Friday, October 26, 2007

Fire slows the flow of Illegals but they come all the same!...


Flames Change Dynamic On U.S. Border

Fewer Places To Hide, But Smugglers Think That With Guards Busy, Perhaps Less Need To Hide

A U.S. Border Patrol agent scans the hillside for paths used by illegals crossing into the U.S. – trails usually hidden by vegetation but now easy to see, as a result of a wildfire near Dulzura, Calif., October 23, 2007. (AP
Road closures due to the fire meant migrants could not meet drivers, Mahler said. Typically, migrants pay about $1,500 each to be guided through rugged canyons for hours, even days, and be picked up by someone at a roadside checkpoint for the drive to San Diego.

Many illegal immigrants appeared to heed the advice of the Border Patrol and the Mexican government, aired on television and radio in Tijuana, Mexico, to stay away from the fires. The Border Patrol radio was unusually quiet Tuesday. Its motion sensors laced throughout the canyons, which escaped damaged, did not set alarms.

Some illegal immigrants, however, took the risk.

About 50 migrants have surrendered to the Border Patrol since the fires began Sunday, fearing for their safety. One was seriously burned Monday when he and five others sought help from firefighters and they were all taken to a San Diego hospital, according to the Mexican consulate in San Diego. No deaths have been reported.

Some of the six migrants who were rescued by firefighters Monday told Mexican authorities that smugglers convinced them the Border Patrol would be distracted, said Alberto Lozano, a spokesman for the Mexican consulate in San Diego.

"The smugglers see the opportunity," Joe Mason, a Border Patrol field operations supervisor, said as his truck wound through the bald canyons. "They figure there's a good chance that the Border Patrol's not around."
About 200 of the 600 National Guard troops who normally help patrol California's border with Mexico also were reassigned to assist with fires further north.
That left the steep hills on the border relatively unattended, and some illegal immigrants apparently took advantage. There was a trail of fresh footprints through one ash-blanketed canyon Tuesday. 

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200 Illegals turned back and more than 1600 Rural Homeless Mexican Indians who do not speak Spanish in SoCal Firezone!

Guatamalan man caught setting a Fire in San Fernando. Per the Daily News of Los Angeles the code word for Illegal was used...Day Laborer!  Here is the link 
Police booked Catalino Pineda, a day laborer from Sun Valley, into the Los Angeles County Jail where he was being held on an arson charge. Bail was set at $75,000.  Pineda is a native of Guatemala. He is currently on probation for making excessive false emergency reports to law enforcement, police said.
There is no mention of how many illegals crossing the border were injured but most of us have heard of the 4 illegals killed killed along the border as stated below.  However I found this about a low estimate of 1600 illegal of what are called "rural homeless."  Amazing Pictures of how they live below.  Maybe I should post this?  What do ya think?  Mexico is at blame for their deaths not Americans.
SAN DIEGO — The wildfires that have consumed thousands of acres throughout southern California have laid claim to four more victims, authorities said.
The four charred remains were discovered in what is being described as a migrant camp, according to authorities. Border Patrol agents found it in a wooded area near Barrett Junction, east of San Diego along the Mexican border.
The area is close to a major entry point for illegal immigrants making the journey into the United States.
Authories could not be certain when exactly the four victims had died.
"They could have been out there a while," said a spokesman for the San Diego County medical examiner's office.
However I found something about the Migrant Camps that you'd find interesting here at New America Media.
The relief efforts in the Southern California fires have been praised as effective, but they've missed a population that has long been in the shadows: undocumented workers living along San Diego's hillsides and canyons. These men, who represent some of the most essential workers in one of the biggest local industries, have slipped through the cracks in the county's relief and evacuation efforts – so much so that Mexican government officials are filling in the gaps.

"The Mexican Consulate are the ones who have led the relief effort to the farm workers in the canyons," says Eddie Preciado, director of La Posada de Guadalupe, the only homeless shelter for male farm workers in San Diego County. He says the consulate has organized partnerships with groups like his in order to conduct searches and provide supplies to the canyon dwellers.
The farm workers are hard to reach physically, living in the remote areas of the canyon, but they are also linguistically isolated. Many are members of Mexico's indigenous Mixtec and Zapotec communities and do not speak English or Spanish.

"Indigenous Mexicans who speak languages such as Mixteco are at high risk of being in danger because they don't understand warnings being given in English or Spanish and they are not likely to trust people unless they are approached speaking their language," says photojournalist David Bacon, who has documented farm worker communities in rural California.

