Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Oh Sure the French documentary which claims the US would not give the order to kill Bin Laden is legit!

By Francois Murphy Tue Dec 19, 1:55 PM ET
  • PARIS (Reuters) - A documentary says French special forces had Osama bin Laden in their sights twice about three years ago but their U.S. superiors never ordered them to fire.
  • The French military, however, said that the incidents never happened and the report was "erroneous information."
  • The documentary, due to air next year and seen by Reuters on Tuesday, says the troops could have killed the al Qaeda leader in Afghanistan but the order to shoot never came, possibly because it took too long to request it.
  • "In 2003 and 2004 we had bin Laden in our sights. The sniper said 'I have bin Laden'," an anonymous French soldier is quoted as saying.
Could this be TRUE?
  • #1 I do not trust the government derriere kissing Le Monde anti-Bush dominated Media in France..
  • #2 The French have their own low to mid Intifada in French City of which Bin Ladin is the source of its inspiration, so wouldn't a French Patriot as a member of the "Resistance" take out Bin Laden?
  • #3 Why would a Frenchman wait for orders from a US Military General anyways?
  • This is a Ploy to paint Bush and Rumfeld as Stooges
Bottom line I do not buy this and believe it will become the stuff of Urban Lore.

  • From Wikipedia: One way in which French papers differ markedly from those of other Western countries is their seeming deference to the government and political figures.
Thanks for Reading and Dominus Vobiscum

Monday, December 18, 2006

Will Senator Tim Johnson condition improve to baseline? I hope so but odds are getting longer...

I think Hugh Hewitt's instincts were correct when he asked me on air to respond top the fact that none of Senator Johnson's M.D.'s had given a press conference. Johnson's surgery was Wednesday night and lasted 5 hours. As I have written before that is a very long time. Either the AVM malformation is in a very difficult to reach part of the brain:
1. bad news as this would mean they probably could not resect all of it or iatrogenic(medically induced trauma as the result Medical Treatment) brain damage was a big concern of the Neurosurgeon and maybe did occur.
2. or the AVM was so large and so complicated a tangle of blood vessels that the resection of this congenital web of malformed arterial and venous junction of vessels was a mess:
3. In this situation as your Denver Radiologist suggested, a second nonsurgical procedure known as an "emobolization" may be required.
      a. This is essentially a plug( bead, coil, glue, or balloons) is floated into the vascular system via an arteriogram which. This therapeutic "Plug" will flow down stream until it becomes jammed in the malformed AV junction. This in effect blocks up the vascular abnormality taking it on line.
      From Brain-Surgery.com With this procedure an angiogram becomes a therapeutic tool. The interventional angiographer is capable of filling the malformation with agents which help decrease the blood supply to the malformation (coils, glues, plastic spheres, balloons, etc). This makes surgery easier in some cases. The technique has been used as the primary treatment as well, and has apparently been successful in some cases.
      **This would be the choice treatment prior to bleeding/rupture having taken place as it would avoid iatrogenic complications
  • In Senator Johnson's case this procedure can be used as an adjunctive treatment after the surgery initially performed to remove the accumulated blood from the AVM rupture and excision of the AVM.
The press and treating Physicians continue to be nebulous about his condition.
Doctors have said Johnson will remain hospitalized until his brain swelling subsides and he will need physical therapy for weakness on the right side of his body. They also have not ruled out the possibility of further surgery
"Sen. Johnson remains in critical but stable condition, resting. At this point, no news is good news," a spokesman for the senator, Noah Pinegar, said via e-mail.
Physicians on the medical team treating him were heartened by how Johnson emerged from the surgery that took place late Wednesday.

"He is now stabilized and continues to show signs of responsiveness to the medical staff and the family," Dr. Anthony Caputy reported Friday. Caputy is chairman of the hospital's department of neurosurgery and was among three surgeons treating Johnson.
"No news is good news. Today is about rest," Johnson's spokesman Noah Pinegar said Saturday.
Pinegar said doctors were not predicting that Johnson would hit any specific benchmarks of recovery Saturday.

