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Sarah Palin could be America's Margaret Thatcher?...

This choice of Sarah Palin is really energizing the base in a way that is simply remarkable.   I think it is because Conservatives are tired of the Rinos.  Here is someone who has aspects of New Media's heros like Laura Ingraham and Michelle Malkin and others all wrapped up in a Politician with the potential to be a modern day Margaret Thatcher.  She appears to be a force of nature and like here state is beautiful inside and out. She is the equivalent of the Alaskan Gold Rush for Conservatives with Natural Leadership qualities who changed the status quo in the Yukon  defeating the legacy politicians of both Parties. 
  • The Joan of Arc of Alaska politics
    Gov. Sarah Palin: A biography
  • By TOM KIZZIA Alaska Daily News

    Palin, 44, has been the Joan of Arc of Alaska politics, marching into battle against long odds on such big local issues as oil taxes and construction of a natural gas pipeline only to see her opposition crumble. Days after her 2006 primary victory, an FBI investigation into political corruption involving the oil industry and Republican legislators burst into view with surprise raids of legislative offices. Criminal indictments and convictions followed, often just in time for the headlines to help her win another contest in Juneau.
  • Her criticism of congressional earmarks, for instance, seemed out-of-touch to Alaska political veterans who saw them as essential to getting money to a small-population state. But her rejection of Ketchikan's "Bridge to Nowhere" funding was one of the first thing's John McCain mentioned Friday.
  • In one-on-one settings, Palin's relaxed, no-bull manner has contributed to her popularity in a state of 670,000 residents, where such contacts are not only possible but essential for political success. Voters here also warmed to the outlines of her all-Alaska biography.

She was born in Idaho and came to Alaska when she was 3 months old. She grew up in Wasilla, where her father, Chuck Heath, was a teacher and coach, her mother, Sally, a school secretary. One of her most formative experiences, she has said, was helping to lead her high school basketball team to the 1982 state championship. Palin played point guard and got the nickname from her teammates of Sarah Barracuda.

Palin went on to study journalism and political science in college, graduating from the University of Idaho in 1987. Along the way she competed in the Miss Alaska contest after being chosen Miss Wasilla 1984. In both contests, she played the flute and won the title of Miss Congeniality. As runner-up in the state contest, she lost to the first African-American Miss Alaska, Marilyne Blackburn.

Miss Wasilla 1984

She grew up hunting with her father, whose living room wall is densely populated with trophies and antlers. Her favorite meal, she said during her gubernatorial race, is moose meat stew after a day of snowmachining.

