Monday, January 30, 2006

Lost Journalists and the Vampires' new Slayers

Remember in The Lost Boys when Blood-lust overcomes mild mannered but creepy Max (Edward Herrmann) who was the Dianne Wiest's suitor in the film? Well, yesterday I watched Rusty, Tin of Creeps in the Press go at Senator Frist and attack him viciously on the "Blind Trust" issue and then even more savagely on the Terry Schiavo issue. My brother used to think Russert was o.k. because he was kinda friends with Rush Limbaugh (or least seemed to be nicer to him than the others in the MSM).

Dr. Frist did a terrific job defending himself on both accounts. I can't really comment on the first with any expertise as I'm not a CPA or CFP(certified financial planner) other than to say compared to NOLA Congressman William Jefferson it sounded reasonable. Jefferson, who is under investigation for bribes, held up the National Guard for several hours while cleaning out his house of "evidence" in the Katrina aftermath. After the National Guard armored carrier got stuck in his flooded front yard and a Coast Guard Helicopter was sent to his rescue he refused to be air lifted out as this would have necessitated leaving his box of goodies(evidence) at Home. I wonder if Jefferson was an intern at some point for Sandy the Burglar of the NSA during the cigar aficionado (not necessarily smoking) Clinton Presidency?

As a
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation(aka Physiatrist) Physician Dr. Frist's assessment that it was worth "taking another look at this Patient" when the parents wanted to care for her was so very appropriate. On a video(so often used in a US Courts of Law) this Physician saw a human being interacting with her family and he thought it would be prudent to reevaluate this Person's condition! Don't we use hidden cameras as security tools? Didn't Scotland Yard track down London's (Tube) Al Qaeda Bombers using Video? The bottom line is that Terry Schiavo's brain was damaged and therefore is decreased in size as a result of her injury. So what, aren't the brains of the Liberal Left tweaked, yet we do not STARVE them like they wanted done to Terry Schiavo. Children with Cerebral Palsy, Autism, Strokes and Spina Bifida have abnormal brains and central nervous systems! That scoundrel and inhumane Mr. Schiavo married his common law wife last week! Hello! Hello! Tin Rustier of Creeps in the Press.... He starved and dehydrated his lawfully wedded first wife!

Well, I have always been leery of Tin Rustier and since the 2004 election his mask has fallen off and his fangs are as long and lethal as the rest of the MSM's Journalists. I think he is the
Grand Vampire like Max(observe the arcing eyebrows) in the Lost Boys. You see Rusty, Tin served as counselor in New York Governor Mario Cuomo's office in Albany in 1983 to 1984 and was chief of staff to Democratic Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan from 1977 to 1982.

It would be great if Generalissimo Duane aka Radioblogger, producer extraordinaire of the Hugh Hewitt Show, would set a up a showdown interview with Tin Rustier so that the Journalistic Vampire Slayer aka "18" (Minutes) CTU(Celestial Truth Unit) Agent Hewitt, could push the wooden stake through his Liberal Bias like he has with J. Alder, J. Stein., M. Hiltzik, Dana Milbank and others. The latter are like the Vampire gang made of Keifer Sutherland that did Max's dirty work in Lost Boys. Lots of parallels available in this comparison.

Today we have a the equivalent of the wooden stake to defeat these Journalistic Vampires! The New Media comprised of Talk Radio, Cable News and the Blogosphere. This electronic Trinity has taken its tool on the MSM Journalistic Vampirism. The litmus test which drives these Vampires Crazy is the Question "Who did you vote for in the last Presidential Election?" This "Bush or Kerry" question is the equivalent of putting a Mirror in front of a Vampire...