"A day-and-a-half ago, they talked in terms of a 72-hour time frame" that would give some solid indication about how well Johnson was recovering from the event. "We've got 36 more hours to go on that time frame," Pinegar said.
Pinegar said Saturday that doctors still cannot say whether those symptoms will abate following the surgery to relieve the pressure on Johnson's brain caused by the bleeding or whether Johnson will need speech or physical therapy.
"It's too early to know any of that," he said.
Sen. Tim Johnson continued his recovery Sunday, resting throughout the day at George Washington University Medical Center.

His condition, as anticipated, remained unchanged: critical, but stable.

"Nothing has changed," spokesman Noah Pinegar said. "It's been another day of rest for Tim, which is good at this point."
Johnson is recovering from bleeding in his brain that occurred Dec. 13 as a result of a congenital circulatory condition, and from the surgical procedure that drained the excess blood and stopped its flow.
Pinegar said he thought the timetable that would soon provide doctors with more insight into Johnson's recovery still was applicable. That Johnson has experienced no further bleeding and required no additional surgery is, of course, a positive sign.
  • Senator Johnson remains in the ICU in critical but stable condition. "Considering his initial presentation, his progress is encouraging. He is now stabilized and continues to show signs of responsiveness to the medical staff and the family" says Dr. Anthony Caputy.
  • Routinely patients with an intracranial hemorrhage experience post-operative swelling of the brain. "Much like a bruise, it takes time to heal," says Dr. Caputy.
  • Post-operative monitoring includes regular CT Scans. The most recent was done this morning.
  • Says Dr. Vivek Deshmukh "His most recent CT Scan shows that the pressure has been relieved from his brain and there is no further bleeding. Currently his brain pressures are normal and we will continue to monitor this closely for several days."
  • As a preventative measure doctors placed a filter in his vena cava last night. "Using state-of-the-art intravascular ultrasound at his bedside, we placed a removable MRI-compatible filter into his vena cava to reduce any risk of blood clots going to the lungs," says Dr. Anthony Venbrux.
  • It is anticipated that Senator Johnson will be in the hospital until brain swelling goes down and his overall condition improves. As he presented with weakness on his right side, doctors anticipate that physical therapy will be part of recovery.
Johnson `Conscious' at Times, Remains in Critical Condition: from Bloomberg  5 hours ago Monday 18, 2006
  • Senator Tim Johnson, a South Dakota Democrat, has been conscious occasionally and remains in ``critical but stable'' condition as he recovers from brain surgery, said his spokeswoman, Julianne Fisher.
  • ``He has been conscious at times,'' Fisher said. ``That's when he is opening up his eyes and responding to voice commands and touch. But he is being sedated so he can rest and heal.''
In my 25 years of experience of treating Brain Injury dealing, the the ~120+ hours since surgery and the clues about the severity of Senator Johnson's neurological deficits including lethargy, lead me to think that the Prognosis is poor for complete recovery.  One very good sign is the report that he has had the normal Intracranial Pressure which is a big positive as high Pressure can cause Brain damage. 
However, the weakness on the right side and lethargy are not good signs of a full recovery. Right sided weakness is indicative of a left side brain injury. Usually the left of the brain is responsible for language expression and reception(in ~ one-third of left handed people the speech center in located on the right side of the brain). Thus Senator Johnson may suffer from Aphasia or the inability to express himself. Additionally if severe Aphasia aka "Global Aphasia" he will not be able to understand language as well as not be able to speak. .
Additional deficits with left sided Brain damage beside the right-sided physical weakness include
  1. difficulty listening,
  2. understanding,
  3. gesturing,
  4. reading,
  5. arithmatic & math difficulty
  6. or writing aphasia(speaking & understanding)
  7. and impulsive.
  8. They'll typically perform tasks slowly and cautiously.
  9. impair swallowing
  10. cognitive functions
  11. left gaze preference,
  12. right visual field cut/loss