She eloped in 1988 with her high school sweetheart, Todd Palin, who expands the family biography considerably. He is a commercial fisherman, an oil field worker, a member of the United Steelworkers and an Alaska Native. Todd's grandmother grew up in a traditional Yup'ik Eskimo house in Bristol Bay and accompanied Sarah in her race for governor as she sought support from Alaska Native voters. Sarah Palin has joined her family in fishing a commercial setnet site on the Nushagak River in Bristol Bay every summer.
  • Todd Palin has worked 20 years on Alaska's North Slope for BP, where he has continued to work as a production operator. He is also a four-time winner of the Iron Dog, the 2,000-mile snowmachine race from Big Lake to Nome along the Iditarod Trail and then on to Fairbanks. Since Sarah was elected governor, Todd has remained in the background as a close political confidante and "First Dude," an expression his wife sometimes uses.
  • Sarah Palin made her way into local politics on the Wasilla City Council in 1992 and then ran for mayor as an agent of change. Though she established a reputation as a tax fighter, she actually increased the budget and spending on roads and sewers, reducing property taxes at the same time thanks to a huge increase in sales tax revenues coming to the booming commercial hub. She's had the same luck as governor -- a fiscal conservative in charge of a wealthy government, this time because of high oil prices.
  • Palin finished a strong second in the 2002 primary for lieutenant governor and was being groomed by the party for higher office when she clashed with state Republican Party chairman Randy Ruederich. They both had seats on the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission, appointed by Gov. Frank Murkowski, the Republican she would later depose. She accused Ruederich of misusing the job for political chicanery and eventually resigned in frustration. Ruederich was forced to resign the job as well, though he remains head of the state party.
  • Palin later took on Murkowski's attorney general in a conflict-of-interest scandal that forced his resignation. And when state Sen. Ben Stevens, the son of U.S. Sen. Ted Stevens, was caught making a dismissive remark about the Wasilla area, Palin appeared in a rebuttal ad wearing a "Valley Trash" T-shirt.
  • In 2006, she knocked off Murkowski and then Democratic former Gov. Tony Knowles in a campaign that drew on grassroots support, relying on neighbors and friends for staff rather than the party and veterans of big-time campaigns.
  • She had strong support from social conservatives and often speaks of her religious faith. The Palins have five children, including their first-born, Track, who enlisted in the Army on Sept. 11, 2007. Track Palin is 19 and stationed at Fort Wainwright with the Stryker Brigade, preparing for a deployment to Iraq in September. The Palins also have three daughters: Bristol, Willow and Piper.
  • The newest member of the family, a son, Trig, was born in April ago after a pregnancy that Palin managed to keep secret for seven months. Trig was born with Down syndrome, which the Palins had discovered through testing.
  • But as governor, she has not pushed any big-agenda items of social conservatives. She spoke favorably in her campaign of schools teaching the creationism debate with evolution, but lived up to her pledge to do nothing as governor to push the idea. Her first veto was of a bill that would have denied benefits to employees in same-sex relationships -- she said she supported the idea but accepted legal advice that it was unconstitutional. This year, she declined to call a legislative special session on two abortion bills because they would have interfered with her top priority, a measure promoting a new natural gas pipeline.
  • Her focus has been on raising oil taxes -- long suppressed by oil-friendly legislators, the taxes seemed ridiculously low once oil prices started rising -- and on launching construction of a $40 billion gasline from North Slope oil fields. Palin took on the oil producers, especially Exxon Mobil, saying they had been dragging their feet on a gasline. She persuaded the Legislature to pass a bill authorizing an independent company to build the line with state subsidy.
  • The ongoing corruption scandal in the Legislature over influence of the former oil field services company Veco helped Palin force change in the Juneau state capitol. That scandal has spread to include Alaska's two longtime powers in Congress, Ted Stevens and Rep. Don Young. Palin has kept distance between herself and those Republican icons and backed ethics reform measures that passed the Legislature.
  • Palin's clean image has lately taken a shot, however, over charges that she tried to use her office to get rid of an Alaska state trooper who had gone through a messy divorce with one of Palin's sisters. Palin denied any involvement but has conceded a staff member made inappropriate calls. The Legislature has hired a special investigator, with the strongest criticism coming from Republicans antagonized by Palin during the oil and gas battles of the past two years.
  • She was already under steady criticism from some quarters, including conservative radio talk show hosts in Anchorage and rental car executive Andrew Halcro, a former state representative who ran as an independent in the last governor's race and features almost-daily criticism of her on his blog. Critics call her naive, a panderer in her economic populism and reckless in her dealing with the vital oil industry.
  • But at a time when state coffers are spilling over with new oil revenues, Palin has remained popular with voters, recently pushing through a $1,200 per person "rebate" to help with high fuel costs.
She kinda reminds me of a Harry S. Truman no nonsense the buck stops here kinka common sense un-nuanced straight forward American...this is as refreshing as an Ice cold class of water after mowing the lawn on a hot humid day in Ohio....refreshing indeed I'll take Ice Cold h20 over coke 9/10 under those conditions.  It just Feels so RIGHT for Fly Over Americans! Cheers

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Georgian-US Flag bearer & Medals Speak Volumes

Aarow victory 

American Archer Khatuna Lorig originally from the Republic of Georgia and born in its capital Tbilisi  has been chosen to carry the USA's Flag at the closing ceremonies of the Beijing Olympics.  US captains from every sport met in the Athlete's Village on Friday to select the flag bearer and voted for Khatuna.  Choosing her to carry our nation's colors after she reached the quarterfinals in Beijing because hers was a great story doing so well in spite of the obvious distractions to her caused of the invasion of Georgia by Russia. Although the war waging in her home country weighed on her mind as she competed Aug. 12 and 14, she did exceptionally well before losing to world record holder Yun Ok-Hee of South Korea.  Archery team captain Victor Wunderle said he nominated Lorig to be U.S. flag bearer in recognition of the respect her fellow athletes held her in.

Lorig's selection which is being perceived by some as a show of support by U.S. athletes for besieged Georgians does complement the choice of opening ceremony flag bearer and Team Darfur member, Lopez Lomong who is a former Sudanese Lost Boy and naturalized American runner at the University of Northern Arizona. 
However Lorig, who now lives in West Hollywood and trains in Chula Vista, California has downplayed this aspect. From the Miami Herald: 
.....during a Saturday interview with McClatchy, saying her fellow U.S. athletes didn't pick her to score geopolitical points.
"It's more that they feel that I'm American, it doesn't matter where I was born," the 34-year-old West Hollywood, Calif., resident said. "I'm truly very proud to be an American and most definitely very proud to be on the U.S. team."