It has been estimated that there are more than 1,600 agricultural workers and day laborers living in the area in makeshift settlements, according to the Regional Task Force on the Homeless in San Diego. This is probably a low estimate of those affected by the fires because it is impossible to know exactly how many workers live this way. Described as "rural homeless," they scrape by without electricity, a water supply, or sanitation systems in order to be close to the farms where they work.
Although they {Border Patrol}y are busy with local relief efforts, Johnson says the Border Patrol is still watching the border. Since the start of the fires, he says, they have apprehended 200 immigrants trying to cross into the United States..





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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Gary I stand corrected there are 9 Approved Apparitions

Reader Gary: Thank you for commenting on my post.   I stand corrected about the "Roman Catholic Churches Official Approved Marian Apparitions".  Researching the issue lead many to what it means to be officially approved.  The belief in the Apparitions is not an article of faith that all Catholics have to believe.  Some apparitions get a bigger nod than others based on the Popes reaction to them and the authorization to build churches or basilicas.  Indeed you are right there are 9 Officially Approved Marian Apparitions as listed below.  The best known are the ones I listed.  Our Lady of Guadalupe of Mexico(Patroness of the Americas and the Unborn),  The Virgin of Fatima and Our Lady of Lourdes.  I have traveled in Pilgrimage all three of these and marvel at the message to Serve her Son Jesus with all our hearts and minds!  Indeed my point was to underscore the fact that 2 of the 9 approved sites of apparition have Islamic Names.  Is this God's way of a 2nd Annunciation to Islam to consider the message of the World's Lord and Savior Jesus Christ?   Thanks for the historical correction.  Sincerely.  Doc
Nine Major Approved Apparitions
Home Page
Apparition Discernment
Approved Apparitions

These are the nine major approved Marian apparitions of modern times, based on their acceptance by the Church and the importance they have assumed over time. (See, for example, the article "Apparitions" in Fr. Michael Carroll's Theotokos, A Theological Encyclopedia of the Blessed Virgin Mary, p.47).
The Apparitions of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico
Mary appeared four times to Juan Diego in 1531 at Tepeyac hill near Mexico City. She proclaimed herself the spiritual mother of all mankind and left her miraculous image on Juan Diego's outer garment, his tilma. To this day Mexicans have a great devotion to Our Lady of Guadalupe.
Mary appeared to Catherine Labouré, in the chapel of the Daughters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul, at Rue du Bac in Paris, three times in 1830. She showed her the design of the the medal of the Immaculate Conception, the "Miraculous Medal." This medal, when propagated, helped to renew devotion to Our Lady, both in France and eventually around the world.
Mary appeared to two children, Maximin Giraud, aged 11, and Mélanie Calvat, aged 14, in 1846, one afternoon while they were looking after the animals high up on the mountain. She appealed for penance and an end to Sabbath breaking and blasphemy in the region. This apparition is credited with a major revival of Catholicism in the area.
Mary appeared to Bernadette Soubirous, aged 14, a total of eighteen times at Lourdes in southern France, at the Grotto of Massabielle. She asked for penance and prayer for the conversion of sinners, and described herself as the "the Immaculate Conception." Lourdes is most famous for the miraculous spring which has been responsible for many cures accepted by the Church.
Mary appeared in the sky over the small town of Pontmain in north-western France to a group of young children for about three hours in January 1871, as the Franco-Prussian war was threatening the area. Her message appeared on a banner under her feet, and encouraged prayer while emphasising Jesus' love and concern. The village was spared invasion.
Mary appeared at Knock, a small village in Count Mayo, Ireland in August 1879. A number of villagers of diverse ages saw a silent apparition, which lasted about three hours, outside the gable end of the local church. They saw three figures, Mary, Joseph, and St John the Apostle, as well as a lamb on an altar and angels.
Three children, Lucia de Santos, aged 10, and her two cousins, Francisco Marto, aged 9, and Jacinta Marto, aged 7, saw Mary six
times between May and October 1917. She described herself as "Our Lady of the Rosary," while urging prayer, and particularly the rosary, as well as penance for the conversion of sinners, and the consecration of Russia to her Immaculate Heart.
Mary appeared thirty-three times to a group of children in the winter of 1932-33 at Beauraing in Belgium, in a convent garden near a hawthorn tree. She described herself as "the Immaculate Virgin" and "Mother of God, Queen of Heaven," while calling for prayer for the conversion of sinners.
Mary appeared eight times to Mariette Beco, aged 11, outside the family home at Banneux, a small village, in Belgium. She described herself as the "Virgin of the Poor," and promised to intercede for the poor, the sick and the suffering.
Home Page
Apparition Discernment
Approved Apparitions