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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Aerteriovenous Malfromation and Senator Johnson Update

The Senator was in surgery for 5 hours.  That is a long time.  It must have been either a tangled mess or in a hard to reach area of the Brain.  Some times the Neurosurgeons keep the post craniotomy (brain surgery) sedated to keep the brain from swelling which cause brain cells to die.  Here is the info I found which was the most telling.  Hugh Hewitt's comment to me about the MD's not talking and what I've gleaned from doing an internet search leads me to speculate that this may be worse than Harry Reid thinks. 
I also read that our pal Sen. Joseph R. Biden Jr was away for seven months in 1988 after undergoing surgery for brain aneurysms.  Could this be the explanation for his Slowness?....
I pray for Senator Johnson and his family as even if he survives this serious condition the road to recovery will more likely than not be long, hard and there is no guarentee that he will have a return to his Neurologic baseline.
Thanks to Hugh Hewitt for letting me on the Program today to talk about this serious Problem.  Francis
  • Arteriovenous malformation is believed to affect about 300,000 Americans, according to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke. The institute's Web site said only about 12 percent of those have any symptoms. The symptoms, which range in severity, can include severe headaches, memory loss and dizziness.
  • It's common to take several days for someone to wake up after AVM surgery, said Dr. Sean Grady, neurosurgery chairman at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. Someone who is awake and alert and talking in the first day or two typically has a shorter recovery - in the range of four to eight weeks, he said. If it takes longer to wake up, it in turn takes more months to recover.
  • "We wouldn't make any immediate long-term prognoses for at least one to two days," he cautioned. "There can be a period of time where the brain is still swollen and the patient may have trouble responding."
  • Johnson went into brain surgery at approximately 7 p.m. Washington time last night and emerged at 12:30 a.m. today, according to Julianne Fisher, Johnson's spokeswoman.
  • The senator's attending physician says it's premature to assess any long term prognosis. The Attending Physician says Senator Johnson has been responsive to both words and touch. The doctor says no further surgery has been required.

  • Eisold, the Capitol physician, said doctors stopped bleeding in Johnson's brain and drained the blood that had accumulated there. ``It is premature to determine whether further surgery will be required or to assess any long-term prognosis,'' Eisold said.
    On Thursday afternoon, Johnson underwent an additional procedure to prevent blood clots. The procedure is standard after surgery, said Julianne Fisher, Johnson's spokeswoman. Otherwise, she said, there were no new developments. ``No news is good news,'' she said.
    Johnson's condition, also known as AVM, or arteriovenous malformation, causes arteries and veins to grow abnormally large, become tangled and sometimes burst. The condition is often present from birth.
  • "an uncomplicated postoperative course," the U.S. Capitol physician said after visiting him Thursday afternoon. Johnson suffered a hemorrhage in his brain caused by a rare and sometimes fatal condition.
  • "He has been appropriately responsive to both word and touch. No further surgical intervention has been required," said the physician, Adm. John Eisold. He had said earlier, "The senator is recovering without complication."
  • Johnson was responding to the voice of his wife, Barbara, and following directions after the surgery, the senator's office said in a statement. "He was reaching for and holding her hand."

Everyone is raving about the all-new Yahoo! Mail beta.