However the Russian Invasion of Georgia did weigh on her mind during these Olympic Games as her parents had to flee the Russian onslaught of Gori, the city where they lived because of the bombings pictured above. 

Loris said her parents fled their home in the Georgian city of Gori when Russian troops invaded earlier this month and are still staying with her brother in the capital of Tbilisi. While competing, Lorig had called to make sure her parents were alright and was reassured after talking to her mother.
Lorig later learned that her mother had spared her the worst details about the destruction in Gori so that she wouldn't be too upset to compete. The family's farm house was spared the destruction, but neighboring buildings weren't, Lorig said.The archer expressed strong support for beleaguered Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili, who she said had done much to improve the lives of ordinary Georgians.
"I feel sad and I feel very upset," Lorig said. "But I know Georgia has very good relations with other countries and the world is not blind and will not just stand by."

Lorig has competed in 3 previous Olympic Games.  When 4 months pregnant in the 1992 Barcelona Olympics she competed for the former Soviet Union republic winning a Bronze medal on the so called "Unified Team."  She also competed for the Republic of Georgia and carried its Flag in the 1996 Atlanta Games and then again for Georgia in the 2000 Sydney Olympics.

A product of the Soviet Union's sports academies, she decided to move to and compete for the United States when she realized Georgia could not provide adequate training facilities. She left behind her parents, whom she hasn't seen in three years, and a brother. She immigrated to the United States in 1995 settling first in New Jersey but was forced to sit out the Athens Game after not making the 2004 Georgian team.  At the time she was a single mom going through a separation/divorce and was still waiting to received her U.S. citizenship which came after years in 2005. 
Even if Democrat Presidential Candidate Barack Obama doesn't think "America isn't what it could be"  it is obvious that new American Lorig would disagree for being an American is a blessing:
"Being named the U.S. flag bearer for the Closing Ceremony is almost like winning a gold medal, maybe even better," Lorig said. "I thought I could win a gold medal in competition, but I never thought I'd have this opportunity. I am truly, truly so proud to be an American citizen and part of the U.S. Olympic Team."
"I will do my best to represent archery and the U.S. Delegation both at the Closing Ceremony and afterwards to hold up the responsibilities deserving of this great honor," Lorig said. "I wouldn't want to compete for any other country. I send my best wishes to everyone on the U.S. Team."

"It's such a pleasure," Lorig said. "I am so proud to have USA on my back. I am one of the lucky ones."
U.S. athletes have remained verbally silent about politics during these Olympic Games while winning the most medals of any country during these Spectacular $40 billion plus Beijing games while their counterpart Chinese Sport Farm grown Athletes garnered the most Golds.  The US Olympic team let their actions in the choice of bearer for the Stars and Strips speak for them before and after they were done pouring their huge hearts out during competition.  Remembering that former Olympian Speed Skater, Joey Cheeks and founder Team Darfur had his Visa to China revoked before the games the U.S. team captains countered by picking runner Lopez Lomong prior to the opening ceremony as the team's flag bearer, an obvious dig at the Chinese government's support of Sudan.  The Sudanese arms its militias with Chinese built weapons that have killed hundreds of thousands of people in the country's Darfur region where China is drilling for Oil.   At the end of the Beijing Coming Out Games, the US Olympic Team made its last political statement to Russia and the World Community by choosing Georgian-American Khatuna Lorig as the U.S. flag bearer in Sunday's closing ceremony. As the saying goes "Actions do speak louder than Words!".....American Khatuna Lorig would agree:
"I feel sad and I feel very upset," Lorig said. "But I know Georgia has very good relations with other countries and the world is not blind and will not just stand by."
Flagbearer of the U.S. Khatuna Lorig takes part in the closing ceremony in the National Stadium at the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games August 24, 2008. From Reuters Pictures by REUTERS.

Nicene vs Obscene Creed of Barack Obama

regarding the Life of Infants in and out the womb, his callousness as evidenced by his wholly evasive answer below and the fact that 1,452 African American babies are killed daily in the USA while ~ 3,600 abortions occur per day....~150 each hour....~2.5 per minute and one every 24 seconds makes it apparent that the Democrat Party subscribes to an Obscene Creed and should be a wake up call for Christian voters. 