Just as no reflection is seen in the mirror, no response is given by these MSM people. Speaking of the success on the GWOT to MSM people is like flashing a Crucifix, throwing Garlic or shining Sun Rays on them as they become all agitated and annoyed. Witness LA Crimes' writer Michael Hiltzik's on the Hugh Show:

  • HH: Did you vote for Bush or Kerry?
  • MH: None of your business.
  • HH: Well, why not? I mean, you just told us all your ideological things. It's like...I voted for Bush. There. Everyone knows that.
  • MH: Well, because voting is a private...well, there's a couple of reasons. First of all, to me, voting is a private ballot and a private decision. But there's something more important here, which is, you know, I think very key to your point of view, and what I think about your point of view. And that is that I don't really understand what it tells anybody. I mean, you just asked me a whole bunch of questions about how I feel about some specific issues. Well, arguably, that might be relevant to things I write about. But my vote for president? I mean, what makes you think that it tells you anything you need to know, or would even find useful?
  • audio link

LA Crimes'Joel Stein's ineptitude and ignorance is displayed when interviewed by Hewitt last week and suprisingly he turns out to be the evolutionary missing link or the duckbilled platypus of legacy journalism. In contrast to the old journalistic guards(oops I mean veterans) Hewitt has interviewed, Joel starts out as a kinda dumb or least unprepared and green. When the MSM Vampire Juniors become Seniors, and gain experience they become nasty and evasive like Oh Henry, Ed(CNN), Jonathan Alter, Michael Hiltzik, Dana Milbank(Washington Post).

The Wooden Stake for Journalistic Vampires has been discovered and the tip has been sharpened and plated with the Kryptonite of Reason and Truth! Hereafter this Stake will be known as the "Trinity of Cyberspace"
embodied by Talk Radio(including Rush and Hewitt's teamates Ingraham, Medved, Bennett, Prager & other Conservative hosts), Cable News(Fox News) and the Blogosphere!

Prayer, adherence to traditional moral values and New Media will help defeat these misguided journalists no matter how well intentioned, who have fallen prey to the Transnational Nilhilism rooted, in among other movements, the ill-conceived legacy of the antireligious philosophy which fueled "Europe's Age of Enlightenment"....

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Not 24 but 18 the new CTU on the Hugh Hewitt Show


CTU Agent Hugh Hewitt

The Hugh Hewitt segment with the evasive CNN phone slamming reporter, Ed Henry and the snarling left wing caller, Dorothy who called in to echo what Ed Henry probably wanted to say to Hugh was absolutely RIVETING! Miss congeniality Dorothy was definitely not from Kansas. Maybe she was Ed's Mother but "I couldn't say for sure as I haven't read the transcript or gotten a DNA sample and analysis" (EH)
I was reminded of the current national sensation "24" and these 3 segments should be called "18" ! As in minutes. Now that was some good Radio... I now know that CNN stands for Con-artists Not Newsreporters. Agent Hugh Hewitt heads up the CTU (Comprehensive Truth Unit) of New Media and in 18 minutes deconstructs Legacy Media and exposes their Liberal agenda in Rapid Response with Neutron "Smart" Bombs Live on Radio! Hat's off to Hugh Hewitt the Jack Bauer-esque Agent of New Media!

Bewildered Ed after New Media CTU Agent Hugh Hewitt's interview! "Oh Henry"!

tick, tick, tick, tick, tick..!

Thanks for reading
Francis Xavier Yubero, M.D.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

New inside the Beltway Libation

What is a Supreme Court Cosmopolitan?
It's What you get when you have as your:
1. elixir base a piercing judicial intellect and devotion to the letter of the law along the lines of a Sir Thomas More.
2. You add 4 dashes of mental agility mirroring the Matrix's Neo Marshall Arts movement which allows one to speed pass at warp speed against the minds of Dimes(Democratic Imbecilic Mindlessly Evolved Senators).
3. Splash 8 times with the resourcefulness and daring of 24's Agent Jack Bauer's leaving the flat footed Judiciary committee dumbfounded and stuck in the starting blocks once the questioning begins.
4. Add 3 pinches of a James Bond never let them see sweat demeanor while Kennedy's loses it and his spittle flies toward the camera.
5. Mix in 2 jiggers of Otter, Tim Matheson's ornery and dry witted character in Animal House and the Limes(Liberal Idiotic Moronic Empty-Headed Senators) talk about how they hate Princeton University.
You get a Eau de vie, a type of everclear distilled from Folle Blanche, Ugni Blanc or Colombard grapes and aged in the oak barrels of the American Democratic Experiment and a Judicial Genius reminiscent of the finest Cognac in the Person of Samuel Anthony Alito Jr. soon to be Justice of the U.S. Supreme
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Francis Xavier Yubero, M.D.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Commendation for Judge Samuel "Neo" Alito