Senator Tim Johnson's AVM Hemmorrhage

"In fact, only one third of those who experience aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhages recover without major disability." This speaks of an aneurysm which is a blood vessel rupture and an AVM is a malformed Artery-Venous conjunction without capilliaries bridging this transition. Both however they are both subachnoid bleeds.
  • by Deidre Buckley, RN, NP
    coordinator of the MGH Brain Aneurysm-AVM Center
  • It is estimated that more than two million people in the United States are living with un-ruptured intracerebral aneurysms. When an aneurysm ruptures, it usually causes bleeding into the subarachnoid space (the compartment surrounding the brain), and it can be fatal.
  • In this country alone, there are approximately 30,000 new cases each year of subarachnoid hemorrhages due to the rupture of intra-cranial aneurysms. They accounts for 6-8% of all strokes, and continue to be a significant cause of morbidity and mortality.
  • Despite numerous diagnostic, surgical, anesthetic and peri-operative advances, outcomes for patients with ruptured aneurysms remain poor. In fact, only one third of those who experience aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhages recover without major disability. Cerebral aneurysm rupture is most prevalent in the 35-60 year-old age group, with 50 being the mean age of occurrence.
  • Though advanced imaging technology allows non-invasive detection of aneurysms or AVMs (atrioventricular malformations), most aneurysms are not detected until after rupture. People typically experience the ‘worst headache’ of their life and then seek medical attention (if they survive the event).
  • The recovery process following aneurysm treatment is long, especially after a hemorrhage, and can be unsettling, especially if you’re not prepared.
  • On August 22, 23, and 24, 2001, from 9:00am –3:00pm, representatives from the Brain Aneurysm Foundation will staff an information booth in the Central Lobby. Staff will be on hand to answer questions and written materials will be available. On August 23, a symposium, "Bridging the gap between clinicians, patients and their families," will be held under the Bullfinch tent from 6:00–9:00pm; Sucheta Kamath, MA, CCC/SLP, president of the Brain Aneurysm Foundation, will speak about the Steps to Success Program, and there will be other speakers as well. All are welcome to attend. For more information, call 723-3870.
Here is a Primer on AVM:
From Brain-Surgery: AVM s can occur in any area of the brain, and may be either small or large. When they hemorrhage, they usually do so with a limited amount of blood, unlike the hypertensive hemorrhages of other stroke patients. Loss of neurologic function depends on both the location of the AVM and the amount of bleeding. Many patients have very small hemorrhages, often multiple. They may display convulsions before even knowing about the presence of an AVM. Some patients suffer with headaches, often unrelated to the AVM which are usually found with a CT scan or brain MRI. In rare instances, children are born with large AVM's and are found to have heart failure because the malformation makes the heart work beyond its capacity.
These lesions are surrounded by a very discrete layer of abnormal, nonfunctioning brain tissue, thus allowing their removal with relative safety to the surrounding brain. This factor is of the utmost importance to the brain surgeon, who can take advantage of this natural separation between normal brain tissue and the abnormal vascular malformation

Avenous malformations are masses of abnormal blood vessels which grow in the brain. They consist of a blood vessel "nidus" (nest) through which arteries connect directly to veins, instead of through the elaborate collection of very small vessels called capillaries. Some people are born with the nidus, but as the years go by, it tends to enlarge as the great pressure of the arterial vessels can not be handled by the veins that drain out of it. This causes a large collection of worm-like vessels to develop (malform) into a mass capable of bleeding at some future time. These malformations are most likely to bleed between the ages of 10 - 55; after 55, the chances of bleeding diminishes rapidly. Before 55, the likelihood of hemorrhaging is betweeen 3 and 4% per year (with a death incidence of about 1%). Once an AVM patient has hemorrhaged, the risk of having another one might approach 20% during the first year, and gradually lessen to about 3 - 4% over the NEXT YEARS..
avm illustration,very simple
© 1987, Barrow Neurological Institute.  With permission. special radiol.graph
There as been much talk about Senator Tim Johnson's condition and issues regarding his seat. As you know he had an AVM rupture. Arterovenous Malformation rupture. This is a congenital vascular anomaly which is nothing more than a redundant vascular tangle of small arteries(arterioles), with the bridging capillaries leading over to the small veins(venules). Often times this web of vessels ruptures or leak. The Port Wine birth marks Gorbachev had are a smilar type phenomenon however with capillaries and they can occur on the skin as in the brain because skin and nervous tissue form from the embryonic ectoderm. If Gorby ever nicked himself with the hair clippers before he went bald he would have bleed like a sieve.
I have treated many many patients with the AVM malformation Intracranial Hemorrhagic accident. The sooner these folks wake up from surgery and start to function cognitively and neurologically the better their prognosis is. Of course it all depends on the amount of bleeding took place which can damage the brain cells both because of the pressure on the brain that it produces and the loss of blood flow that occurs to highly oxygen dependent Brain Neurons. Additionally the location of the AVM within the cranial vault although life saving dictates the surgical approach and thus surgical type trauma which impacts recovery.
Often times these folks have some loss of intellectual capacity and never regain primorbid levels. Given the IQ of the Senate this should not be a big issue. Harry Reed had an Occlusive Stroke and he is going to be the Majority Leader.
I give Senator Tim Johnson a 60 to 40 change of recovery to his baseline. May the Good Lord bless him and give him a change of heart after this Mortal Experience...
Dominus Vobiscum,