The Democrat Party's Culture of Death belief system evidenced by Abortion and Infanticide and underscored by Obama's non-answer answer to Rev. Warren and his previous arguments against the "Born Alive Infant Protection Act"
here(HT Hugh Hewitt).  This has been the impetus for this parody of the Apostles Creed, which reflects the sea change taking place as Secular Humanism with a Christian tone, supplants the Judeo-Christian foundation of the United States of America and now so glaringly apparent in the Democrat Party led by Barack Obama.  
  • Warren: "At What Point does a Baby get Human Rights in your view?"


The profession of the Christian Faith known as The Nicene Creed  is the expanded form of the Apostles Creed approved at the Council of Constantinople (381).  It is accepted by the Catholic Church, the Eastern Churches separated from Rome, and all tenets except those dealing with the Roman Catholic Church are common to most mainline Protestant denominations.

We believe in one God,

the Father Almighty,

maker of heaven and earth,

and of all things seen and unseen.

And in one Lord Jesus Christ,

eternally begotten of the Father,

and born of the Father before all ages.

God from God light of light, true God of true God.

Begotten not made, one in being with the Father,

Through him all things were made.

Who for us men and for our salvation came down from heaven.

by the power of the Holy Spirit

he was born of the Virgin Mary and was became man.

For our sake he was crucified under Pontius Pilate,

he suffered, died and was buried;

On the third day rose again according to the Scriptures.

He ascended into heaven, and is seated at the right hand of the Father.

He will come again in glory to judge the living and the dead,

and his Kingdom will have no end.

We in the Holy Spirit, the Lord and Giver of life,

who proceeds from the Father and the Son,

who together with the Father and the Son is worshiped and glorified.

He has spoken through the Prophets.

We believe in one holy, catholic, and apostolic Church.

We acknowledge one baptism for the forgiveness of sins.

We look for the resurrection of the dead,


Obama's answer to Rich Warren about when an Infant receives Human Rights is the impetus for this Credo of sorts.

The profession of the Democrat Party Faith "The Obscene Creed" of Barack Obama:

We believe in the One Man,
the Candidate,the Almighty,
the hero of Roe v. Wade,
We believe in one Nominee, Barack Obama,
the only American son of a Luo Tribesman,
Candidate from Community Organizer, Lightweight Christian from the Illinois State
Senate and GD America Reverend Wright's Chicago Church,
true World Citizen of US birth,
brainwashed, Globalist, one in thought with Alinsky the Father of US Marxism
through Saul all Democrats were molded,
for US voters and for our salvation,
he came down from Hawaii:
by the power of a generous Spirit his dad received a scholarship in America where 
he was born of the secular humanist Ann Dunham, and became a Politician;
For our sake, he was verbally crucified under Hillary Clinton,
he suffered, his campaign almost died and getting buried during the early contests,
in the Third Primary, held in South Carolina, he rose again,
in fulfillment of the Main Stream Media Scriptures
he ascended to the Nomination of our Democrat Party,
and is seated far to the left hand of abortion promoting liberal "Catholic" Joe Biden his VP.
He will come again in glory as President to Judge whether the living unborn and 
wounded babies of botched abortions should be condemned to death,
and his Presidential term will end the Pro-Life movement and serve 
to further decimate the black population of America.
We believe in the Evil Spirit of Pro-Choice, the taker of Life,
which proceeds from defeating the Born Alive Infant Protection Act.
As a result of supporting the legalization
of the Partial Birth Abortion,
Senator Obama is worshiped and Glorified by NRAL
(National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League)
He has spoken through the Prophets of the liberal MSM.
We believe in the wholly speculative Gaia Hypothesis accepting
its ecological dogma named after the
Greek Earth Goddess 
and await for America to be sacrificed economically by the
implementation of the Kyoto Protocol preached by our 
 proselytizing Apostles who worship at the altar of the
Universal Church of the UN. 
Although secular, this movement is practiced with religious like fervor for its fundamental
tenets apply to the fear of
Man Made Global Warming
which is not grounded in the
 Scientific Method but accepted based on the
wholly subjective
consensus of the "world's leading experts".
We acknowledge the skyrocketing cost of fossil fuels as the redemptive baptism
needed for the forgiveness of
our Carbon emitting sins.
We look for the resurrection of a Liberal Supreme Court
to perpetuate the number of dead children legalized by its Roe v. Wade decision
and for US self governance to decline via the "Global tests" proposed 
by the UN dominated Life of the World to come.