I'm a Hugh Hewitt inspired blogger and wanted to offer my congratulatory sentiments to Judge Alito on the his prodigious and magnificent testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee during last week's conformation hearings. This Judge is a Legal Virtuoso. His, was a stellar and awe inspiring appearance and I enjoyed his poise, intelligence, temperament and style. He reminded me of a "Neo-esque" Barrister before the Judiciary Committee. I was strongly moved by the Judge and his story. He represents the best of our Democratic System and he embodies one of the answers to the question of why the United States of America holds so much promise for all, including immigrants and their children. Would someone in the Blogosphere please send His Honor an email with my links so he can read these essays written to commemorate his tour de force during the hearings. These two compositions reflect just a millimeter of my appreciation for Judge Alito's life, the body of his work and his immense talent:
St.Thomas More juxtaposition to Judge Samuel Alito
Neo and Judge Samuel Alito overcome the Matrix of the Judiciary Committee
I pray his Honor and family enjoys them.

Sir, you deserve the Honor, respect and appreciation of the public you serve so selflessly and so very very well. Many Thanks to you and your lovely family.
Sincerely yours,
Francis Xavier Yubero, M.D.

P.S. Thank You Hugh Hewitt for being my "phone connection" into Cyberspace and fellow Bloggers for your assistance acting as the "Logos & Nebuchadnezzar" ships transporting these links to our next Supreme Court Justice.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Hooray Senator Spectre

I hope everyone caught Senator Spectre's post hearing press conference. If not please listen to it on Cspan website. He made interesting comments regarding the repetitive questions asked by Senators and the wasted opportunity to illuminate the public. I have new found respect for Spectre and I believe President Bush's and Hugh Hewitt's support and advocacy of his last Senatorial race against Pat Toomey has been vindicated and paid off handsomely! Spectre's intelligently probing questions and firm control of the Democratic moonbat Senators was impressive. Chief Justice John Roberts is on the bench and it looks good for Judge Samuel "Neo" Alito in the face of Spectre's abortion on demand support. When Justice Stevens or Ginsburg step down hello Judges Luttig or Janice Rogers Brown. Congratulations and Thank you Senator Arlen Spectre. Like Hugh Hewitt says better a RINO than a Democrat. However not our Buddy Lincoln Chafes-me! He's not even RINO he's a DIME! (Democrat in Mentality Exclusively)

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Saint Sir Thomas More in juxtaposition to "Justice to be" Sir Samuel Alito

Judge Maryanne Trump-Berry's testimony of Judge Alito moved me to Tears... I was reminded of Desiderius Erasmus portrait of St. Thomas More:
"It is said that none are so free of vice. His countenance is in harmony with his character, being always expressive of an amiable joyousness, and even an incipient laughter and, to speak candidly, it is better framed for gladness than for gravity or dignity, though without any approach to folly or buffoonery. The right shoulder is a little higher than the left, especially when he walks. This is not a defect of birth, but the result of habit such as we often contract. In the rest of his person there is nothing to offend . . .He seems born and framed for friendship, and is a most faithful and enduring friend . . .When he finds any sincere and according to his heart, he so delights in their society and conversation as to place in it the principal charm of life . . .In a word, if you want a perfect model of friendship, you will find it in no one better than in More . . .In human affairs there is nothing from which he does not extract enjoyment, even from things that are most serious. If he converses with the learned and judicious, he delights in their talent, if with the ignorant and foolish, he enjoys their stupidity. He is not even offended by professional jesters. With a wonderful dexterity he accommodates himself to every disposition. As a rule, in talking with women, even with his own wife, he is full of jokes and banter. No one is less led by the opinions of the crowd, yet no one departs less from common sense . . . "(see Father Bridgett's Life, p. 56-60, for the entire letter).

If I believed in reincarnation after hearing Judge Berry I would think that Alito was St. Thomas More reincarnated. Judge Samuel Alito will be a Supreme Justice in this our Age, he is a gentle, humble. caring SOUL crowned with brillant intelect, truly "A Man for all Seasons" indeed... (link for American Rhetoric's audio of St. Thomas More's Plea to the King's Court)
Thanks for Reading.