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The People of Noah's time remind me of Believers in the Iraq Study Group who don't see the storm Clouds...

Noah warning the people of the coming flood (8k) People running to the ark (4k) The door was closed.  It was too late (4k)
According to the midrash(a Hebrew word referring to a method of exegesis of a Biblical text or term which can refer to a compilation of Midrashic teachings, in the form of legal, exegetical or homiletical commentaries on the Tanakh or Jewish Bible, Noah spent 120 years building the ark. God wanted the people to repent and by seeing the building of the ark over a period of 120 this gave the evildoers time to repent. As Noah built the ark, the people chose not to repent but rather laughed at Noah and mocked him. But Noah was not deterred. He worked steadily building the ark and the people continued being evil.

Today the Iraq Study Group, democrats and the UN mock and scorn Conservatives over the Iraq Invasion in the Face of the growing Cloud of the Islamic Threat. Constantinople fell in 1453 because the former Roman Empire or Middle Europe let it fall. The parallels with the Islamo-Jihadists Threat are striking. The Elites, UN and MSM remind me of the people in the Jewish Biblical Exegesis who reportedly laughed and mocked Noah. The vapor clouds of Noah time have been replaced by the looming Cloud of the Islamic Threat which is ever growing. The ever present Folly of Mankind proves to me that Darwinism does not explain the evolution of Man but points to the need for a Savior that the Elites want to outlaw in our present age. Thank God I'm a Catholic Boy and know were my bread will be butter in the next life....

Dominus Vobiscum
Francis Xavier

Monday, December 11, 2006

The Eye of the Islamic Storm is coming to the North American Continent and the Iraq Study Group is Blind

Men of the West need to Wake up! The Islamic Threat is more than a gathering storm. Constantinople fell in the 1500's because Europe did not respond.... Muslim Sultan Mehmed II and 160,000 Turk/Islamic Soldiers besieged this Capital of Christendom for 53 days with over 150 cannons aimed at its walls which were constantly bombarded. After this 53–day siege the cannons succeeded in creating a huge hole in the Walls of Theodosius II. Byzantium, the former Greek City now a Christian City fell on Tuesday, May 29, 1453 and was overrun by the Jihadist of 600 years ago. The final destruction of the Eastern Roman Empire, the death of Constantine XI the last Byzantine emperor, resulted in a conquest by Islam which gave it a strategic foothold in Asia Minor on the door step of Europe. The Ottoman rule over the Eastern Mediterranean and Balkans was Islamic and resulted in so many wars including World War I.

The city's name 'Constantinople' remained the Capital of the Islamic Ottoman Empire and took the form 'Konstantiniyye'. After the fall of the Ottoman Empire in 1922 it was renamed Istanbul because it was often known as Stambul or Stamboul, the largest neighborhood in the City. The Turkish Republic officially changed the name to Istanbul in 1930 and moved the capital to Ankara.