Marian Devotions and Apparitions

by Rev. William G. Most
The Church does not require belief in any apparition or other private revelation. However, she does exercise her maternal judgment for the protection of the faithful in declaring some apparitions to be inauthentic, others to be "worthy of belief." Investigations into alleged apparitions are rigorous. The three which follow have been judged worthy of belief, and devotions related to them have been encouraged by the truth. Each has miracles associated with it which are unexplainable by the best scientists in the world, as testimony to its authenticity.
Our Lady appeared 18 times at Lourdes, in the Pyrenees mountains in southern France, in 1858, to Bernadette Soubirous, a fourteen year old peasant girl. A spring appeared there which feeds the baths at the shrine today. Many miraculous healings are reported from bathing in the waters. The fact that there is no spread of infection, even though no sanitary precautions are taken when people with all sorts of diseases take baths there, is a marvel in itself. Many miracles take place when the Blessed Sacrament passes in procession during the great pilgrimages. In passing, we notice that this fact testifies to the Real Presence of Our Lord in the Eucharist there, a Presence which only the Catholic Church has, and only the Catholic Church teaches. There is a medical bureau there, to which any qualified M. D. can come to check alleged cures. Early in this century, Dr. Alexis Carrel came to scoff, but was converted instead. The Church's demands for checking and proof of alleged miracles are so stringent that in the more than a century since 1858 only a few more than 60 miracles have been approved. Madame Bire in 1908 came there, blind because her optic nerve was withered; she regained her sight when the Blessed Sacrament passed. But when the Doctors inspected her eyes, they found she was able to see even though the nerve was still withered--arranged, doubtless, to keep anyone from saying it was a case of suggestion. The nerve did recover within a few weeks.
On December 9, 1531 an Aztec Indian, Juan Diego, saw the Virgin Mary near Mexico City. She put her image on his cloak, a cloak still to be seen in the great shrine of Guadalupe. The fiber of the cloak should have disintegrated in about 30 years, but is still sound. Scientific checks find that the process of impressing the image is nothing known to science. And there are images in the eyes of the picture of several persons, who probably were present when the image appeared. The images are threefold, just as they would be found in a living eye (following the Purkinje Sanson Law).
Momentous for our own times is the shrine of Fatima Portugal, where Our Lady appeared 6 times to three small children, each less than 10 years of age. She asked for penance, the Rosary, and Immaculate Heart devotion, saying that on these conditions, God would keep Russia from spreading her errors throughout the world - this was said at a time when Russia was still greatly religious, under the Czar. The great miracle of the sun dancing on Oct 13, 1917 was seen by thousands, including nonbelievers. The clothing of all had been drenched from heavy rain, yet when the sun settled down again, all clothing was found to be dry. Hallucinations do not dry clothing.

Taken from The Basic Catholic Catechism
PART SEVENTEEN: The Sacramentals
By Fr. William G. Most. (c)Copyright 1990 by William G. Most

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Monday, October 22, 2007

Holy Mary of Guadalupe the Islamicists, Battle of Lepanto, Andrea Doria & Mexico...