Neo and Judge Alito overcome the Democratic Matrix

As I marveled at the way Judge "Neo" Alito effortlessly deflects the punches of the Democractic Swarm of Agent Smiths memorable quotes from The Matrix Revolutions (2003) which could be allegorical for the Judge Alito Judiciary Conformation Hearings came to mind.

Agent Smith-(Democratic Senators of the Judiciary Committee): Mr. Anderson (Judge Neo Alito). Welcome back, we missed you. [Agent Smith-Senator Chappaquiddick Ted
pauses and looks around at the multitude of clones he has created (the Pro-Abortionist Democratic Senators).
[talking to the machines] Neo (Judge Samuel Alito) The [computer] program Smith ("Liberalism") has grown beyond your control. Soon he(they) will spread through this city, as he has spread through the Matrix. You cannot stop him... but I can.
Neo (Judge Samuel Alito): It ends tonight.
Agent Smith(Democratic Senators of the Judiciary Committee): I know it does, I've seen it. That's why the rest of me is just going to enjoy the show because we already know that I'm the one that beats you.

Agent Smith(Democratic Senators): Why, Mr. Anderson? Why do you do it? Why get up? Why keep fighting? Do you believe you're fighting for something? For more than your survival? Can you tell me what it is? Do you even know? Is it freedom? Or truth? Perhaps peace? Yes? No? Could it be for love? Illusions, Mr. Anderson. Vagaries of perception. The temporary constructs of a feeble human intellect trying desperately to justify an existence that is without meaning or purpose. And all of them as artificial as the Matrix itself, although only a human mind could invent something as insipid as love. You must be able to see it, Mr. Anderson. You must know it by now. You can't win. It's pointless to keep fighting. Why, Mr. Anderson? Why? Why do you persist?
Neo(Judge Alito): Because I choose to.
The Truth is the Democrats and their Sentinels (the Main Stream Media-Publicity/Editorial Wing of the Democratic Party) and the Cloned Agent Smiths(Democratic Senators of the Judiciary Committee) have betrayed the true values of the American People. They have undergone a metamophosis and been transformed into a political movement that wants to change the fabric of our society. Indeed like the Matrix Movies they want to create a World darkened not by a cloud of smoke which blocks out the Sun's life sustaining rays but a United States of America darkened by the cloud of a secular egalitarianism which blocks out the Son of God and the Christian principles on which our Constitution and Declaration of Independence was founded.
The Agent Smiths of the Democratic Party covet the power that the computer program Smith fights Neo for. In the end, the Virtue of Courage, Sacrifice, Faith in the Oracle( a higher being) and Love defeats Smith. Judge Samuel (Neo) Alito begins his conformation hearings as a very well respected Federal Appellate Judge but virtual unknown Mr. Anderson type of character as far as the public is concerned. As the conformation hearings progressed Judge Anderson was found to be the "One" Jurist, worthy of the seat on the bench being vacated by Sandra Day O'Connor.
Indeed this nominee turned out to have a gifted legal mind, superb judicial temperament and an amazing Neo like ability to nullify the attacks of lesser Democratic Agent Smith minions sent in to crush his nomination to the Supreme Court.. Judge Neo's superior intellect and profound understanding of the Law made him appear like a Judicial Black Belt Marshall Arts Masters whose responses to the questions and attacks of the Abortionists Senators were as facile and effortless as the Jujitsu like moves of Neo in the Matrix. The intelligence and depth of Judge Neo Alito answers were like a choreographed ballet punctuating by graceful athletic movements which made the Democratic Smiths look like toddlers at a Gymboree birthday party. Just like Neo was able to bend the rules of physics while in and out of the Matrix, Judge Alito transcended the level of knowledge and intellect of the Democratic Senators and thinks in a dimension inaccessible to those trying to sink his nomination.
Judge Alito is a humble, gentle, brilliant man whose generosity in offering his talent to the service of this land of immigrants and their progeny represents why America is the greatest country in the World. This axiom is still true today in spite of the unenlightened leaders of the Democratic Party who wield such tremendous influence in America. The brilliant light of good and gifted people like Judge Alito drown out the darkness of Agent Smith, his Clones and the Sentinels of the Secular Matrix.
Thanks for reading...
Francis X. Yubero, M.D.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Spectre vs Alito, the Jesuits and the Hewitts of the World