Because of it's geographic location Turkey served as a launching pad for the many Invasions on Europe over the ensuring centuries. Now Europe will fall 600 years later unless the Men of the West Unite.
Scene from the battle defending Constantinople, Paris 1499
If one looks at Europe and in particular Spain's history they'll understand this age old Jihadistic-Islamic threat of today. The San Onfre Power Plant is next to San Juan Capistrano! This beautiful So-Cal community's name sake. San Juan Capistrano, was a humble Catholic friar who had to fight the Islamic Radicals of the 1500's to protect Belgrade Hungry from invasion
Our Lady of Guadalupe is Arabic for Our Lady of the The Wolf River in Spain 1st(Statue hidden in the ground in Extremadura Spain because of the Moorish Invasions then Mexico. Our Lady of Fatima the best know apparition has the name of Mohammed's favorite daughter. Tomorrow is the Feast Day of Our Lady of Guadalupe.
The Holy Land was Christian before it was Muslim and so was Turkey.
Historically they wanted all of Europe but were stopped! Here just a taste of the assault on the West by the Islamacist's Movement.
The Storm is here and the ISG is not boarding up the windows for the storm to whose eye has yet to hit the North American Continent. What Old Fools they are in the Iraq Study Group and their Automatons in the Liberal Mainstream Media! These fools remind me of the Europeans who did not fight hard enough to protect Constantinolpe from the Isalamic overthrow of the 1500s!.....
014SeigeofBelgrade.bmp.jpg - 83645 Bytes

St. John of Capistrano (center, holding up a crucifix) in the middle
of the Battle of Belgrade, July 23, 1456.
Huge Loischinger, Siege of Belgrade, Hungarian National Museum
Dominus Vobiscum, Francis Xavier, M.D.

                              Thursday, December 07, 2006

                              ISG or the Iraq Study Group could Stand for the Invertebrate Sisyphus Gang

                              Still Twilight in the Wasatch and I pray it isn't Twilight in Washington. The ISG could stand for the Invertebrate Sissified Girls Scouts! Send in Lynne Cheney for goodness sake! At half time the football team gets a Fired Up but these Coaches think they are playing the PC game of no score T-Ball. I miss Reagan and Dame Margaret Thatcher! The W in George W. needs to Stand for Win. I'm afraid that it stands for "Wobbly" as in Gulf War 1 per the the Great British Dame Margaret. The players on the other team are not plying PC T-Ball but Australian Rule Football and they are throwing grease ball pitches at us. I bet Vince Lombardi didn't talk to his Players the way these Old Coaches are talking to America. They have gone Wobbly on us I hope Dub-ya pulls a George Washington and Pushes his Sisyphus Stone up that Mountain the Liberal Pundits have created. The Invertebrate Sissified Guard has compelled the Occidental World to roll Sisyphus' huge rock up a steep hill, and it is on the verge of rolling back on the Military before we reached the top of the Mountain. The Jidhadists have greased the pathway with their Guerrilla Tactics and forked tongues. Anyone of these Sissy's remember General Giap?
                              • From wikipedia: The Mao/Giap approach. Maoist theory of people's war divides warfare into three phases. In the first phase, the guerrillas gain the support of the population through attacks on the machinery of government and the distribution of propaganda.In the second phase, escalating attacks are made on the government's military and vital institutions. In the third phase, conventional fighting is used to seize cities, overthrow the government, and take control of the country. Mao's seminal work. On Guerilla Warfare, [4] has been widely distributed and applied, nowhere more successfully than in Vietnam, under military leader and theorist Vo Nguyen Giap. Giap's "Peoples War, Peoples Army" [5] closely follows the Maoist three-stage approach, but with greater emphasis on flexible shifting between mobile and guerrilla warfare, and opportunities for a spontaneous "General Uprising" of the masses in conjunction with guerrilla forces.
                              Americans need to keep their Sea Legs starting with Dubya and Mr. President do not go Wobbly on US!
                              Dame Thatcher, the Iron Lady of England once said about Consensus "To me, consensus seems to be the process of abandoning all beliefs, principles, values and policies. So it is something in which no one believes and to which no one objects." Gents Liberalism and it's errors has served as a soporific that has anesthetized America to the Cold Truth of the WWIJ(World War of Islamic Jihad) and caused us the Public to hallucinate over a Mirage of Peace if we just TALK to the Enemy? The so called "Sages" who will show us the Way to Peace are the first folks who will get their heads Chopped off by these Jihadists.
                              Men and Woman of the West keep your heads about you and stand for FREEEEEEEDOM!
                              Francis Xavier