Virgin of Guadalupe
Did you know that only 3 apparitions of the Virgin Mary have been approved by the Catholic Church(Guadalupe Mexico, Lourdes and Fatima). I've been thinking about why two of the three have Arabic names. I think it has to do with the Feast of Cana ("Do as my son tells you"). Holy Mary is honored by the Muslim Relgion. Fatima is Mohammed's daughter. Indigenous Mexicans did not convert until Juan Diego had has vision of Our Lady. The Spanish Bishop did not Believe until Juan Diego a peasant Indian stated her name which was the Arabic name of an apparition in Spain some one years earlier. Very interesting and I though you'd be facinated by this info as maybe there is hope for the 1.5 billion Muslims whose Religion honors Holy Mary's and perhaps through supernatural events she may influence them as she requests that they do has her Son tells them......
As the Muslims swept through Spain in the 8th century, a great religious treasure was buried for safe keeping in the earth, high in the Estremadura Mountains. It was a much-venerated statue of Our Lady holding the Divine Child Jesus, said to have been carved by St. Luke. It was a gift of Pope St. Gregory the Great to St. Leander, Bishop of Seville who was the brother of St. Isidore of Seville.
The statue can be seen at the Franciscan friary Santa Maria de Guadalupe, Guadalupe, Spain. The monastery was originally an Hieronymite monastery, given to the order of St. Jerome in 1389. There are three Hieronymite monasteries in Spain today.
After the overthrow of Moorish occupation, the image was uncovered in the year 1326, subsequent to a vision of Our Lady to a humble shepherd by the name of Gil. Our Lady's very special statue was enshrined in a nearby Franciscan friary next to Wolf River.
The Muslims, during their Spanish occupation, had actually named the river. The Islamic term for Wolf River is "Guadalupe" (Guada = River; Lupe = Wolf). Hence, the famous Catholic image in Spain has been known since the 14th century, by the Islamic name of "Our Lady of Guadalupe."
During her apparition in Mexico on December 9, 1531, it is believed that Our Lady used the Aztec Nahuatl word of coatlaxopeuh which is pronounced "quatlasupe" and sounds remarkably like the Spanish word Guadalupe, oa meaning serpent, tla being the noun ending which can be interpreted as "the", while xopeuh means to crush or stamp out. So Our Lady must have called herself the one "who crushes the serpent," that is the serpent-god Quetzalcoatl. Certainly, in this case she crushed the serpent, and few years later millions of the natives were converted to Christianity. And the human sacrifices ended. It is interesting to note that in Genesis 3:15 it is indicated a woman would step on the serpent's head. The Virgin Mary's apparition at Tepeyac was on the very spot where the Aztecs worshipped Tonantzin who was the goddess of earth and corn, whose name means mother in Nahuatl.
Documents Signed at Guadalupe Sent Columbus to the New World
Documents authorizing Columbus's first voyage to the New World were signed here at the Franciscan Friary of Santa Maria de Guadalupe, Spain in the presence of Queen Isabel. The first Native Americans converted to Christianity were brought to Santa Maria de Guadalupe to be baptized. The Virgin of Guadalupe became the patroness of Latin America, honored by the dedication of thousands of churches and towns in the New World. In 1999, Pope John Paul II l named her patroness of all the Americas and designed the feast as a holy day of obligation on December 12.
On October 7, 1571, a great victory over the mighty Turkish fleet was won by Catholic naval forces primarily from Spain, Venice, and Genoa under the command of Don Juan of Austria. It was the last battle at sea between "oared" ships, which featured the most powerful navy in the world, a Moslem force with between 12,000 and 15,000 Christian slaves as rowers. The patchwork team of Catholic ships was powered by the Holy Rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary.
Knowing that the Christian forces were at a distinct material disadvantage, the holy pontiff, St. Pope Pius V called for all of Europe to pray the Rosary for victory. We know today that the victory was decisive, prevented the Islamic invasion of Europe, and evidenced the Hand of God working through Our Lady. At the hour of victory, St. Pope Pius V, who was hundreds of miles away at the Vatican, is said to have gotten up from a meeting, went over to a window, and exclaimed with supernatural radiance; "The Christian fleet is victorious!" and shed tears of thanksgiving to God.
Copy of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Admiral's Cabin
"What you may not know is that one of three admirals commanding the Catholic forces at Lepanto was Admiral Andrea Doria. In 1570, a copy of the colorful Tilma was painted, touched to the original, and sent by the Archbishop of Mexico City to Philip II of Spain. The King directed that it be placed placed in the Admiral's cabin of the warship Andrea Doria. In the midst of the Battle of Lepanto and in danger of being destroyed, the Admiral reportedly knelt before this replica and begged Mary's help. This image is now enshrined in the Church of San Stefano in Aveto, Italy, two hours by bus from Chiavari near Genoa.
Not many know that at the Royal Monastery of Santa Maria de Guadalupe in Spain, one can view a huge warship lantern that was captured from the Muslims in the Battle of Lepanto. (Photo at left by Fr. Richard Gant.)
In Rome, look up to the ceiling of S. Maria in Aracoeli and behold decorations in gold taken from the Turkish galleys. In the Doges' Palace in Venice, Italy, one can witness a giant Islamic flag that is now a trophy from a vanquished Turkish ship from the Victory. At Saint Mary Major Basilica in Rome, close to the tomb of the great St. Pope Pius V, one was once able to view yet another Islamic flag from the Battle, until 1965, when it was returned to Istanbul in an intended friendly token of concord." (See Fr. Ladis J. Cizik, National Executive Director of Blue Army).

Monday, October 01, 2007

The Liberal and Salafists Mindset is a Clash with Tragic consequences for the West!