Sentor Arlen from Spectre (the nefarious organization that 007 James Bonds fights in his movies) was fencing with Judge Alito and trying to box him in on the Stari Decisis issue of Roe v Wade. Alito is successful at the parry of the Specter thrust (1.16 What constitutes a parry?
According to Article 10 of the FIE Rules of Competition, "the parry is the defensive action made with the weapon to prevent the attack from arriving". )
The "super duper precedent" issue is compared to detergent talking point in TV commercials by Alito.
Senator Tom Coburn, M.D. was so spot on yesterday when he said "lets be honest this hearing is contingent on the abortion issue..." I agree and it underscores the brilliant points made by Father Joseph Fessio, S.J., on the Hugh Hewitt Show the other day
"And we have an advantage here, because the homosexuals, and the pro-abortionists, and the pro-contraception people, are not having children by definition." That's why I love the Hugh Hewitt Show there is this convergence of the Earthly and the Ethereal. The issue of our day as Human Beings are two. 1. Will we allow this abomination of abortion to continue in defiance of the Genesis Commandant "Go ye forth be fertile and multiply; fill the Earth and sudue it." 2. Will we defend ourselves against the brutal sweep of Islam its radical denomination which is a product its 20th century Renaissance manifest by this "Imperialistic Islamic Reformation sweeping the world"
FISA and NSA intercepts phone issue happened on a continual basis during the Cold War and the James Bond 007 Series is the embodiment of how important Spying is and its sucess reflects how we the Amnerican public support see it as necessary. Should we go after the press for intercepting those cell phone calls made by Prince Charles and Diana which detailed Charles' disgusting affections for Camilla Parker Bowles and the gross feminine hygiene analogy and Dianna's Major James Hewitt affair?(no pun intented!)?
These are the issues we face and LIBERALS do no get it. They will die off because of abortion and contraception. I hope it won't be too late. If we stop the abomination of abortion I believe God will continue to BLESS America. Now the Woodstock Man Leahy is on. Thank goodness I have to go to work. I can't wait to hear Hugh Hewitt put these knuckleheads into perspective today on his show!
Thanks for Reading,

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Husband of a USC Trojan and native Ohioan Sympathezier

Here's a poll Angie, my Wife aka "The Schussing Mrs Powder Tracks" and my brother Gerard, movie producer brother ( Outlaw Justice ) want me to post on my Powder Tracks Blog regarding Hugh Hewitt and his bias against the Trojans.

"Which Deranged Obsessive Movie Character is Hugh Hewitt most like when extemporaneously discussing College Football and the USC Trojans"
10. Bill Murray in Ground Hog Day: Just like the same day plays over and over you go on and on about the alleged "2 note USC Fight Song"
9. Robert DeNiro's character in the Fan
8. Rober DeNiro's character, Travis Bickle in Taxi Driver.
7. Jack Nickson's character in the Shinning
6. Johnny Lee Miller's (Angelina Jolie's first Husband) character in Trainspotting who only talks about James Bond Movies.
5 . Something about Mary and Chris Elliott's ....Character Like Dom Woganowski who breaks out in hives over Mary you break out in Hives over USC...

4. Lady Macbeth's character in Shakespeare's Macbeth "Out, damn'd spot! out, I say!" and the spot for HH is the USC Trojans.
3. Mel Gibson's paranoid and quirky character Jerry Fletcher is a man who sees conspiracies everywhere and doing it long enough, sooner or later he gets one right in Conspiracy Theory. Well like Jerry, you finally get a football prediction right!
2. Glen Close in Fatal Attraction whose character doesn't want to be ignored well you don't want USC to be number one..
1. Kathy Bates's character in Misery. USC Coach Pete Caroll's hope's he never ends up at Big Bear Cabin with you in the event that your disdain for the Trojans doesn't cause you to channel the spirit of the Kathy Bates' character who tortures James Caan.

The Winner

Norman Bate's character in Psycho only instead of Wig you wear a Trojan Football Helmet and stab Reggie Bush in the locker room shower.

Hugh for the sake of your top rated show in SoCal please be gracious for having correctly predicted who would win the National Championship and Give the USC people a rest already you are in USC Country not in the Ohio Valley! Thanks for reading