given to her as tokens of appreciation for her kindness by Martha Washington. The shawl remains a major treasure of the Oneida Nation today and in recent years, has been on display at least once each year at the Nation's Shako:wi Cultural Center on Rte. 46 in Oneida.
Because of their allegiance to the colonists, the Oneidas suffered retribution from the other members of the Confederacy after the war. In 1779, the Oneida fortress, which was a principal village at what now is Oneida Castle, was destroyed. The Oneidas had to seek food and shelter elsewhere in the Mohawk Valley. They endured great suffering living as virtual refugees, until they ultimately returned to their homeland in 1784.
Ten years later, through the paramount 1794 Treaty of Canandaigua, the Oneidas received special protection for their lands, which included many acres in Oneida County and continued recognition of the Nation's sovereignty. The Oneidas' agreement varied from that accorded other nations of the Confederacy, due to the Oneidas' alliance with the United States from its inception. The treaty states: "Whereas, in the late war between Great Britain and the United States of America, a body of the Oneida ... Indians, adhered faithfully to the United States, and assisted them with their warriors ... And as the United States in the time of their distress, acknowledged their obligations to these faithful friends and promised to reward them ..."
The Seneca Indians were allys with the British
"One of the Seneca's most important leaders was a man named "Red Jacket"; he was a great orator, and left us with many memorable quotes such as "Most powerful is he who has himself in his own power. The sun also shines on the wicked.", and "It is another's fault if he be ungrateful; ."but it is mine if I do not give." Red Jacket was a strong defender of the Seneca heritage, opposed to assimilation by the whites, especially with the missionaries who tried to impose Christianity on the Seneca. Despite his opposition to cultural assimilation, Red Jacket did want to live in peace with the whites, and even fought alongside the British during the American Revolutionary war."
UAE are the Oneida Indians and Seneca Indians are the Jihadists in this senario! General Tommy Franks is O.K. with this so I say Beef up Port Security or let Halliburton run all ports!

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Zogby Poll Interpretation

From Radioblogger

  • HH: Good. John, your poll has created quite a lot of controversy out of Iraq. Who paid for it?
  • JZ: It was a gentleman who is a very wealthy individual who is anti-war, but he had absolutely no influence on any of the questions at all. He just simply wanted to know how do the troops feel? We have released the questions to everyone. The questions were very benignand objective. We're not accustomed to doing anything any other way.
  • HH: Has he commissioned polls from you before?
  • JZ: No.
  • HH: Did you got to Iraq to oversee the taking of the poll?
  • JZ: No, I personally did not. I've polled Iraq 14, 15 times, but I have a partner in the Middle East who does my Middle East polling. That's a standard procedure for those of us with global firms. We have partners overseas, some of us have franchises that actually conduct them.
I know what happened with the Obscure background of the "Al" Zogby Poll....It is pure and it is a good Tallyman Poll for it wears a Burka!
Zombie predicted a comfortable win for
John Kerry (311 electoral votes, versus 213 for Bush, with 14 too close to call), saying that "Bush had this election lost a long time ago," adding that voters wanted a change and would vote for "any candidate who was not Bush." This Zombie of a Pollster admitted that he was off but he would not admit any possible flaws in his polling techniques. This Poller insisted that his predictions were all "within the margin of error." No doubt calling the race for Kerry while polling was a sneaky attempt to depress the turnout.
You see Zogby's brother is James "Jim" Zogby, founder of the influential Arab-American Institute. and is also employed part-time by Zogby polling. Furthermore, He describes himself as a liberal Democrat. Since May 2005 he's been a contributing blogger at the Moonbat hang out of The Huffington Post.

Divine Scam

Wow....Just read Hugh Hewitt's post and heard his intervivew with Zogby interview which the Z'ster ditiched in mid-flight! These pollsters are supposed to be the divining rods
or Geiger counters of the Political Winds? You can't trust the old instititional atomizers of information like the MSM and the Pollsters have now been exposed... They are an anacrohnism. Thank God for the Blogoshere and Talk Radio! The Capitslisitic version of Pravda is DEAD thanks to the Army of Davids!


Great Rebuttal to the Paleo-Cons

I loved Hugh Hewitt's rebuttal to George Will's WaPo article("Rhetoric or Unreality") on his website! The Buchannon right wingers to which I guess Mr. Will has endorsed and included himself by his article are stuck in the Cold War Containment Protocol, wherein as long as a regime is not aligned nor supported by the USSR keep our noses out. There's been a paradign shift since President Reagan caused the Iron Curtain to CRUMPLE! Now that a cancer like a Stateless Terrorist Regimes that exist as loose networks and franchises are rooted at large society! These new Gangs roving throughout the World pose a heretofore unknown threat to us all. These Paleo-Cons need to be refurbished into Neo-Cons so that they will not be become Paleolithic fossils found thousands of years from now found by archeologists who are decesndants of people luck enough to have who survived a Neo-Jidhadist or Neo-KorCom Nuclear Explosion!

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Congressional and Senatorial Monarchies/Fiefdoms!

The Polls are now the Statistical Wing of the Democratic Party in an analogous manner to the way the "Has Been Media aka MSM" has become the Media Wing of the Donkey's Democratic Party. Christopher "Turncoat" Shays is coming out for GOP's for Lieberman's for President Movement. The latest CBS President Bush Approval/Disapproval Poll is skewed, as they polled more Dems to Repubs!
  • "fair and balanced?" CBS slanted in favor of Dems
Look at this USA Today article which focuses on how the Polls are manipulating our National Congressional Leaders. Does this give some insight into why Republicans members of Congress are vacillating. Could this one of the reason President Bush came out swing on the UAE Dubai Port Deal? These Congressman and Senators are looking out for the old "number ONE"! Still wanting to hang out in their cushy jobs socking away money in their Government Sponsored Retirement 401k type Fund. The same kind of fund we the public are not entitled to while the Social Security pool of money dries up and they do nothing.
It is a joke when a previously apolitical M.D. since 911 knows their Washington 2 Step game as well as these hypocrites in the Government!
Solution to this vile problem is term limits for these Congressional and Senatorial Monarchies/Fiefdoms!