I been trying to understand why smart people like Thomas PM Barnett and Tim Weinert interviewed(see previous post for links) by Hugh Hewitt who are not able to intellectually zero in on the divide and incompatibility of Islmacists and Occidental Mindsets.  It is as if their "Liberal" mindset is as rigid as the Salafists'.  Of course they are not evil like the Salafists but they are devoted to their ideas even if it is to their detriment.  They are devoted to these ideals like the Religious are to their tenets.
Then you have the Salafists, who do not have the capacity to compromise, be Diplomatic and pluralistic as it does not compute in their rigid mindset which makes the Salafist hell bent on a World Wide Caliphate and the prize of "Paradise" if they achieve Martyrdom in pursuit of their Religiously inspired mandates to quash the Infidel.  How tragic and wrong how Liberal that these smart authors(Wiener & Barnett) do not understand the rigidity of thought embodied by the West's Salafist adversaries!
I think Wiener's and Barnett's ill conceived position and flawed logic is but a microcosm of the problem the Left has and sheds light on why Liberals are wrong on this issue. There's is wrong headed and suicidal thinking. They are rigid Idealists blinded by their elusive ideals that do not carry weight in the Islamacists' desire for a World Wide Caliphate.  It they will not listen to devout Moderate Muslims like Ayaan Hirsi Ali why do liberals think they will embrace the Liberal ways of Dialog and Diplomacy?

The Liberal and Salafists Mindset is a Clash with Tragic consequences for the West! 

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Tim Wiener's "Legacy of Ashes" & Thomas PM Barnett's "Pentagon's New Map" vs Ayaan Hirsi Ali author of "Infidel"

Just finished listening to Hugh Hewitt's interview(scroll to #'s 5,6) with Tim Weiner of Legacy of Ashes on Town Hall. Although he is a very articulate, knowledgeable, interesting and informed guy he reminds me of the same wrong headed thinking Thomas PM Barnett, author of the acclaimed Pentagon's New Map (to hear Hugh Hewitt's interview with Barnett scroll to #73) is a victim of. They believe that the key to succeeding against this Jihad being waged against the West and in particular the United States of America has to due primarily with "Diplomacy,Foreign Image in the World and our 'Embattled' Prestige". Weiner and Barnett call it a "Battle of Ideas". Wrong, Wrong, Wrong! I wish it were that simple! To the Islamacists and there Jihadoterrorists Proxies it is about Eternity, Martyrdom and winning Paradise. It is Religion to these Misguided Fanatics who have been inculcated with this Virulent Strain of Salafist's Islam.

Our Occidental ways are "evil" and we are Infidels. This Islamic Religious Theocratic Ideology makes Hitler's Arianism and Tojo's militaristic and fanatical ultra-nationalistic Double Leaf Society, belief systems and aims seem like a trendy fads and child's play in spite of the Millions killed as a result of these two dictators.

The problem we face today is 1500 years old. If the Moderate Muslims can not Reform these Viral Strains of Salafistic Islam our Infidelic ideas of Diplomacy and PR will not. "Battle of Ideas" for Heaven's Sake the Iraqi People have been given Democracy, supposedly this the Elite's Ultimate Idea of Progress has been served on a Silver Platter and it's roots are so shallow in Iraq. President Bush has aimed the A-Bomb of Ideas in this Battle of them into the Heart of the Non-democratic Middle East. However, if the US Military and our Leaders go soft resorting to the "Diplomatic Ideals" and pull out the roots will DIE!

I heard Dennis Prager's interview of Ayaan Hirsi Ali on this issue and she said that the Quran & Hadith need to be edited and the Paradise Salafists' concepts needed to be taken out. According to her they have been written by Man and are ill Conceived.

Neither Barnett nor Weiner get it and should listen to Prager's Interview with Ayaan Hirsi Ali (scroll down to #4). I wish someone would send it to these Misguided Authors whose Belief in Diplomacy and the UN Nonsense is as ill conceived and wrong headed as those of the Salafists. "Diplomactic" coexistance between the Salafists and the West is not a viable option for the Salafists as we, like Ayaan Hirsi Ali, are the Infidels and it is that the bottom line. These Author's ideas are not Evil like those of the Salafist but simply Naive and will cause America to be DEFEATED and DESTROYED.....Salafists do not have the capacity to compromise, be Diplomatic and pluralistic as it does not compute in their rigid mindset which makes the Salafist hell bent on a World Wide Caliphate and the prize of "Paradise" if they achieve Martyrdom in pursuit of their Religiously inspired mandates to quash the Infidel. How tragic, wrong and how "Liberal"! These smart authors do not understand the rigidity of thought embodied by the West's Salafist adversaries.

I think Wiener's and Barnett's ill conceived position and flawed logic is but a microcosm of the problem the Left has and sheds light on why Liberals are wrong on this issue. This is wrong headed and suicidal thinking. They do not understand the Enemy!

Great Interview but Disturbing because someone as knowledgeable as Weiner does not see it. Keep up the great Graudate level Seminars Hugh Hewitt and maybe these people will wake up!

Dominus Vobiscum