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                              Wednesday, December 06, 2006

                              Appeasement and the American Frogs are Getting Boiled along with Secretary Robert Gates

                              You can boil a frog just Never put a live frog in hot water, or it will immediately jump out. No one and nothing likes hot water. However if a Frenchman or a "Frog" can successfully be boiled if the water begins at room temperature. The froggy will gladly settle into the nice room temp H20. When the heat is slowly applied to the water, the temperature rises ever so slowly. The frog is never alarmed at the gradually increasing temperature of the water, until finally the water is boiling, and the frog never jumped.
                              Sound familiar.....
                              Either the appeasing politicians and many clueless Americans are "Frogs" or they are paralyzed dancers frozen in time while the tune of the UN Appeasers who think they can charm the Cobra Jihadist plays. Usually the Cobra is transfixed by the Snake Charmer's Music but the Jihadist is not dancing but fakes like he is dancing. This "Charmed Snake" and done a jujitsu move on America as we appeasing America Public is slow dancing only we do not know it. The Jihadists will wait to strike while the Defense Secretary Robert Gates and his group thinking Appeasers believe that Syria, Iran, Hezbollah and Al Qaeda will talk and slow dance with us. This Enemy will stop their phony dance and Strike OUT like a Rabid and Venomous Cobra at the West who has been hypnotized and transfixed by the rhetoric of Peace!
                              Lord Help US. Beslan is in route to America unless America wakes up. I hope that we can recover from it to fight back. Gates is not the Answer and boy I miss Rumsfeld and that Fire Shooting Glare that emanated from his Eyes. Good Lord, Please help America regain its bearing...
                              Francis Xavier

                              Saturday, December 02, 2006

                              Govenor Mitt Romney is in trouble with the Migra per the Boston Globe

                              According to these 'Journalists"  the company that did lanscaping for him "relies heavily on workers like these, illegal Guatemalan immigrants, to maintain the grounds surrounding his pink Colonial house on Marsh Street in Belmont"So the implication is that those of us who are agianst illegal immigration have to ask to see the papers of all those employed by a company we hire?
                              Wow what an earth shattering story on Mitt Romney by the Globe Trotting Investigative Reporters.  Maybe they'll dig up some real dirt on Romney like say...he kept the headphones from a transatlantic flight on 2 occasions and asked for an extra pair of Plane footies once when he was in route to his LDS Mission in France or maybe something as inane as Gov. Romney taking 5 tooth picks or more on multiple occasions from an Olive Garden after eating there. 
                              I theorize that Romney is so smart as evidenced by the great job he did with the 2002 Olympics.  He beefed up security for the Games and saw this as a chance to pump these Hispanics on their use of Coyotes border smugglers and picked their brains about our non-existence borders.  This info will used by him to build the US a real border when he is President. 
                               Additionally I think Romney was teaching the Gardeners English.  He lives by the Philos of give a hungry man a fish feed him for a day teach him to fish feed him for a life time!
                              "Why are they all AWOL?"
                                   "Mitt Romney is the first politician, Republican or Democrat or Independent, who has come out in favor of English language teaching for immigrant children. Not even . . . President [Bush] has."
                              --- Dr. Rosalie Porter, co-chairman of Massachusetts English for the Children, in MassNews, April 16, 2003. Dr. Porter was commenting on the newly elected Governor of Massachusetts, Republican Mitt Romney, whose open support for Question 2, a citizens' initiative ending bilingual education, was passed by Massachusetts voters by a landslide margin of 68 percent in 2002.
                              I rest my Theory
                              These reporters are so Transparent and their Globe is one of Nonsense which interesting only for these Metro-Sexual crack Reporters!

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